1. M

    Exposed and oxydated metal on Hunter 356 Keel

    Hello, I am interested in a Hunter 356, 2002. The boat will be surveyed in march but I would like your opinion on the keel, I noticed that the metal in exposed and oxydated, just below the wing. Also, I noticed thin cracks near the keel joint.
  2. N

    Is this keel fixable??? Catalina 30, Need help before purchase!

    Hello! I am looking to purchase a 1983 Catalina 30 and I have some concerns about the keel and whether it is worth fixing. I appreciate any and all responses! This is a lead keel and is showing signs of blistering and damage. My experience level is basic but my research would tell me that I...
  3. Ohiosailin

    Rust Spot on keel

    On my '87 H23, a rust spot has developed on my wing keel. All else appears good & sound, but the spot is about 5" I need to not only treat it, but ensure there's no other spots developing. Grinding down and filling in before sealing it up again, is in order. But who else has encountered and...
  4. A

    Oceanis 331 Keel crack

    Hi, looking for some recommendations on how to repair and suggestions for root cause. thanks!
  5. thetone


    Does anyone know what size the keel bolt nuts are on a 1990 Beneteau 36s5 and what they should torqued to? Thanks! Thetone

    osmosis/water in the keel ?

    I am about to buy this nice Albin Vega, but I received this picture. I kow it is difficult from a picture, but do you think it could be osmosis ? I have been said is just antifouling leveling. Thanks Jordi
  7. Glenn8732

    Hunter 216 - New Owner swing keel

    Just bought this Hunter 216 last weekend. It is a 2004 model, but has not been in the water for more than 10 years. I pulled the hydraulic cylinder and load tested it by squeezing some wood blocks, however some oil has dripped from the bottom of the cylinder. Do I need to get this rebuilt...
  8. Y

    216 Hydraulic Keel

    Hi, anyone had problems with the Sailtec 'integral' hydraulic ram for the keel? I have now had two in just 4 years and at £800 (UK money) they are a bit costly. Is there an alternative?
  9. K

    Replacing Keel Window

    I recently replaced the keel cable and winch on a 21 San Juan. When I purchased it the window was open and left exposed. Does anyone have experience in repairing this? Hoping to get recommendations of how to properly seal it and what thickness of plexiglass, ect to use. This first time sailboat...
  10. C

    O'day Widgeon Rigging and Centerboard video

    Here is a Video I made where I go over the rigging and a few other things including how the centerboard works with my 1974 Widgeon. I hope it will be helpful.
  11. Laid-back

    Hunter 49 keels

    I understand that some, but not all Hunter 49 models have lead keels. Does anyone know what year/draft versions have or don't have them? I have received inconsistent answers from brokers.
  12. K

    Trailer design loading keel boat

    There is a challenge in loading sailboats onto trailers without using a hoist. The angle of the trailer is different than the boat. If the trailer has a stop that the nose fits into it's much higher than the boat while floating then as the boat comes out of the water the bow goes up in...
  13. glennmul

    Hunter 40.5 keel to stub joint

    Hi All, My keel on my 1997 40.5 has a moisture line where the stub meets the bulb on the bottom. I ground it out and it looks like the fairing has cracked most likely from flexing. I want to get thoughts from other 40.5 owners as I think it's a common issue that just needs to be recaulked or...
  14. J

    Hunter 28.5 Keel rust removal

    Hello all, I don’t know much about boats. I enjoy my boat on a small budget and want to keep it for a long time. Since I bought it 4 years ago, it had the smile crack and some rust on the keel. I had some time now and the weather is crappy so I decided to repaint the keel. I saw that as a simple...
  15. JL Stratton

    H23.5 Centerboard parts

    I'm preparing to refit my centerboard as the pins and roller are worn and the spacers are cracked. The Centerboard moves side to side when up, is hard to pull up (need to use the winch) and it appears to want to come up sideways. Anyway, listing in the store is a Centerboard Bushing, Delrin...
  16. C

    Escape captiva centerboard trace

    Hi does anyone have an Escape Captiva that I could get a centerboard trace from? I purchased this boat second hand for my kids with the idea that I could just make a centerboard with what was left of the original, in pieces, but to no avail. Thank you in advance. The Eades Family
  17. T/Y Goodman

    In need of Venture / Macgregor 25 Keel Replacement

    Any one have or know where i can get a v25 swinging keel replacement? Original is completely rusted out at the pivot hole as shown in the photos. i jabbed at it with a screw driver to find all that is rusted out to consider a repair but it seems she got cancer a long time ago.. We just got...
  18. Chrissie7785

    Hoist a Newport 17?

    Does anyone know if the Newport 17 can be hoisted on a crane and lifted onto the water using hoist straps? We're currently launching it on a trailer down the boat ramp using our car but we'd like to use the cranes instead, if we can, to lift it off the trailer onto the water. There appear to be...
  19. T

    Venture 17 keel....

    Got a 1973 venture 17 for $100 bucks. Great deal but the keel is the only issue. Looking for advice on the keel repair-keep in mind what was paid for the boat 1) use metal on either side and bolt together 2) Weld the hole to proper size (would that even work with the rust) 3) Cut and weld a...
  20. Jessica McKercher

    Keel bolts and plywood

    Hi everyone. I have something of a project in my bilge and I'm looking for input. I bought hull 3688 last fall (27, '77). She's in good shape - no evidence of the smile - lots of work done by earlier owners. She does have rusty keel bolts, however, and I'm working on identifying the source...