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  1. swshogren

    Hunter 34 - Weeping Hull

    So it's trading real hard today on the Columbia River and! I heard to the boat to do some more repairs to get ready for sailing on Father's Day. A section of interior section of the hull starboard side galley was repainted few days ago when the weather was nice. Stepping aboard this afternoon...
  2. swshogren

    Hunter 34 - Fuel Tank Baffles Modifications

    Sorry - posted this to the wrong forum. Reposting to the Big Boat Forum under the same title.
  3. N

    Looking at buying a boat, concerned about deck moisture levels

    Hey guys, I'm looking at buying a Hunter 34 which is in good condition aside from a small crack in the keel, however seems to have quite a bit of moisture in the deck. According to the survey (which was done in 2016, mind you) everything is solid, but moisture readings are showing at least...
  4. swshogren

    Hunter 34 Fuel Tank Well

    For those owners with a1980s vintage Hunter 34 had anyone exploited the well the fuel tank sits inside of? I seem to have gotten water in there and I'm wondering if there is a drain hole? Or do I need to remove the tank? Thanks in advance for any help is photos you might have. sam
  5. swshogren

    Hunter 34 Vee Berth Void

    Hi again with more questions as I did further into our new to us Hunter 34. When I look at the molded liner for the Vee-Berths there appears a void/air pocket at the very front and aft of the forepeak under the bunk. Has anyone investigated this? Have you installed an inspection port into the...
  6. swshogren

    Diesel Fuel Tank Inspection Port

    Hi again. Can I install a standard, plastic, waterproof inspection port, of sufficient size, into the top of the rotomolded diesel tank aboard my 1984 Hunter 34? Discovered while cruising the Columbia River in November that I have diesel bug or gunk in the fuel after running the engine for many...
  7. swshogren

    Hunter 34 False Bildge - How can you tell if the modification was done?

    How can you tell if the false bildge had been exposed or not? I recently purchased a1984 Hunter 34 and want to do the modification, but came tell if it was done by a previous owner. I am cautious as the boat is in the water and don't want to go they the hull looking for something that may not be...
  8. swshogren

    anchor handling on a Hunter 34

    I am new to Hunters and the idea of a recessed anchor well. where does one storage they're anchor rode and chain. the previous boat I was on we carried 350 of chain before we went to rope/line. Has any one installed a deck pipe in the anchor well to feed chain and ride under the vee berths?
  9. swshogren

    Installation of a composting toilet on a Hunter 34

    Had anyone installed a comparing toilet on an early 1980s Hunter 34? Did you find one that fit? Did you cut out part of the liner to provide the needed space to get a comparing toilet installed?
  10. swshogren

    Factory Installed AC

    Does anyone have any info, diagrams and photos of for the installation of the ac/heater on a Hunter 34? On the boat, we just purchased significant pieces that seem to be missing as are the manuals for its operation. My hope is to get working heat before the rains return to Oregon. Thanks for...
  11. swshogren

    Mysterious Blue Box

    On our recently purchased 1983 Hunter 34 I have discovered while crawling around looking at thru-hulls a blue metal box to starboard of the fuel tank with wires leading to and from it - does anyone know what it might be or was? Sorry I forgot to take a photo.
  12. swshogren

    Seacock Count - Are we missing a few?

    Hi and thank you for reading. I am close to purchasing a '83 Hunter 34 and I am compiling a list of safety requirements to make the boat safe for a passage over the Columbia Bar (mouth of the Columbia River in Oregon - The graveyard of the Pacific). I am looking at how many seacocks I might have...
  13. M

    New to us. A million questions.

    My fiancé and I have been living on an oDay 27 and just purchased a hunter 34. Nothing left aboard other than the mess from previous owners and staff from marina picking through and grabbing whatever. Many things are new to us, the pressure water system. On board refrigerator, and HOT water!! No...
  14. S

    Considering the Hunter 34

    I'm considering purchasing a 1984 Hunter 34 and was hoping to get some honest feedback on the boat. As this will be my first boat, I'm looking for something that is stable and easy to sail. I'm planning to sail on the Great Lakes, mostly day-sailing but with a few short overnight trips with...

    Internal Lines Hunter 34 Mast

    Trying to figure out what each of the lines on my mast are for on my Hunter 34. I have the tall rig, 46 ft. tall mast. Removed the mast and am refurbishing. Want to re-rig it right. Masthead has 4 sheaves two of which were being used, one forward, one aft. These were the jib halyard and main...
  16. CoastLife

    Hunter 34 Refit, Cabin sole, Compression post and more

    Hello everyone. My names Chad. My wife Katie and I are refitting our newly acquired 1983 Hunter 34. The hull is in good shape but it's been on the hard for a few years and the cabin sole is rotten. and I can see the cabin is starting to crush into the compression post. Currently we are...
  17. M

    how are these rudder bearings serviced?

    Something in the rudder of my 1983 Hunter 34 squeals whenever I turn the wheel. The steering effort seems heavier than other boats. It isn't getting worse quickly but has been there for 5+ years. There is little motion when I try to wiggle the rudder (1/16") from below . I'm guessing it's...
  18. Z

    1983 hunter 34 stability index?

    What is the "stability index" of a 1983 Hunter 34? This is a value put out by for blue water races. Zeek
  19. N

    Boat purchase deal breaker?

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping I might be able to get some opinions from the Hunter crowd here! My wife and I are looking to buy our first sailboat, we've got a good bit of sailing experience under our belts, but this will be the first boat that we've bought. We're limited on price because we're both...
  20. J

    Solid vang verses block & tackle on hunter 34.

    Thinking of replacing my block and tackle vang with a solid one on my 1984 hunter 34. Advantages? Will it increase performance or is the expense etc not really worth it if the benifits are only slight. Doing some upgrades and I've noticed lots of boats with solid boom vangs and wondering what...