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Still under repair. Broken propeller key! How does that happen? Did the previous owner run her aground or bang her on the lift?
what is a better choice. 1, Buy new auto pilot 2, try to replace broken LCD in ST4000 autopilot from original setup in 2004
I'm Cale. I sail out of Jackson Branch cove behind Atlantis Island. I am new to sailing. I just started in March, but go as often as possible. We are always looking for sailing friends and can't find any. OYC kinda gave me the cold shoulder when I checked them out.
welcome to the group!!!! I've been here about a year, and the folks I've posted with and have read have been GREAT !!!!!!
So much information available, and easily given, and explained. Have yet to see any one say " what a dumb question" ( except in jest ).
After nearly 7 years I'm sadly, selling PRION my Alden 38 Challenger Yawl. She's currently ashore near Emsworth/Portsmouth on UK S Coast. If you are interested please contact me at icepenguin@ntlworld.com - thanks!
please share info of the repairs on your Hunter 140; the large cracks on the hull, and other tension cracks along the mast foot, etc. What to use (fiber glass, epoxy, something else?) and the process you went through. Our Hunter 140 is from 1983: what material is the mono hull?
We are in Ontario, Canada, and soon it might be too cold to do the repairs. Looking forward