1. J

    Replacing the windows in my 1983 Catalina 25 (and fixing small leaks)

    I'm creating this post to document the window replacement on my Catalina 25 in case it's helpful to other people. I ordered the replacement seal kit from CatalinaDirect.com and yesterday I pulled out the two windows that were actively leaking. In the starboard aft window, 3 of the screw heads...
  2. R

    Looking for teak wood

    Any recommendations on where to purchase teak panels or plywood online? I am adding a few shelves and panels to the interior of my Hunter 260, and would like to match (as best I can) the existing teak interior. Plus, I like the mold and rot resistance of teak. Mostly 1'x2', 2'x2, and 2'x3'...
  3. G

    Replacing Teak Trim Boards Around Cockpit...

    Hey Everyone, First post here to the forums, and it's what I hope is an easy one. I've removed all of the old rotted (and previously sanded to within 1/16th of an inch thickness) from around the cockpit of my 1976 Gulfstar Ketch. Removing it was quite a chore. Not sure if these were the...
  4. Sailing Atlas

    New Cabin sole black water spots 2nd season. How do I fix?

    Hi everyone. This is my first time on this forum and first time posting a question. Im hopeful someone can help. I've had my Pearson 31-2 for 2 seasons. The previous owner had replaced the teak/holly cabin sole right before selling her to me. It looked beautiful. However this season there...
  5. M

    Morgan OutIsland 41 416 1983

    The teak walls of our sailboat are streaked in some areas, it's is if the stain was stripped in those places. Does anyone know what stain was used to get the dark teak stain color, or what stain can be substituted? Thanks
  6. D

    Skins and trim, screwed and glued?

    Quick one for you guys before I go destroying anything this weekend. ... Anyone know if the teak plywood skin attached with screws and finish washers around the perimeter is also glued? I am talking about the section in the aft berth, nearest the steering. I am stripping the boat of anything...
  7. C

    Cuddy door refinishing

    Could anyone explain the steps in refinishing cuddy slide doors? Is there teak oil or another stain? Spar varnish the heck out of it? Thanks
  8. P

    Replace/Upgrade/Modernize cockpit teak?

    Hi there! I don't know if this is sacrilege, but I saw the combing compartment plastic trim upgrade and stainless handrail upgrades and started to wonder if anyone has seen any other products like this that can upgrade the traditional Catalina 30 cockpit and companionway teak to a more...
  9. P

    Good teak prep guide for a new boat owner?

    Hello! I recently bought a 1984 Catalina 30 and need to refinish the teak before it starts to break down. Can anyone suggest a particularly good guide for learning how to do this? I am a busy grad student and so need to estimate the time involved beforehand in order to fit the work in with my...
  10. R

    I need a teak traveler mounting block.

    I decided to replace my OEM traveler on my 1984 Catalina 30 with the flat mid boom traveler upgrade from Catalina Direct. It's an impressive piece of equipment. Unfortunately, the starboard teak block it mounts on is split and rotted inside. I think it is called a horse block. I have searched...
  11. IAMCCF

    Teak.. Teak.. Teak

    Hi All, My 1980 Oday 28 "Take Two" is getting repairs made to the deck. It's taking care of spider cracks, re-beading hardware and replacing all the teak. The toe rails, handrails, the main sliding hatch rails and hatch board rails are all being replaced. The catch is due to the timing of...
  12. F

    bulkhead- teak plywood replacement

    I need to replace plywwod on my 23 ft oday im told it is teak!! i would like to replace with another type of plywood specifically okoume- iwould have to replace both sides so they would match!!(cheaper costs than teak) i could also replace just the one side of doorway with teak-not sure if it...