1. F

    Water in "Central" Bilge, Beneteau Oceanis 400

    Hi All, It might be a topic that has already been discussed previously but haven't been able to find any information regarding this, any help or ideas would be much appreciated. Since I bought My Benny Oceanis 400 there has always been a bit of water in the "central' bilge. Initially I though...
  2. David Kemp

    Drain holes into keel area -- needed?

    My old Hunter 23 has 6 small holes in the fiberglass under the floorboards of the cabin, and these holes allow water to flow freely between the bilge area above the keel and the cabin. There does not appear to be any other access to this bilge area. The boat is a slip, so it never has a chance...
  3. L

    keel repair ------ (severe damage to pin hole and how to repair lead)

    I have a swing keel off of a Cat 22 (1972, I think). A chunk broke off during retrieval from the sea floor (due to using the already enlarged hole as chain attach point - apparently a bad idea). The missing chunk now opens the hole all the way to the keel edge. A welding shop thought they...
  4. C22-Daydreamer

    Wing keel woes.

    Okay, fellow sailors and wing keel experts. Finally took a look at my wing keel. I don't know if I'm going to be able to get out on the water before the end of the season. The wing keel mount is going to need to be repaired or replaced. Am I screwed? I know I need to replace the bolts and will...
  5. Texas Gun-Man

    (Another newbie question) My keel sounds like a haunted house.

    This question sounds so silly, or elementary, that I didn't want to actually put it out on the forum. I have no problems with the fact that I'm a novice, but some things are probably really simple and I don't want to ask a stupid question.....but here one comes... There is a "Whirling" sound...
  6. S

    Keel Schematics for 322 O'Day

    Does anyone know where I can get a copy (electronic) of the schematics for the keel for a 1987 O'Day 322? I am having to have some work done on the keel and the yard wanted to know if a copy of the schematics was available.
  7. E

    New Old Macgregor Venture 21 (1974) Owner with questions

    Just acquired a Macgregor Venture 21 about 2 weeks ago. Knew going in the craft needs a good bit of work, particularly below the waterline. Figured working my way through the issues will help me get to know the boat, its good and less good points and parts. Am figuring out what needs doing...