1. patrickfarley

    I left the lights on

    I left the lights on on the boat. When I return to the boat the battery read 7.1 volts. I turned off the electricity and left the solar charger hooked up. The battery is red 11.4 volts when I left the boat that afternoon. I am hoping that the battery will fully charge and last for a while...
  2. S

    Will this battery charger work?

    Hello! I just bought a Flicka 20, and it came with these batteries. I realized recently that the only way the batteries are charging is from the engine because there is no battery charger hooked up. I have shore AC power. I got the ProMariner ProSport HD12, and then found that this charger is...
  3. C

    Wanting to add a second battery and a solar charger.

    First time posting here, thank you all for being a great resource. I just purchased my first sailboat, a 1979 Newport 28. It currently has one battery that is used to start a 9.9HP outboard, run the lights, bilge pump, and instruments. There is also a Batt 1, batt 2, both, off switch located...
  4. Chiriqui

    Hunter 26 Battery Placement

    Has anyone consider relocating the batteries? The placement behind that wall below the cockpit is enormously inconvenient getting to them. My idea is to move them to the center of the sleeping space behind the stairs. To build a containment to hold them. To design the wall so that two can sleep...
  5. Jonny547

    Battery charger!

    Hello! It's looks like i have two batteries witn parallel circuit. Can i take out and charge just one battery with this charger? Thanks! P.S. How much capasity of this batteries any guesses?
  6. T

    Macgregor 19 battery set up

    I would like to see any Macgregor 19 battery set ups. Location, 2nd battery options, solor addition, etc...anything that will give me ideas while I venture into rewiring.
  7. P

    Victron BMV-712 vs Balmar SG200

    Does anyone have an opinion on which battery monitor is better? I’m going to be installing one before launching June 1 and am not certain what might be beat for my application. I have a 2007 hunter 38 with 2 4D sportsman FLA batteries as my house bank and a group 27 west marine fla for my...
  8. D

    1974 O'Day 20 electrical questions

    I just got this boat and have a couple of questions. 1) Where was the original battery location? This one is installed on the port berth under the cockpit. It is not square and is braced by a random 2 x 4. I am thinking of moving it to the locker on the starboard side of the cockpit. Is that...
  9. John_F

    Issues with Two-year old batteries

    My house batteries are Group 24 12-volt deep cycle from West Marine. I got them in the spring of 2017. They are serviced each fall and put on a trickle charger. As soon as I turn off the battery charger at the dock, or shut the engine down, the indicator on my instrument panel shows a pretty...
  10. Randall Schmidt

    Battery Water Level

    I had my local shop (Zimmerman Marine at Herrington Harbor North in Deale MD) replace two batteries and install an intelligent charger in August of 2016. I was told this charger should remain plugged in when I leave my wetslip to keep the batteries charged without causing overcharge issues...
  11. SawyerCurt

    Dead Battery

    I am not a battery / electronics person. I had no issues over the winter with my (I assume) 4D batteries, but once I launched this season I came back a week later (lots of rain in the NE) and Battery #2 was in the red. IMG-0467 by SawyerCurt posted May 25, 2018 at 4:38 PMIMG-0467 by SawyerCurt...
  12. Ken13559

    Battery rotation Tires rotation

    I've 3 batteries in Bank #1 and a single in Bank #2. Bank #1 drives everything and #2 is essential for emergency use. Both Banks are connected via Battery Combiner. All 4 batteries are identical Bosch SMF 105D31. Does it make sense to periodically rotate the Bank #2 battery with one from Bank...
  13. Tim Mills

    Battery Switch Use 1/2/Both?

    I have read some on this topic in the forum and still have a question regarding advice on how to use my duel battery switch. First some details. I recently purchased a 2004 Hunter 36. I think the previous owner had made some changes to the battery set up based on what I see in the owners manual...
  14. JamesG161

    New Wet Cell Battery Caps

    After 3.8 yrs of abuse by me, we changed our 4D dual bank 12VDC Lead Acid, Wet Cell house batteries. Of course the picture on the online sales model was different than my store pick up with the right model number.:rolleyes: The "Core Credit" battery exchange was... lets say... :cuss:. After...
  15. E

    Battery installation - Any suggestions

    I'm a brand new owner of a 2001 C16.5. Can't wait to get it in the water. I'm interested in any advice from experience of mounting a battery in the bow storage area. I'm thinking of using a plywood square cut to size, fiberglass directly to the boat (somehow?) and mount battery to it. Has...
  16. Douginmd

    Need help deciding on a battery

    I have an Oday 25 that has a Johnson 9.9 electric start outboard motor. I need the battery to start the motor, to run a small depth finder and lighting. Can any suggest an inexpensive but reliable battery that will last a while?
  17. jhogle

    Need to buy a battery

    I need to pick out a battery for my Catalina 22. Are there any brands / models that people typically use on their C22's? Any special things I should consider? Thanks in advance!
  18. JL Stratton

    23.5 battery questions

    I'm currently trying to bring my 23.5 back to its original configuration and have a couple questions about the battery. First, does anyone know what the recommended battery was for this vessel. The PO (previous owner) of my boat had two huge size group 31 batteries stuffed into the right side...
  19. vizwhiz

    Yamaha 9.9 four-stroke rectifier issue

    To start with, I have a '93 Yamaha 9.9 four-stroke, pull-start, tiller control, manual tilt, extra-long shaft outboard on a sailboat. The model number on the nameplate is not valid, after I compared it to the model/feature comparison for those motors...and the guy who sold it to me rebuilds...
  20. R

    Electrical Renovation-Battery Placement

    Hi Gang, My name is Al Reisser, proud owner of an O'day 20 (@1978). I have not had any electrical hookup as of yet. I have 2 seasons under my belt. My question is this: the previous owner had the electrical panel mounted on the starboard side inside the companion way. He had the wiring for the...