1. T

    1989 C&C Mk2 Bow Roller and Windlass

    Hello- first post to the forums here. I have a new-to-me 1989 C&C MK2 sailboat (Not a Catalina - I've seen prior confusion) and I am loving exploring and figuring out everything about the boat. First detail that I would like to change is that there is no windlass or even a bow roller on this...
  2. Msweetnam

    Windlass "Rode Management Module" does what exactly?

    OK, my Simpson Lawrence - Horizon 1500 Windlass has this little plastic finger that I think is supposed to push on the chain as it comes through the wheel. In the Manual calls it the "Rode Management Module". I can't figure out what it's supposed to do, as it doesn't really push on the chain...
  3. S

    Anchor locker windlass on a First 40.7?

    I would like to install an electric windlass in the anchor locker on a 2002 First 40.7. It looks like this was an available factory option back then, and i am wondering if anyone knows what brand/model fits or works well on these boats? Ideally i would like one that is completely hidden...
  4. J

    1998 Hunter 410 Windlass Seized

    Hello Folks, As said above, my 1998 Hunter 410 has a Lewmar model RMI or RM1 50\F (hard to read) electric windlass. I have attached pics too. Over this past season the motor would stop working. Sometimes repeated press/release of the up/down switch would move it, other times it would take a...
  5. J

    Simpson Lawrence replacement on 2006 Hunter 38

    Hello all, Corrosion has eaten the Sprint Atlantic "B" down to nothing and I'm looking for a replacement windlass. The British supplier of S/L parts has been contacted but I'm looking for a new one first. I've spec'd the Lewmar V2, but the problem is the baseplate. It was specially made...
  6. J

    Windlass Hunter 33

    Hi folks, I am new to this forum and in the next couple of weeks a first time Hunter owner. I am buying a 2007 Hunter 33. I’m stepping up from a contessa 26 so its a big move but needless to say very excited. It has almost everything I want including after this brutal summer AC. I am amazed...
  7. SVMusic

    Where to get the best price - Windlass for Beneteau

    We have a Beneteau Oceanis 40CC that currently has a Horizontal, on-deck, electric,heavy duty windlass that pulls both road and chain. Since the Leroy Somer motor in it is has seen better days, (the mechanic said it is unfixable), we would like to find a similar model, or comparable...
  8. F

    Windlass for Hunter 426/44

    Does anyone know the performance details of the legacy windlass (Simpson Lawrence) on the 426/44? Also, has anyone replaced the unit? If so, what brand/model did you choose? Thanks.
  9. geoffschultz

    Quick Rider R3 Windlass Experience

    I'm anchored at Lighthouse Reef in Belize, which is about 30 miles offshore & my Muir VR1000R012E windlass stripped the worm gear. It's pulled up many anchors in it's 21 years, so it owes us nothing. Luckily there's a dive resort here with 10 KBps Internet, so at least I can do a bit of...
  10. T

    Passage 420 windlass

    Does anyone know what brand/model of windlass you can replace the original windlass with on a Hunter Passage 420?
  11. M

    Can I install a windlass on a 376

    When I asked my local boat yard, they said that the existing (shallow) chain well would need to be cut out to create a vertical drop for the chain. A new deeper well would be created in front of the V Berth. Is there a windlass that can do the job with the existing well?
  12. M

    First 47.7 windlass model, gypsy chain compatibility

    We just purchased a 47.7, and trying to replace the anchor chain. All I can see on the windlass is "Leroy Somer" and they seems to be out of the windlass business. Does anyone know what chains does the stock windlass gypsy accept? Will it work with Acco G43 3/8 chain? Or with G70 3/8?
  13. B

    Manual operation of windlass...

    New to us 2005 Hunter 41. Crew wanted to know how to operate the winlass manually. We think it's a Simpson Lawrence, which might have been purchased by Lewmar. Is there a tool or key that we need?
  14. Randall Schmidt

    Preparing for an ICW Journey

    I have an ODay 28 and am planning a retirement trip down the ICW from Annapolis to Mobile Bay Alabama departing September 2017. I went to a seminar on the trip (to Florida) and got ideas but it sparked many questions I want to put forth to this site for inputs/recommendations: 1. Get a heater...
  15. A

    Legend 43 windlass

    I have a 1992 Legend 43 and want to install a windlass. Does anyone know which to get and how to install it? Bow anchor locker appears to be designed for simple installation of the designed windlass but I do not know hwat the designed windlass looks like? Can anyone help me. Thanks Art
  16. Ken13559

    Anchor windlass for H280

    Helping a friend to source for info/ideas and windlass for his H280 (circa 1997). Anchor well is really shallow ...actually more like anchor pan. Has any H280 owners fitted a windlass to his/her boats? Photos and information would be of great help. Thank you. KenY
  17. M

    2008 Oceanis 40 Windlass

    I am trying to trouble shoot a non-working windlass(QUICK). Worked fine then letting out anchor. A few hours later when going to pull anchor up It didn't work. I have checked with meter that remote works fine. Have power to solenoid (QUICK T501), but triggering remote does nothing, solenoid...
  18. hacham

    1987 Hunter legend 37 - windlass for anchor

    I have a 1987 Hunter legend 37. Has any one added a windlass for anchor? The whole thing probably needs reconstruction and reinforcement. Any recommendations? Thanks