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I'm down at HHS J29 and maybe a little ahead of you. My boat has been neglected for 30+ years and now that I'm mostly retired we are doing a major overhaul. Pulling up the floors, redoing the head area, etc. etc. We'll be down there this week pulling up the remaining aft and forward soles. The main cabin is pretty much done, with a rebuilding of the cubbies and just about everything else.

Need to completely remove and replace thru hulls on our new cat without damaging the current holes, what have you used to remove the mushrooms attached by 5200 and covered over with bottom paint.
hi Jb, my Yanmar 2gm does exactly what you posted yours does. last weekend I tried releasing compression on the front cylinder and it started right up. But upon releasing the decompression lever to soon its stall. so I held it open for a minute and released it. it ran fine until it warmed up and started losing rpm. Did you resolve your issue and if so, what was it?
steveinusa at protonmail dot com
I would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas, happy holidays or whichever you celebrate, from my family to yours
Brad, my name is Michael. I noticed that you launch at Utah Lake and live in Lehi. My home is in Mapleton and just purchased a 26M. How has your experience been on Utah Lake? In my Seaward 25 (draft is 25" shoal keel) I have found the bottom several times. How deep do you sail your board and do you sail often?

I plan on a trip to the North Channel this summer. Have you sailed there?