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Concerning Sippingsisters question, I would use - that is in Europe - a Sikaflex adhesive/kit. Silicone based products are vulnerable in combination with saltwater, in certain time it will dissolve and your rub rail can get lost (always when not expected).
Thank you. I've reached out to the BeneteauUS service department, Ward Richardson, and expect he'll get back to me next week or so. It's a holiday weekend here in the States. Thanksgiving is tomorrow and most of us are going to spend Friday recovering from the excesses of Thursday. Thank you so much for suggestion. I will "Google" it and see what it is. I don't recall seeing Sikaflex here. Cheers.
Sold the 280 a while ago.....bought a 310. Had it les then 6 months and Hurricane Michael decided to make it into a submarine...…….one year later bought a 290!