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Looking for teak wood

Sep 20, 2018
Hunter 260 Rockwall
Any recommendations on where to purchase teak panels or plywood online?

I am adding a few shelves and panels to the interior of my Hunter 260, and would like to match (as best I can) the existing teak interior. Plus, I like the mold and rot resistance of teak.

Mostly 1'x2', 2'x2, and 2'x3' sizes.

I've already tried the local wood shops in Dallas and the pro desks at the big box stores.

OR, if you have had success with other wood besides teak for cabin interiors, let me know!
May 20, 2016
Catalina 36 MK1 94 Everett, WA
Look for a Rockler or Woodworkers store in your area and ask them where they get sheet goods. Here in Seattle Crosscut lumber has great selection of ply and solid teak.
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Jul 12, 2011
Catalina 36 1771 Ft Pierce, Florida
I've bought small pieces of raw lumber on eBay. My last purchase was from https://www.ebay.com/usr/gym_bob_in_maine , who had a good selection in the size I wanted, but obviously there are other vendors. Anything more than some interior trim board and I would be looking for a maintenance-free alternative. Teak is wildly expensive.
Mar 20, 2011
Hunter 31_83-87 New Orleans
Try Central Hardwoods in DFW area. If not available then Call Kemah hardware in Kemah Tx (outside Houston) or Houston hardwoods. Like Charlie stayed, try other hardwoods as an alternative. Most hardwood suppliers can recommend/accommodate. Good luck in your search
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Jul 1, 2010
Seaward 25, Catalina 350 Erie, Pa
Cherry goes well with teak. If just finished with tung oil, it may start out noticeably lighter but will darken up and fit right in.