1. J

    Yanmar 3YM30 Help

    Just had my yanmar serviced (oil, filters, impeller, etc.). 300 hours and running well. After first trip out since service, I decided to recheck oil (cold and warm) and just make sure everything was in order. All is good. Except, I noticed a black zip tie that snapped...looked like it was...
  2. Sofraniaeth

    YANMAR 4JH3TE Slow throttle response when hot

    On my last two 8-10 hour passages when I started heading in to the dock I noticed the engine RPMs took 10 or more seconds to respond to lever commands. Even more so for reverse than forward. Made for a dicey docking evolution. While running, the engine goes into reverse or forward immediately, I...
  3. LVGS

    Pumping oil out of Yanmar 3YM30 from dip stick without removing oil filler cap

    In attempting to remove some excess oil from our Yanmar 3YM30 through the dip stick hole, I was unable to get very much out. I tried several times and chalked it up to the cold engine and/or ineffective pump. However, when reading the manual for the 3YM30, it specifically states that the oil...
  4. Tim Mills

    Piles of black smoke Yanmar 3GM30

    My boat has been sitting for about 2 months. I went to run the Yanmar 3GM30 tonight and this is what happened. Starts fine, idles and runs great when not in gear up to 3,000 rpm. In gear, piles of black smoke and won't run more than 2,000 with almost no forward propulsion. Fuel looks good. New...
  5. Chew Oon

    Yanmar 3GM30F cooling hose part no

    Hi, Does anyone know the part number for the raw water cooling hose. The parts catalog says 128291-49020 but no drawings to confirm. Couldn’t find any pictures on vendors web site neither. Thanks.
  6. T

    Engine Monitoring

    I have a 96 Hunter 376 with a Yanmar 3JH2E that has no gauges, just idiot lights for oil pressure and water temp. And because we only use the motor occasionally (in and out of dock) it would be prudent to know the thing is running within spec. So I found and interface that will work with my...
  7. geoffschultz

    Strange oil pressure fluctuations

    I have a 1997 Yanmar 3JH2-T(B)E turbo motor in my Freedom 40/40 and when I start it up, the oil pressure is low, but when I start motoring, it climbs to normal levels. Then after about 20-30 minutes, the pressure starts dropping to levels lower than I would like to see it. Quite often I can...
  8. Ken13559

    H326 with Yanmar 3YM30

    Has any H326 owners fitted a Yanmar 3YM30 on their boats? I'm keen to know if this 3YM30 engine will fit in to the existing compartment without need for modifying or alternating the steps Engine Cover or any woods of compartment. Thank you. Ken Y
  9. T

    Need to repower Legend 35.5

    What newer Yanmar swaps out 3GM30.. Looking for good deal on running take out that will easily drop in. Fla. 386 316 0725 ocean32114@yahoo.com
  10. Brigadoon460

    Hunter 460 Throttle Question

    Hello, I have a 2001 Hunter 460 with the flex-o-fold prop, previously my WOT was around 3600rpms. This put my cruising RPM's at around 2800. Over the last year i've noticed I can no longer get up to 3600rpm's. I top out around 2900. Thinking this could be because of a running gear or bottom...
  11. P

    Yanmar 2GM20F knocking sound

    Could someone help me diagnose this knocking sound coming from my 2GM20F engine> Halfway through the recording I am playing with the decompression levers to see if the sound changes. 1) When I lift the the decompression lever for cylinder 1, I get a pulsating feedback on my finger. 2) When I...
  12. Mohawk Jack

    Yanmar Engine Control Panel Upgrade

    I am the new owner of a 1980 Hunter Cherubini 30 ft with a fairly new Yanmar engine. Unfortunately the engine control panel is not as new and being and engineer, I'd like to know a little bit more about my engine while it is running. Has anyone here had experience with swapping out an old panel...
  13. py26129

    Yanmar 3GMF Engine mounts

    Hello everyone It's finally time to replace the engine mounts under my trusty Yanmar 3GMF. One option would be to replace like with like i.e. OEM Yanmar mounts. The other option would be to use a set of 3rd party mounts such as the R&D Marine mounts sold by PYI. What I am looking for is...
  14. JoeRickard

    Cold Weather Cruising ...

    I'm a Great Lakes sailor and have an Oceanis 45 (5th season). I'd like to prepare my boat for early spring long distance cruising, so I have two questions: 1. What is the best approach to having heat while under way? I have a very nice dometic system (heating & cooling), however it only works...
  15. C

    1980 Hunter 37 Cherubini Kanzaki KH18 Transmission

    I'm having some work done on my power train (fly wheel to prop) and the mechanic is asking for specs on the Kanzaki KH18 transmission. I've tried to find a service / parts manual on this equipment but keep coming up short. Most references I've found have correctly associated it with the Yanmar...
  16. Brezzin

    Variprop Pitch Adjustment on a Yanmar 4jh4hte

    I have a Variprop 4 blade thats slightly over pitched (only gets to 2900 of a max 3200) I've run it this way for a couple of years but I'm beginning to think that I'm not doing myself any favors here. So I want to adjust accordingly. Now the Yanmar specs say the rotation is counter...
  17. J


    I have a Catalina 309 with 1008 hours on an engine that has been well maintained. Repeated bleeding of the injectors has not allowed starting the engine. A mechanic has indicated that it is a simple problem (which he will not disclose). Does anyone else have knowledge of a simple explanation...
  18. SailormanDan

    Stainless Steel Yanmar Mixing Elbow Source

    I didn't want this to get lost on the other thread, but I recently purchased a replacement mixing elbow for my Yanmar 1GM from Ben Cotton in Norfolk, VA. His web site is at: http://exhaustelbow.com/ There are other models available, scroll down through the site and look. He may also be able to...
  19. dkerphunter

    Yanmar 3GM30F engine RPMs fluctuate when engine warm

    Hi, I have a 1985 3GM30F installed in a Hunter 336. It's been perfect for 21 years. This year, the RPMs have started to fluctuate. When the engine's cold and for the first 20 minutes of operation, it behaves normally. After about 20 minutes at cruise speed around 2,500 RPMs, RPMs fluctuate down...
  20. T

    Yanmar 4jhe rear crankshaft seal leaking bc worn

    Hey everyone I was hoping maybe somebody had some info I'm looking for. I have a yanmar 4jhe and I am leaking some oil from the rear crankshaft seal. I have replaced it and it is still leaking. I have surface rust and it is pitted. Does anyone know the dimensions of the diameter where the...