1. limbodog

    Raritan PHII dry flush

    Hi all, I replaced my head somewhere between a year or two ago. Put in a Raritan PHII P102 "Superflush" and a new hose. Has been problem free up until last week. I would occasionally flush some vinegar, and I routinely flushed with fresh water. Occasionally the bowl would refill with...
  2. R

    Hunter 260 Water System

    I have a 2002 Hunter 260. Last season was my first sailing season of ownership. Unfortunately, I discovered a nasty water tank (black stuff coming out of the both the galley pump and head pump. During the winter, I had a deck port installed in the top of the tank to facilitate clean out...
  3. G

    Composting toilet vs. regular for resale value

    I am in the market for a mid 80s Catalina 30 and a found a strong contender which the owner has converted to a composting toilet, and ripped out the holding tank for storage. my question is - this is ok for me, but would it hurt the resale value? Would less people be interested when it comes...
  4. O

    Siren 17 Head and Holding Tank Removal

    Hi, I just purchased a Siren 17 and was wondering if any other Siren owners have removed the Head and Holding Tank. How much of a job is this going to be? Is there a separate holding tank I can remove or is it built in and going to require cutting the v-berth base? Any help would be much...
  5. thelilnauti

    Simple head plumbing

    Hello everyone, With my boat finally on the hard and having its bottom done along with all new thru-hulls I am looking to simplify our head plumbing. I am wondering what many of you are using by way of a simple system? Our current system I believe is over complicated. Head discharge to a Y...
  6. T

    hunter 42 passage

    does anybody know where selenoid is located on the forward head??
  7. B

    Head issues

    I recently purchased a Pearson 34-2 with a Groco HF and almost immediately had issues. The surveyor used the head and said everything was fine. When we went on the maiden voyage, the first part of the first day everything was fine, but when we got underway and someone tried to use the head in...
  8. S

    420 passage forward head odour

    420 passage front head odor, advice! 2004 Hunter 420 passage, has anyone replaced the venting system for the front head. Research says the odor we are experiencing could be from an undersized hose system. We have replace hoses, macerator, changed to an electric head. No evidence of a leak in...
  9. T

    Removing the walls of the Head on a Mac26x

    I find the Mac26x head compartment to be too confining and blocks access to the under cockpit "pizza oven" double berth on the starboard side. I want to remove the head door, cut out the top half of the head walls, and sinks and replace with a curtain situation. My question is "Is that molded...
  10. JK_Boston_Catalina310

    Strange Head Issue

    Good morning all, We started having a strange Head issue about two days ago and I'm a little baffled by this one. Looking for some collective wisdom from the forum. The boat is a 2001 Catalina 310. Two people live aboard full time, so the head gets a lot of use. It's a Raritan PH Superflush...
  11. limbodog

    I done messed up, holding tank overflow. Rear cabin smells like a Coldplay album. Help?

    Hiya. Quick background: bought my Hunter 40 last year, 365-liveaboard I was trying to clean the bilge. It had I-don't-know-how-many years of crud in it. I don't know if PO cleaned it at all. Plus, to make things more fun, the two heads both leaked. It needed cleaning badly. I was scrubbing...
  12. F

    Head pumping and stanchion vent

    I am a 2 season new owner of a 1987 Catalina 30 and wanted to know if it was normal for water to come out of the stanchion vent when pumping the head? Is this just overflow if the tank is full? I pumped it out completely at the end of the season last year and this season on the first couple...
  13. Chew Oon

    What Model Jobsco Head in 2000 Hunter 340

    Hi, Does anyone know the model of Jobsco head in a 2000 Hunter 340? Thanks, Chew
  14. limbodog

    Easier to replace a Jabsco head than to fix it?

    I've got two heads. One goes to a cracked holding tank. We won't talk about that. The other goes to a nice new top-fitting head with hoses not older than 5 years. It's a Jabsco manual "compact" head - which is to say the bowl is the size of a toilet you'd use to potty-train a toddler. Also...
  15. A

    H376 composting toilet install

    One of our first projects as new owners was to replace the tired marine head (and accompanying systems) with a composting unit. We chose the C Head line of products after a lot of research and comparisons. And then after some measuring and estimating we figured their Wedged Back model would...
  16. G

    Help installing MSD on a Thetford 550p (Porta Potti)

    I would be very grateful is anyone could help me with the correct method of installing an MSD with macerator pump on a Thetford 550P I am building a cat in Indonesia and both I and the local plummer are stumped by the limited documentation that comes with the Thetford 550P with repsct to how to...
  17. mark porter

    H31 Composting Head

    I'm thinking about upgrading my holding tank system on my 1986 Hunter 31 to a composting head system. Has anyone else done this?
  18. J

    Replacing Sanitation Hose on 2004 Hunter 36

    I own a 2004 Hunter 36. Before attempting to replace my head and sanitary hoses, I searched SailBoat.net for notes regarding this task. I found several helpful suggestions on the blog including Peggy Hall's book. I highly recommend Peggy's book. If you are attempting to remedy your sanitation...
  19. Craiggers

    Coronado 23ft Rudder Head Replacement?

    Anyone know where I can get a rudder head for my Coronado 23? I believe it's a 1973 Coronado. I took some pictures of my broken one here for sizing: https://goo.gl/gqfXNC It doesn't have to be original since I think they had proprietary parts. I'm just looking for the right fit but that's...
  20. eusjim1

    Head hose sealing problem

    Replaced head and all hoses. Hoses are 1 1/2 inch New Shields Sanitation hose with flat interior. Had to heat up with hot water to get over some fittings. Used stainless clamps. Most connections leak.. What am I doing wrong?