1. T

    Sirius 21 centerboard winch and hull tea stain

    Hi everyone Centerboard Winch: Has anyone taken out the centerboard winch for repair or maintenance? Just wondering what to expect before I dig into it. Sometimes mine won't lock and I have to work the handle back and forth a bit before it decides to lock. Hull Tea Stain: I haven't cleaned...
  2. L

    Replace 222 centerboard line in water without being able to access other line from inside cockpit

    Through a series of unfortunate events and copious amounts of stupid, the knot on the end of my centerboard line went through a period of non-existence. Today I let the line out, not thinking about the absent knot and it ran all out through the centerboard line hole. It was running free under...
  3. philiefay

    H260 Centerboard Lift Line/ Rigging

    I recently replaced the lift line to the centerboard. I found the most difficult part of the whole process was getting the knot hidden into the recess within the centerboard. (A mallet and large punch sorted that out) On deck I am not 100% sure how the rigging is completed. In fact, I am yet to...
  4. B

    H23.5 Centerboard Pin Bearing Replacement

    Took my Centerboard off to replace the uphaul line and noticed the pin bearing was quite worn. See pics. Even the hole in the fiberglass is enlarged over 1" (factory dimension) by like an 1/8". I'm thinking of replacing the plastic bearing with a bronze bearing on each side of the centerboard...
  5. B

    H23.5 Centerboard Bracket Bolt Stuck

    Need to replace the Centerboard up haul line and I can not get the large bolt that holds the Centerboard Bracket in place. This is the one in the cabin next to the mast compression pole. Using a 14" breaker bar and it only moves like 15 degrees and then freezes up as if I were tightening it...
  6. S

    Hunter 260 Centerboard

    I am looking for a boat repair shop in the Lantana Florida area that will replace my Hunter 260 centerboard. The steel Centerboard pivot pin failed and the centerboard was lost, which caused the vessel to loose stability and capsize while at its mooring.
  7. H

    2006 Hunter 146 Centerboard Repair

    I just bought a 2006 Hunter 146 that is in very good condition. To my dismay, the cleat holding the centerboard up was not as robust as I expected, and the centerboard came down sometime during an 80 mile trailering, mostly asphalt. The result is that it appears that someone took a belt sander...
  8. B

    Is this a D or S?

    Looking at a boat for sale locally tomorrow. The owners wife said she doesn't know if this is a D or S, but looking at the inside, the sink is on the left side, and there does not appear to be a rope next to the door under it, does that mean this is a D?
  9. C

    O'day Widgeon Rigging and Centerboard video

    Here is a Video I made where I go over the rigging and a few other things including how the centerboard works with my 1974 Widgeon. I hope it will be helpful.
  10. M

    1994 Hunter 19 Centerboard Detail Photos

    I am new to sailing and just purchased a 1994 Hunter 19. The running rigging is in poor condition and doesn't seem to be set up correctly. My main issue is trying to figure out how the centerboard cascade should be attached to the centerboard uphaul and centerboard eye. I have been looking...
  11. JL Stratton

    H23.5 Centerboard parts

    I'm preparing to refit my centerboard as the pins and roller are worn and the spacers are cracked. The Centerboard moves side to side when up, is hard to pull up (need to use the winch) and it appears to want to come up sideways. Anyway, listing in the store is a Centerboard Bushing, Delrin...
  12. H

    Ericson 25 Centerboard Plans/Drawings

    I need to have a CB built from scratch. I am looking for a diagram/schematic I can use, borrow, or buy. Or possibly come to aE25 with CB and make a template. I have a potential builder. I live in southern NJ, I can travel up to 8 hours. Thanks for any help.
  13. HobieJuan

    26s Centerboard Reinstall

    I need to reinstall the centerboard on a 1993 26s which the PO removed for repairs. I have purchased a new pivot bolt assembly and cable assembly. I welcome any advice concerning: 1. a safe way to lift the boat off the trailer. (I am in west Texas with no readily available boat lifts.) 2...
  14. C

    Help: Centerboard has popped out after collision

    I am a new owner of a 75 Oday 20 with a small cabin and pull up centerboard in a sealed trunk. Several weeks ago in high winds we hit a hidden object hard and the centerboard was then seen floating and banging against the boat. We returned to the cove and I cut the centerboard free. It is...
  15. Duchifat91

    How to detach the centerboard chest cover on a '77 Widgeon?

    Any know how to remove the centerboard chest cover on a '77 Widgeon? I removed the mainsail fair lead/cleat mount thinking there'd be something underneath but there's nothing. The centerboard line cleat needs to be repaired and I'd like to do the repairs without leaning over the gunwale the...
  16. C

    I need Dimensions to the center board Pierson Wonder please

    I purchased a Wanderer very inexpensively and she is currently in Dry Dock and much to my surprise I found there to be no centerboard. The reason I didn't check before buying was because the little bit of penant was wrapped around something and severely rusted and I felt like if I even looked...
  17. C

    C&C 25 Redline: need info on raising the mast, centerboard and rudder

    Hello All, I co-own a C&C 25 Redline that came with a trailer. I am looking for insight, instructions, pictures, videos on the best way to step the mast when trailering. Also, the boat has a crack in the lower part of the center that we want to fix: I would appreciate some info on how to remove...
  18. C

    Oday slow leak

    I'm excited - this is my first post to this forum! A few years ago my parents gave me the boat I grew up sailing on - an Oday Widgeon. We took good care of her and never had too much trouble with riggings or repairs. Now, when I take her out for a few hours, inevitably I end up with a few...
  19. O

    Stop Centerboard from 'Bouncing' in Waves on Hunter 216

    Hi all, I'm relatively new to sailing, and have inherited a 216 from about 2008. I've noticed that when I lower the centerboard, there is no way to 'secure' or 'lock' it into the down position. That's fine, since the centerboard weighs about 500lbs, but when I'm sailing through waves, I hear...