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Hello all,
I am the owner of a Hans Christian 44 Pilot House,
I m searching for other owners of Hans Christian Boats.
As a marine engineer, I have allot of experience that I am prepared to share with others to ensure safe sailing and to exchange ideas to help make the Hans Christian boats better and safer for more enjoyable cruising.
Not sure if my macerator is dying or clogged (pumps out holding tank). When I turn it on, it runs for a few seconds, gradually slows then, then cuts off..... Boat is lightly used, so expect some holding tank issues. Any suggestions?
Captain Gare Bear, MacGregor 25, Rae Marie, here. I have not been active on Sailboat Owners for quite some time. Life forced me to take a break from sailing, but as of March, 2020, barring any Coronavirus stupid stuff, I plan on getting back into sailing. Rae Marie got tired of sitting in her pole barn on the hard. Captain Gare Bear got older, so decided he should sail while physically possible.
Looking to Roll and Tip some Interlux Brightside paint on my boat. Looking for anybody that can offer advice on how to get this done!!!! thanks