Hunter 40.5 keel sump question

Jun 3, 2009
Hunter 40.5 Stamford CT
Hi all,

I am a new Hunter 40.5 owner (1997) and I am curious as to the design of the keel. I was surprised to find the the bulb lead ballast was bolted below a 4 foot keel sump. It seems to me an interesting design. Has anyone had issues with this from a structural perspective? It looks like they changed the design on the 410/420 so I am wondering if they had issues and changed design. Any input from 40.5 owners would be great.


Rick D

Jun 14, 2008
Hunter Legend 40.5 Shoreline Marina Long Beach CA
we bought s/n 749 in the Spring of 1998 brand new. Never had a problem.
Mine has 2700 hours on the engine and a lot of ocean. Two slow-speed groundings :doh:too. No issues (I did have the bolts re-torqued twice; once when I brought it in 1999 and again during one of the haul-outs.
Jun 6, 2006
currently boatless wishing Harrington Harbor North, MD
I've low speed grounded in mud and sand numerous times and have not had any problems.
Feb 10, 2004
Hunter 40.5 Warwick, RI
You didn't hear it from me but I have grounded on rock ledges hard enough to bend the wings on the keel with no leaks or damage other than the bends. The bends were hammered out - more or less. But you didn't hear it from me and if questioned I will deny.
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Jun 3, 2009
Hunter 40.5 Stamford CT
Thanks for the insight guys. I was just a bit worried when I saw it was all fiberglass down the whole way to the bulb. I tried looking for drawings of our boatsite design but there is really nothing other than the manual. Too bad Hunter shredded a lot of this in the sale. I think they could have had many sailor volunteers scanning for them to assist in the archival.