H23.5 Centerboard Pin Bearing Replacement

May 22, 2013
Hunter 23.5 Lake Calhoun
Took my Centerboard off to replace the uphaul line and noticed the pin bearing was quite worn. See pics. Even the hole in the fiberglass is enlarged over 1" (factory dimension) by like an 1/8". I'm thinking of replacing the plastic bearing with a bronze bearing on each side of the centerboard.

1) Has anyone replaced the plastic bearing with a bronze one?

2) Thinking of using MarineTex epoxy to line the hole in the center board to get it back down to 1 inch. Thoughts?

3) Thinking of securing the bronze bushing using general marine silicone in the 1-in hole. This would allow the bushing to be removed in there future if another replacement is needed. I could epoxy around the flange on the side of the Centerboard for additional retention. Thoughts?


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