1. swshogren

    It's 100 degrees outside and I'm thinking about how to heat a 1984 H34 come winter.

    The boat is located on the Columbia River outside of Portland. looking to use it more this winter and do a variety of interior projects when things get cold. What heat source have you inhaled and why. And if you installed a stove like a Dickinson -did you figure out where to install one and how...
  2. swshogren

    Reefing Line Size(s)

    A quick question as I want to take advantage of the Memorial Day sales online. As I have posted previously, at some point a lot of the running rigging on our 1984 Hunter 34 were cut and removed by a previous owner. My question this morning is: What diameter lines and lengths are folks using for...
  3. swshogren

    Hunter 34 - Fuel Tank Baffles Modifications

    Sorry - posted this to the wrong forum. Reposting to the Big Boat Forum under the same title.
  4. swshogren

    Repair and replacement of cockpit drains on a Hunter 34

    Discovered this weekend that one of my cockpit drains froze and split last weekend during the big snow here in Portland. Looking for advice how to repair or replace what is installed. It looks like the original fittings from 1984. Or maybe someone here on the forum knows of the source for the...
  5. swshogren

    Hunter 34 Fuel Tank Well

    For those owners with a1980s vintage Hunter 34 had anyone exploited the well the fuel tank sits inside of? I seem to have gotten water in there and I'm wondering if there is a drain hole? Or do I need to remove the tank? Thanks in advance for any help is photos you might have. sam
  6. swshogren

    Hunter 34 Vee Berth Void

    Hi again with more questions as I did further into our new to us Hunter 34. When I look at the molded liner for the Vee-Berths there appears a void/air pocket at the very front and aft of the forepeak under the bunk. Has anyone investigated this? Have you installed an inspection port into the...
  7. swshogren

    Diesel Fuel Tank Inspection Port

    Hi again. Can I install a standard, plastic, waterproof inspection port, of sufficient size, into the top of the rotomolded diesel tank aboard my 1984 Hunter 34? Discovered while cruising the Columbia River in November that I have diesel bug or gunk in the fuel after running the engine for many...
  8. M

    New Clutches on H34

    I'm interested in updating the line clutches on my H34 due to difficulties in opening and closing. How are these clutches attached to the deck? Similar to travelog track? Are there clutches that can use the same mounts? Any help is welcome.
  9. M

    Secrets for Aligning the Engine on a H34

    After decades of engine shaking, we decided to have the engine mounts replaced for the first time (yes I know they should be done more often). After replacing the engine mounts our diesel mechanic tried to align the engine and transmission with little success. The steel angle irons holding the...
  10. M

    H34 1984 3GMF engine mounts

    I was going through the old posts and found some on replacing the engine mounts, something we never even thought about. I have the part numbers for the front and back but was just wondering if there were better alternatives to Yanmar? Can I just use my engine hoist to lift the engine slightly...
  11. H3newdog

    Repair or Replace BOTH dual rope clutches on '83 H34

    Well I'm to the point in my refit that I need to either replace all of the handles ($20/each) on my rope clutches or replace the entire units. I'm more inclined to replace the unit rather than spend $40 for two new handles on what appear to be original units. Some considerations would be the...
  12. dcalif

    h34 "Claude/Allan Hybrid" Compression Post Repair

    The inevitable failure of the compression post began to show on our Hunter 34 : So I studied the solutions here on the forum. Especially Claude Auger's outstanding summary of his post repair and Allan Hadad's milled solution. (Allan was even kind enough to send me his CAD drawings and later...
  13. dcalif

    h34 Vanity Sliders

    The mirrored slider panels in the vanity and head on my 34 were pretty rough. Doesn't look too nasty in the image, but you can see how the reflective film was flaking off the edges. A big chunk of the reflective film was missing out of one panel above the view shown below. The head was...
  14. dcalif

    h34 Keto Cowl Fix

    Like most of us with a Hunter 34, my old cowls were worn beyond any hope of repair. I went with the "Jerry Keto Option" from the owner modification section: http://hunter.sailboatowners.com/mods.php?task=article&mid=31&aid=7540&mn=34 Other than a slightly different approach on the edging with...
  15. S

    H34 Battery Bank Overhaul - tips and recommendations

    The battery bank on our 1985 H34 needs an overhaul. Current batteries work but look old, wires are all over the place and batteries are not secured in place. Would love to hear any recommendations and tips from someone that has overhauled their battery bank. What type batteries did you choose...
  16. SabreToothedEngineer

    Raw Water Strainer on H34

    The raw water strainer on my Hunter 34 needs a new gasket for the top cover. It's a special thin plastic gasket shaped to fit the labyrinth seal. The engine is a Yanmar 3GMF, and the local Yanmar guy suggested just making a cork gasket, but looking at it I'm certain that won't work (he hadn't...
  17. H3newdog

    Roller Furler for H34

    I must have the only H34 without roller furling, need to change that, any one have recommendations/comments?