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Escape captiva centerboard trace

Feb 4, 2018
Escape Captiva Sarasota Bay
Hi does anyone have an Escape Captiva that I could get a centerboard trace from? I purchased this boat second hand for my kids with the idea that I could just make a centerboard with what was left of the original, in pieces, but to no avail. Thank you in advance.
The Eades Family


Jun 1, 2004
Catalina 27 Mission Bay, San Diego
Mar 11, 2018
Escape Captiva Central Florida
I just sold my Escape Captiva yesterday, along with an extra mylar sail and two rudders. I'll ask the new owner if he will help with a tracing of the centerboard but can't promise anything. Also, I spoke today to George Beaumont at Rock mountain Trading Post in Raymond, NH (603.895.3501) about spare parts - he used to be a dealer for Escape and has a few spare parts - perhaps what you need if you decide to just purchase one. They have limited hours until summer as they sell mainly canoes and kayaks now. He was very helpful.

You might also contact the Escape Captiva's designer, Gary Hoyt:
Garry Hoyt, Newport R&D, Portsmouth, RI 02871 401-683-9450
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