standing rigging

  1. I

    Standing Rigging Inspection

    I bought a 1995 43 Legend, and I´m struggling with the decision of what to replace, and how far to go? Absolutely, I´m on a budget, so it has to be money wise. If there is someone who can help me, I have plenty of photos.
  2. mmuldoon

    O'day 22 Upper Sidestay is SHORT

    I've been sailing (but mostly updating) my O'day 22 over the past 7 years. I haven't had it in the water for a few years (we have young kids, and the summers just became too busy to work on the boat). In preparation for this season, I raised the mast yesterday and discovered that my upper stays...
  3. marke14

    Replacing standing rigging with mast up

    Hi SBO friends, Some of you may recall my going on 8 year quest to find a rigging professional in the LA / San Pedro/ Long Beach area. My quest continues. I am sitting outside a well known local boat yard in Long Beach presently. I just captained the boat over this morning to have it hauled...
  4. P

    How to replace eyes on pulpits

    We have four of these badly corrupted beauties on our boat, two on the pulpit and two on the pushpit, two which the lifelines attach. They do not have any sort of set pin or screw in them. Do you have any idea how they are affixed or how they were adhered? Are replacements available for a 1"...
  5. W

    B and R- lower diamond d1 cross lower

    Does the lower diamond d1 cross in front or behind the lower D? Thanks! Ralph Sperry Boston Gypsy Soul Hunter 460
  6. S

    Chain plates on Hunter Legend 290 (year 2000)

    Dear Sailor Friends and Hunter Legend Owners. Recently I had a rig inspection on my newly bought Hunter Legend 290. During the inspection it was discovered that my port side chain plate has shorter bolts (please see the picture) which don't go fully through the nut as they do on the starboard...
  7. ShawneH

    Rigging company's in Canada

    Good day, I have an '84 Hunter 31'. I believe the standing rigging is original and I would like to replace it. Does anyone know of any good companies in Canada I can contact to get some quotes? My boat has the Seldin rig. Also of note is that this boat has been exclusively sailed in the...
  8. P

    chainplates knee bots for islander 28 , to pierce the hull or glass them back in ?

    so there was a rusting weep hole at the bottom of my starboard upper shroud chain plate that was glassed in and original from 1965, so I chopped it out, polished it up the plate looks great, there was a little moisture in the wood knee, but not a lot, the teak was in pretty good shape, the only...
  9. Brisa

    W.D. Schock Harbor 14

    Ahoy! Novice sailor that has recently purchased a 2007 W.D. Schock Harbor 14 seeking others within the sailing community that can give opinion/advise regarding this little boat. I am especially wondering how tight the standing rigging should be (i.e. furler stay (forestay) and shrouds).
  10. PSR

    U-bolt "upgrade" from Catalina Direct for lower shrouds or not?

    I am replacing the standing rigging on my C27 Surprise and while the mast is down, I have pulled the chainplates to inspect. My lower shroud "chainplates" are 1/2" eyebolts, similar to those offered now by Catalina Direct. These are 1/2" bolts with large backing plates, and therefore are more...
  11. E

    Forum Newcomer! 1991 Catalina 30 mkii - need upgrade/repair advice

    Hello friends! I've been sailing my whole life but just purchased my first cruising sailboat, a 1991 Cat30 mkii tall rig! I will be using this for freshwater lake cruising with my family of 4. Having just transported it from out of state to my local lake in GA, I wanted to take care of some...
  12. Ziggler

    Shortening Mast - Calculations for Stays

    PROBLEM: 1979 Paceship 23. Irreparably bent mast during haul out. Bought a new-to-me [used] mast. New mast is shorter. Have practically new standing rigging which I want to re-use. Side stays will transfer, but need to shorten fore and back stays. Old Mast: 27' 6" New Mast: 27' 1" QUESTION...
  13. George in AK

    Standing rigging connectors

    Appologies for the total newbie question, but the standing rigging on our 1976 Catalina 22 has me scratching my head. I've scoured the C22 Technical Manual (and updates), as well as awesome blogs like the Catalina 22 Experiment, Chip Ford, and Christopher Jin. Unfortunately, I can't find a...
  14. S

    Replacement of Standing Rigging

    Does anyone know how we can get a set of standing rigging for a Hunter Legend 430? The boat's in Greece and we need to get rigging made without removing the current rigging.