1. Genesis V

    Emergency welding using Batteries

    I’ve heard about this but never seen it done.
  2. R

    Hunter 260 Electrical-Batteries

    As a novice sailor and new 2 month owner to my 2003 Hunter 260, that hasn't seen water for 2 years, it wasn't taken care of and everything done was "how cheaply can I do it", or I'll fix it even if I don't know how. The battery needs replacing (it has 5-6 circuits going to the battery). Nothing...
  3. J

    meaning of -48V (minus 48?) output, Earth ground vs Return issues

    Sorry if this is in the wrong sub-forum MaineSail'sMaineSail'sMusing Sub is only for him to start new threads? not really propulsion-specific but at 48V I guess here's best. . . (thanks mod) I'd rather the discussion **please** not get derailed on the design-level "big picture", maybe in...
  4. Mr Fox

    Interesting LiFePO4 question/experiment

    Hello all- I have been handed a new RELiON RB50 battery. So I’m wondering if I can use it in my setup (and honestly I like learning about new things so I’d love it get some feedback and opinions and suggestions). Sorry it’s a long read... My boat currently has single interstate deep cycle...
  5. C

    Best way to connect a solar charger to 2 battery system?

    I have an '87 Catalina 22 with 2 identical, new deep cycle batteries in parallel (a jumper between the negative terminals), a selector switch with 3 positions (bat 1, bat 2, or both) and an outboard that has no alternator. I want to connect a solar trickle charger so it recharges both batteries...
  6. Plymouth Sailor

    Batteries tied together

    Looking for advice on power. I have a 25 foot Hunter sailboat and I want to beef up my power reserve. I replenish my battery by solar drip. Can I tie two batteries together to get more battery life or will the strength of the electricity be too much for my panel, lights... Your response...
  7. I

    New batteries and charging plans

    Would appreciate advice on my plan to replace my batteries and add a charging device to keep them topped up. The boat is a 1978 Irwin 38 aft cockpit with a Westerbeake 33A. At this point, I have two very old batteries: an 8D and a Group 31. Planning to replace with HOUSE: two Trojan 105 6v...
  8. P

    Where to store a battery bank?

    Hi there! I am going to put a battery bank in on my Catalina 30, mostly to keep my 2.5A norcold fridge (icebox conversion kit) running when away from the slip. probably 4x of these only because that's what my neighbor got...
  9. catawbahunter

    Battery Bank Wiring Question

    My Hunter 36 has 2 4D house batteries and a separate starting battery. The engine alternator recharges the starting battery but not the house batteries. I don't believe the starting battery was original equipment. I'm thinking that I need to wire all batteries together in series with an...
  10. LucM30

    Build a stand-alone shore Solar charge station?

    Hi all! First post on here. I've been lurking for a few months and learned plenty and now I would like your opinions on something I have on my mind. First my back story: There is shore power at my marina, but not at my slip. We don't consume much power - no fridge: we have an ice box, and...
  11. C

    Hunter 40 aft berth storage compartment modification

    A while back I stumbled on someone's video or likely picture story on how they added pneumatic rams to assist opening up compartment cover, added LEDs, built battery storage compartment and cleaned up the wiring adding various devices. If you know where to find, I'd appreciate the heads up...
  12. A

    Charging domestic batteries Hunter Legend 450

    I have recently purchased a Hunter Legend 450 Passage. The diesel engine is only charging the starter battery, not the domestic batteries. These charge through a battery charger when we have mains electric or the diesel generator. Am I missing something? Can I add a router switch to the system...
  13. Nymph

    Check your batteries! Might not be the alternator!

    2014 Marlow-Hunter 40 with Yanmar 4JH5E (54 HP & SailDrive SD50) and ElectroMaax 140a Alternator My wife and I currently own the new Marlow-Hunter 40, hull #1, which we have placed in SailTime Orange County. We have had 2 years of relatively trouble free usage with just the normal wear and...