1. withintheruins14

    All New Bottom: Redoing my T-26 Monohull in the Driveway

    I am stripping my sailboat's bottom back down to the gelcoat. I'm new to sailing and have a few questions I've been meaning to ask. First off, I've felt a bit overwhelmed the past few days. While at first, we were able to get a lot of paint off fast - getting that last 5% has been exhausting...
  2. T

    Disconnecting/Removing mainsheet while motoring?

    Hi all, new sailor here, so first, thank you for any insights. Taking all the help I can get and trying to learn. I acquired an old '74 Catalina 27 over the winter. Been working on her all spring and now have been out a few times with the wife and young daughter. We would like to install...
  3. JamesG161

    Sailboat Brand?

    Can anyone spot the maker of this ≈50' boat? We thought it might a Hunter, but it has a back stay.
  4. S

    "On the Hard" Sailboat Storage Marinas in Southern Florida, key west?

    I'm looking for a marina I can store my 30 ft O'day sailboat "on the hard" with mast "up", who can also drop (wet slip) and pick on occasions (three, four, five times a year) when I would travel from Illinois to Fl to do some intercoastal sailing. I'm not stuck on any particular area, however...
  5. S

    Catalina 27 1975

    I cannot seem to access"classified "section in spite of following the instructions repeatedly.
  6. G

    Looking for information about Beneteau 440

    I am a writer and I am researching information about the 440. I know nothing about sailing and in my book I have my character crashing into the jetty at Garden City, SC What I would like to know is how fast do they go? Is it a wooden hull or fiberglas? What kind of engine? You can contact me...
  7. Nieves500

    who want to help me with my Sailboat in Chicago,IL

    Hello, someone who wants to help me with my sailboat in Chicago, IL. I have it in Sunset Bay Marina, how to put the ropes in order. He is a Hunter 25.5 1985. and we can have it ready for May.
  8. D

    Ericson 35 Cooking stove 1973

    Can anyone share the OEM Propane Cooking stove model that Ericson used ? Hull #305. I am trying to put her back to original unless parts are improve someway. Technology and safety are important. The past owner ditched the stove for an aftermarket backyard refrigerator. Ericson for the most part...
  9. SVMusic

    Exercising on a boat - Look what I fell in love with!

    I know that pulling sheets and boat maintenance is hard work and will keep you in shape. But much of the time we are in a port (as now, waiting for hurricane season to pass) so what do I do for exercise? I do AERIAL SILK! Check it what I do to stay in shape (at 56) and come watch me fly sometime...
  10. B

    Please help figure out boat brand

    Hello, New to the forum, I am interested in buying this boat from a distance and I am not sure what the brand is. Can anyone identify this boat from the pictures? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  11. DennisonBerwick

    Checklist for Saildrives

    If you have a saildrive, you may find this 6-page Checklist for Saildrives useful. Covers Maintenance, Lay-up and Recommission.
  12. W

    Please advise: Newbie is about to purchase first boat!

    I have zero experience with boats and I am desperate to learn sailing. My future plans involve sailing abroad. I was originally looking at very small sailboats to learn on, but read a few times that these boats are just as easy to handle. Would anyone be willing to advise...
  13. J

    New Owner with absolutely no experience sailing

    Hello everyone, My name is Jay. I am getting ready to pick up a sailboat which I am acquiring for free. Here’s what I know: It’s a Macgregor...... Venture 25? The mast, main, and jib are all there. As well as all the rigging. (I sure hope I’m getting all these terms correct) It’s on the...
  14. Ghillieman

    Got a Venture 22

    Hello, first I want to introduce myself. I am in college and I have been wanting to sail ever since I did it down in the Florida Keys. I recently bought a V22 for a good price. It needs a little work but the sails are in good shape. I plan to repaint the hull (don't like the color), replace...
  15. M

    Sailboat tri-axle trailer with 27' Hunter sailboat

    Dear, Ladies and Gents I have a 2013 Tri-axle sailboat trailer that includes a Hunter 27 that needs minor work but was on the water 8 months ago. for more info 9018250807 5800
  16. tmatzzie

    Upgrading Raymarine e80--do I have STng or ST? Tips?

    Hello, I have a 2008 Beneteau 40 with Raymarine 80 chartplotter and instruments. I am planning an upgrade of the chartplotter and looking for advice. I am trying to figure out if I have SeaTalk or SeaTalk ng? Is SeaTalk ng comparable with NMEA 2000? Can I keep my current transducers if I...
  17. Slartibartfass

    Memorial weekend sail with the family

    UNCUT: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly..... Got a little bit exciting while getting out the harbor..... Sorry, language is German-English garble....
  18. ShotgunSlim

    Finally got her out for the day part 2

    Here's the video version of my good day on the water with friends:
  19. Thomas CnC26FSS

    C&C Vire7. Replacement options

    Acquired a C&C 26. Has vire7. Trashed from previous owner neglect due to illness, options try to rebuild it, replace with another rebuilt vire7, or put Yan Mar or other marine engine in boat. Any practical advice that is economical will be appreciated .
  20. Canonshooternb

    New PEARSON 28-2 SAILBOAT OWNERS group in facebook

    There has been a new PEARSON 28-2 SAILBOAT OWNERS group created on Facebook for those that would like to share. The previous google group has disappeared so saw that this one has been created and specific to this model. Please check it out, join or follow