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I have recently completed some needed upgrades on my MacGregor 25, Rae Marie. Replacing the pink windows is underway. I just completed a 5-year gig as agronomist in SW Kansas. As of September 1, 2021 I am once again available to sail and to do selected work on trailer sailers 25-ft or below. You will note I need to bring blueyonderboating.com back up to present, so that's where my current profile stands.
68, paragliding accident in 20180417, resulting in L1 burst fracture and bruised spinal cord. Have regained perhaps 90%of my legs still use a walker, crutches, cane, or hiking poles. Gotten back into sailing, body boarding, camping, drawing and painting and writing.
Edward Eric Matus
Today I went sailing out of Challenged Sailors SD. It started with 4 kt wind and about 15kts to 20+ kts. Had to sail with a fisherman's reef when the wind piped up to 15 to 22kt !