1. Good Vibes

    Outboard motor rail mount

    Good day all. We are looking to carry our 6hp motor on our stern rail. I’ve looked at several mount options but the curve in the seat rail doesn’t allow placement in what I would have thought the obvious choice. Any suggestions on a mount type or better placement? Thanks!
  2. M

    Outboard Tilt Release Issue

    Take a look at this picture: (and first, this image is from before we bought it -- the boat is now clean) My concern is raising and lowering the tilt. The way the tilt on that motor works is that in order to release the tilt you have to raise the engine even higher than it is there and then...
  3. C

    Honda 9.9 - Is there an oil filter?

    I have a 1997 Honda 9.9 outboard on my 1998 H26. I do not see a canister-type oil filter on the motor. I read the owners manual cover-to-cover and it describes the oil change process but never mentions a filter. Does anyone have a similar motor that can advise?
  4. M

    Outboard whining 8hp tohatsu four stroke 2012

    Hello, I have a Whining noise on tohatsu 8hp 4 stroke, 2012. Not sure what is causing it. I don’t think it’s the lower unit, seems to be coming from the top, maybe the belt? I recently changed the impeller, I greased the shaft with appropriate water proof grease. The oil is new, and the oil...
  5. R

    1974 Catalina 27 with transom cutout for outboard

    Hello, I have a 1974 Catalina 27 with a cutout in the back for an outboard (apprx 15 x 20"). There is currently a Mercury 2-Stroke 9.9 attached, but the engine has become very unreliable. It also lacks the power to get through the strong tides in Washington. I'm looking to replace it with a 9.9...
  6. S

    What is best outboard for 1972 Catalina 27

    Hello I just bought my first boat..a Catalina 27. It has a 9.9 HP Johnson Motor on it..but it looks old and I cannot start it up as it has lost its pullstart...Please advise if I bought a outboard new motor what would be best..and also easiest to use and safest and most reliable and size.?can...
  7. SVMusic

    Help us before my husband throws our Mercury outboard in the water!

    We have a 2003 Mercury 15hp outboard motor on our dinghy (which we purchased with our Beneteau sailboat) and it shuts down (or off) when under a heavy load. He had a mechanic rebuild/service the carburetor ($300) and still have the same problem. Since then he has tried: -Changing the fuel tank...
  8. A

    6HP outboard engine sputtering

    I have a Suzuki 6HP 4 stroke outboard that I am having issues with. It starts fine but will sputter and die when I increase the throttle. It doesn't matter if its in neutral, forward, or reverse. The engine will run when the throttle is kept at or below the starting ignition position. It will...
  9. J

    Outboard HP on WWP 19

    I currently have the Tohatsu 5hp outboard on my Potter 19. Maxes out at about 5-6 knots. Do you think I upgrade to a Merc 9.9hp (same physical weight as my Tohatsu 5HP) and get a few more knots out of her? Fighting the current around the Puget Sound will become a problem at some point...
  10. 4

    O’day 25 Outboard Wedge Replacement Project with Question to the Forum

    I'm working on the new boat. She's a 1928 Oday 25: The previous owner of my 1982 25 was kind enough to replace her outboard with a brand new 9.9hp mercury. Unfortunately the new motors weight exceeds the capacity of her original Garelick mount. I purchased a new mount (model 71091) to better...
  11. Dustin Penner

    These Remote Outboard Cables Don't Exist... (apparently)

    I recently bought a 2001 Hunter 260 and have been giving it a very thorough going over. I was testing the Yamaha 9.9 outboard out (runs great thankfully!) when I discovered I couldn't put it into reverse. I assumed it was just a matter of adjusting the cable a little, but it turns out the...
  12. G

    Outboard Motor ODay 27'

    What hp and manufacturer, mounting type, accessories, etc. would you recommend for an Oday 27'?
  13. P

    Cavitating Tohatsu 3.5hp 4-stroke on Zodiac Zoom Air

    Hi there, I have a ten-year-old Tohatsu 3.5hp 4-stroke mid-length shaft that cavitates like crazy as soon as I get on step on my 8' zodiac Zoom air inflatable. Adjusting the shaft tile to fully vertical helped a bit, I've tried mounting it higher and lower, and the propeller is apparently...
  14. S

    Winterizing O'Day 25 and O/B 2 stroke Mercury 9.9

    Hello, All. This will be my first year winterizing the O'Day 25 with a 9.9 Mercury O/B. My intention is to winterize her in a very protected club and leave her in the water. I am told I can leave flush the O/B, leave it in place with a cover and use marine antifreeze in the two sinks and the...
  15. Mighty Little

    5hp Nissan 2-Stroke Outboard not starting after running dry

    I have a 5hp Nissan NS5B probably circa mid 1990's or so....had some problems early in the season and needed a carb replacement. Did that, everything was great for a couple weeks and then after a particularly energetic sail about two weeks ago (and while trying to get the dink in fast enough to...
  16. T

    Rail Mount for Outboard Motor

    I have a dinghy with a Merc 5 hp 4 stroke motor. Both motor and dinghy are hanging off davits on my Hunter 33.5. I will be moving the boat to new moorage and need to "shorten" the boat and take the dinghy off the davits. I was thinking of putting the Merc on a rail mount but it seems a bit...