bilge pump

  1. MySong

    Replacing Bilge pump on Hunter 26

    As far as I can tell my bilge pump is the original 26 year old bilge on my H26. When testing it the water foamed like it had soap in it. Any idea why? I decided it is a cheap easy thing to replace and will. Any suggestions on a specific brand or model? Also it looks like I can just unscrew it...
  2. thetone

    Bilge pump issues

    Having trouble with the bilge pump on my 1990 beneteau 35s5. I can hear the pump turn on but no suction. I'm not sure where the pump is located. Can't seem to find any kind of float switch. Any suggestions?
  3. E

    Gloucester 22 Owners

    There are very few of these boats, (about 100 built) and few drawings and little information available. If you have one and actively sailing it please contact me. We could all benefit in sharing information and ideas. Mine was built in 1983. The bilge is only about 1 1/2" deep. I can't...
  4. R

    Pump for washing the deck

    We have found it necessary at times to wash the deck, grill, and other parts of the boat while we are out sailing for a few days. Spilt wine and food, fish drippings, and dirty feet marks. I was thinking of throwing a bilge pump overboard and using the hose. Figure that's better than my...
  5. Tilell

    Intro and couple of "hmmm" questions. '82 O'Day 22

    Hi all! Apologies if I missed an "introductions" post.. I looked, but didn't see one anywhere. I'm Greg, central NY on the Finger Lakes, and have a newly acquired O'Day 22 "Spirit" We're working well on breaking things in and learning each other... but I'm new to trailer sailers... I grew up...
  6. SUMB44

    Bilge Pump for O'day 20

    Has anyone installed an electric/automatic bilge pump or sump pump in their O'day 20 or similar? Is the bilge the correct place to expect water accumulation while underway? Are there other problem areas that also need pumps? Like in the transom area or the compartment under the cockpit hatch?
  7. CharlesWashburn

    Beneteau 473 - Help Bilge Pump Selection

    Hello, Our survey for our recent purchase of a 2002 B-473 identified that we should increase the volume of pump out capacity in the bilge. In looking at the dimensional space to work with being relatively on the small side, would anyone have a good brand / model recommendation that fits this...
  8. C

    New owner of Bristol 24

    Hi all I just got my 1977 Bristol 24, S/V Luna, hull 477, and her trailer, off the boat and through customs here in Chile. She was lovingly restored by her former owner, and I hope to have many pleasant days sailing her on the Chilean coast and possibly well offshore. My wife and I expect to...
  9. Nick B W

    Need help understanding Bilge setup in '71 Cal 25

    I've not found much previous online regarding my question... This has 3 through-hulls on each side of boat, one along the top of the fixed keel (facing out), and the other 2 up higher on the bottom of the body (facing down), but all UNDER the water line. As I've removed the old bilge pump and...
  10. SabreToothedEngineer

    Bizarre bilge pump mystery

    I have a 1983 Hunter 34 (irrelevant to the topic, but I love to talk about my boat) that has a weird bilge pump issue. When I got the boat, it had a RuleMate 500 pump. This is the type with the internal electromagnetic level sensor with no moving parts. It is wired directly to a Rule Model 41...
  11. P

    Electric bilge pump sometimes fails to prime

    Does anyone have problems with their sump pump priming in the bilge? Mine seems to sometimes get air stuck in it until I push the float switch down a few times to stop the motor running, then it bibles a little bit, then primes after one of the pushes on the float switch and emptied the bilge...
  12. S

    1980, O'Day 25 Bilge Pump?

    Does anyone have any experience installing/using an automatic bilge pump in an O'Day 25? I was thinking this low profile, Whale SuperSub Smart IC 650 Bilge Pump. Where do people run the discharge hose? Can I run it to the head sink drain? Electrical hookup? Any suggestions would be helpful...