1. S

    Pod Drive on Full Keel Sailboat?

    Hello! I'm considering the ePropulsion Pod Drive 6.0 Evo, but I have a full keel which makes it hard to have a Pod Drive. Here's a photo of my boat mod's hull.
  2. J

    Yanmar 3YM30 Help

    Just had my yanmar serviced (oil, filters, impeller, etc.). 300 hours and running well. After first trip out since service, I decided to recheck oil (cold and warm) and just make sure everything was in order. All is good. Except, I noticed a black zip tie that snapped...looked like it was...
  3. S

    M25 Universal troubles - need advice

    Hello, I have a 1983 Catalina 30 with M25 Universal diesel. Earlier in the season we ran out of oil, alarm came on and we shut the engine down as soon as we noticed the alarm. Got back to port, which is a long story, and found that there were two gaskets on the oil filter; not recommended...
  4. G

    Gear box oil change frequency and tips

    I need some advice on gearbox oil change frequency and some tips to prevent associated problems for a mechanical nerd, thanks again.
  5. G

    Eractic Tachometer and engine power

    My 2001 B361 westerbeke tachometer starts up from 0 and jumps to 2500 and back to 0 on minimal acceleration a few times then settle to normal. Any suggestions to remedy this? Sorry if old question buy cannot find previous similar posts. Loose wires? or harbinger of junk engine @ 1700 hrs. Also...
  6. DArcy

    Pathfinder diesel

    Rather than hijack the Westerbeke thread I'm starting a new one soliciting thoughts on VW Pathfinder diesels. I'm looking at a boat with a 50 HP Pathfinder and I really don't know much about them other than they were made by VW. I have an Atomic 4 now so I'm used to searching the nooks and...
  7. R

    1974 Catalina 27 with transom cutout for outboard

    Hello, I have a 1974 Catalina 27 with a cutout in the back for an outboard (apprx 15 x 20"). There is currently a Mercury 2-Stroke 9.9 attached, but the engine has become very unreliable. It also lacks the power to get through the strong tides in Washington. I'm looking to replace it with a 9.9...
  8. S

    What is best outboard for 1972 Catalina 27

    Hello I just bought my first boat..a Catalina 27. It has a 9.9 HP Johnson Motor on it..but it looks old and I cannot start it up as it has lost its pullstart...Please advise if I bought a outboard new motor what would be best..and also easiest to use and safest and most reliable and size.?can...
  9. B

    Kopr Shield Conductive Grease or Never Seize?

    I recently read a article in Sail magazine about tools you should have on a boat and it noted that the product Kopr Shield is a "conductive grease for battery connections and to seal engine zincs." I have a Yanmar 3GMD on my boat and it is a raw water cooled engine that has two plugs in the...
  10. Brigadoon460

    Hunter 460 Throttle Question

    Hello, I have a 2001 Hunter 460 with the flex-o-fold prop, previously my WOT was around 3600rpms. This put my cruising RPM's at around 2800. Over the last year i've noticed I can no longer get up to 3600rpm's. I top out around 2900. Thinking this could be because of a running gear or bottom...
  11. ripperbone

    Yanmar YSB12 not starting

    I'm not a diesel engine expert at all and I'm having an issue with getting the engine started since the last time the boat was out last week. It was working fine until we were returning to the dock and, after reducing throttle, it died (fortunately we had enough momentum to coast the rest of the...
  12. stuartsw

    Engine Spares for Coastal Cruising

    Hunter Association of Puget Sound (HAPS to you) is sponsoring a thread on engine spares for cruising in coastal waters. Assumption: You are within five hours' sail of a boat repair facility, and two days away from being able to get a specific part to that facility. What engine/propulsion drive...
  13. SailormanDan

    Stainless Steel Yanmar Mixing Elbow Source

    I didn't want this to get lost on the other thread, but I recently purchased a replacement mixing elbow for my Yanmar 1GM from Ben Cotton in Norfolk, VA. His web site is at: http://exhaustelbow.com/ There are other models available, scroll down through the site and look. He may also be able to...
  14. B

    Universal M320

    My engine starts normally, runs fine for approx. 4-5 minutes then suddenly dies. After cranking it will restart, run for a few minutes and then suddenly die again. I've replaced the fuel filters, have plenty of fuel to the injection pump, getting plenty of fuel out of the injection pump (for a...
  15. S

    Air in the Fuel Line

    Hi folks, I have a 1988 Catalina 20 mk2 with a universal Diesel M25. I have replaced with NEW the dip tube in the tank, the hose to the Racor the Racor and hose to the Electric lift pump and the pump and the hose to the engine. all are new. I also replaced the seal and filter on the 2ndary...
  16. Thomas CnC26FSS

    C&C Vire7. Replacement options

    Acquired a C&C 26. Has vire7. Trashed from previous owner neglect due to illness, options try to rebuild it, replace with another rebuilt vire7, or put Yan Mar or other marine engine in boat. Any practical advice that is economical will be appreciated .