1. R

    Appropriate sealant and when to wax after bottom painting

    I am about to install a Harken ratcheting block, a new bridle and bow handle. I picked up 5200 permanent sealant but maybe should not use that. Thoughts and advice appreciated. Also just finished bottom paint 1 coat primer and 2 coats of top side paint - all Rustolem marine products. When can...
  2. 2021.04 Blue banner stripe

    2021.04 Blue banner stripe

    The 4-1/4"-wide banner stripe is a fixture of 1970s race yachts and deemed essential for Diana (so much that the 'Hunter by Cherubini' sticker was expressly designed to fit inside the stripe). Showing Diana with fine-line tape delineating the stripe and 'curtain' of paper to guard against drips.
  3. 2021.0425 Diana, hull paint

    2021.0425 Diana, hull paint

    starboard-bow view of Diana in final coat of Brightside white
  4. 2021.0421 Diana, final paint

    2021.0421 Diana, final paint

    After looking far and wide (and offering $100/day) for anyone to help, I said 'shove it' to everyone and applied the Brightside (at best a two-person job) myself. Good enough; and DONE. - JC2
  5. Tradewinds

    Thermal Paint For Interior, Yes or No?

    Anyone have any experience with insulating paint? Thinking about doing a couple of coats on my interior, which is just bare fiberglass for the most part...
  6. B

    Rudder repair

    Hello all. My sister and I were recently offered a free 83 Bruce Roberts 34. We have some experience sailing but never owned a sailboat before. Of course it has needs and I really need help with one of them. What is going on with the rudder here? I know the crack is more than just paint but I'm...
  7. Plymouth Sailor

    Water Based Antifouling

    Need your wisdom, can an oil based antifouling be painted over by a water based AF paint? Also, any experience/anecdotes about water based AF? Thank you!
  8. Bay Tripper

    Question on fiberglass repair

    Hello, I am still relatively new here, and I have done a lot of searching online and on this forum, but I am still wondering about one thing. I am about to tackle replacing some rotten core in my transom. My 1988 H26.5 has a small outboard motor mount and there must've been water...
  9. Plymouth Sailor

    Rollers w/o Tipping

    Fellow sailors/boaters, any suggestions on the best roller for oil/alkyd based paint? I used one a few years ago (can't remember which) and I didn't have to tip as the paint was nearly perfect. I used a foam roller last year and it created the usual bubbles. Any wisdom appreciated!
  10. Plymouth Sailor


    Has anyone used Rustoleum Topside paint and if so, good/bad/best way to apply etc.?
  11. DianaOfBurlington

    Paint for vinyl Dorade cowls-?

    Does anyone have a good recommendation for painting the vinyl cowl vents? I have several of the otherwise excellent Sea Dog Line ones; but they go really chalky and then actually dark (like they're sunburnt) and after that go very crispy. Really any paint to protect from from UV is all right...
  12. J

    Ideas to refinish salon table top and underside

    I'm working on freshening up the teak in my 1983 Catalina 25 and am planning to update the galley counter using the epoxy idea found in the below SailboatOwners thread linked below. But I'm at a loss for what to do about the dated salon table top and bottom. Since the table folds in half and it...
  13. john6206

    Paint or gel coat?

    Hi All - I have a feeling this topic has been covered, but I couldn't find anything by doing a search. Please forgive if you've answered this before. My first crack at fiberglass repair (pun intended) went pretty well so far. I used a West System fiberglass boat repair kit - instructions...
  14. J

    Hunter 28.5 Keel rust removal

    Hello all, I don’t know much about boats. I enjoy my boat on a small budget and want to keep it for a long time. Since I bought it 4 years ago, it had the smile crack and some rust on the keel. I had some time now and the weather is crappy so I decided to repaint the keel. I saw that as a simple...
  15. Plymouth Sailor

    Metal Toe Rail

    Has anyone painted their metal toe rail? Mine is currently black and I'm considering painting it a metalic silver/stainless steel/chrome or aluminum color to make it pop. I have a flag blue Hunter - Cherubini 25. Any experience/stories appreciated.
  16. Dustin Penner

    Hull Paint Question

    I'm looking at purchasing a 2001 Hunter 260 and I'm slightly concerned about the bottom paint. The boat is located 5 hours away so I can't see it up close without a drive. Based on the pictures, can you tell me your thoughts on the current bottom paint (or anything else you might see that my...
  17. S

    Blue Hull Paint for Hunter 40 2014

    Does anyone know if you can get a stock number for paint that will match the deep blue paint on my hull?
  18. A

    New paint for Catalina 22

    Hi all, I'm looking into buying a used Catalina 22, I live in So Cal, and I am curious as to how much it might cost me (ballpark) to get a new paint job. Any info helps!
  19. jssailem

    Ideas on boat color for new paint

    Since last fall I began working on restoring my 1974 Cal35C. We removed the mast in January and are just about through with the refit. (pics below). Now looking at the aged heavily oxidized white gel-coat. I see paint in my future. Question is what are your opinions - experiences with hull...
  20. R

    Swing keel paint

    Hi, I'm going to be checking out the swing keel on my v21. There seems to be some rust bubbles. Relativity small but I want to nip it in the butt now. I'll have it moored for about 2-3 months in the summer. So any suggestions on a paint? I want to keep it cheap. I already have some industrial...