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I provide skippered charters and have had the awesome opportunity to meet people that want to learn a bit about sailing and the sustainable culture we enjoy here in Cape Breton. I introduce them to our UNESCO Bras d'Or Lake Biosphere and the rich culture of our 1st Nations people, the Mi'kmaq. You can learn a bit more about my company, Richmond Adventure Planning, at
Sailing 1980 Cherubini Hunter 33, Katie Rose, out of Steamboat Wharf in Hull, MA. Cruising Buzzards Bay to Penobscot Bay with Wife, Rosemary and Standard Poodle, Argos.
I'm down at HHS J29 and maybe a little ahead of you. My boat has been neglected for 30+ years and now that I'm mostly retired we are doing a major overhaul. Pulling up the floors, redoing the head area, etc. etc. We'll be down there this week pulling up the remaining aft and forward soles. The main cabin is pretty much done, with a rebuilding of the cubbies and just about everything else.