1. outwardboundguy

    Looking for a parts dealer for 2001 Bebeteau 361. I am Eastern NC. Thanks

    Looking for different parts for the boat i just bought. Stern light cover, some rigging, cockpit inserts ect. Thanks
  2. sdcsmith2000

    Beneteau Oceanis 321 Lewmar Hatch question

    Hi there, I have a 1996 Beneteau Oceanis 321 with two size 30 Lewmar hatches, both of which have taken this wet winter as an opportunity to spring a leak! I am trying to discover which size 30 hatch I have so I can get replacement seals - but there appears to be a choice from low profile...
  3. O

    Teak slat replacement video on youtube

    For everyone looking to replace teak slats in the cockpit, i have created a short video on how i did it on a 1992 Beneteau 310. The link is Hope it is useful!
  4. thetone

    Backstay Failure

    I demasted last week. When I got to the boat I noticed that the clevis pin in the backstay was gone. Could this have had anything to do with the fractional mainstay failure. I've been told that when in big swell on a mooring the mainstay can become slack and if the backstay is detached this...
  5. thetone

    Bilge pump issues

    Having trouble with the bilge pump on my 1990 beneteau 35s5. I can hear the pump turn on but no suction. I'm not sure where the pump is located. Can't seem to find any kind of float switch. Any suggestions?
  6. S

    Sliding steering wheel

    the steering wheel on mye Beneteau 350 (1997) is sliding back and forth in the pedestal. I cannot see what is missing or if anyting is actually missing on the axle. Should the chain be moved forward or should there be a sleeve or something stopping the axle to slide? I very much appreciate some...
  7. Jbv

    Beneteau Solent stay

    Hi I’m currently working on a Solent stay. And I need a strong base for the chainplate. I could reinforce it directly to the hull, but the easy way is to bolt it thru the base at the anchor windlass bedding. But is this part strong enough for this upward tension? As seen on the picture the...
  8. R

    First Boat Recommendations (aka - Can-o-Worms post)

    Ok folks, I know this is highly subjective but I would love a few comments around pros/cons of a few boats the family and me are looking at right now. Basic requirements: Good family boat, not really interested in racing (for now anyway) just need a nice weekend family boat. Fits a family of 5...
  9. Blackacre

    Need Help Finding the Right Cruising Boat

    I need some help finding my next boat. My wife and I are seriously considering cruising the Caribbean for a year or three and we need to find the right boat for that mission. I had originally thought I would wait until we can afford a new Catamaran but my new thinking is why wait since...
  10. S

    Beneteau 45f5 propane locker

    Me and the admiral are very serious about a 45f5 we found. The PO (previous owner) took out the builtin propane locker. I hope people are still looking at the form as I need some pics of the original propane locker so I can manufacture one. Thanks in advance for your help. Sam
  11. F

    replacing the water pump - gully water pipe Beneteau Oceanis 400

    Hi, I just find out there's a small water leak on the pipe that goes from the freshwater pump to the gully sink, and as such the fresh water pump gets automatically and continuously triggered if just turned on as there's is no air seal. there's also a small hissing sound coming from the back of...
  12. G

    Oceanis Clipper 331 'Cabin Door'

    This may be a really stupid question...... but I've just bought a Beneteau Oceanis Clipper 331 (2000), and while messing aroud inside, I pulled the forward sliding cabin door to, while I was in the saloon. Problem is, I can't open it again! I can't see any catches to operate and it feels as...
  13. D

    Beneteau Oceanis domestic water system

    I have been unable to keep a prime in the port aft domestic water tank in my 1993 Beneteau Moorings/Oceanis 445. I have replaced the water pumps, hot water heater, valves and all of the plumbing from this tank, and between the pumps, the hot water tank and shut off valves for each tank that...
  14. tmatzzie

    Upgrading Raymarine e80--do I have STng or ST? Tips?

    Hello, I have a 2008 Beneteau 40 with Raymarine 80 chartplotter and instruments. I am planning an upgrade of the chartplotter and looking for advice. I am trying to figure out if I have SeaTalk or SeaTalk ng? Is SeaTalk ng comparable with NMEA 2000? Can I keep my current transducers if I...
  15. V

    Beneteau 361 vs Hunter 36 Advice Needed

    Hello everyone, I'm not looking to start any kind of flame war about one boat being better then another. Rather I'm asking for advice on what might be a better fit for my family and I with the type of sailing we do... My wife and I sold our C&C 27 Mk III last year as our two kids. (7 and 9)...
  16. M

    What is finish on interior wood of 2007 Beneteau, varnish , lacquer

    What is original finish of interior wood on Beneteau 2007 Ocanis 40
  17. Syrenka

    Oceanis 352 Holding Tank

    Hi! First post! I have a 1997 Oceanis 352, and the previous owner fitted it with a 10 gal holding tank under the aft bunk (starboard side). For a family of 5, that size of tank is just not enough. I'm not sure where else to put a larger tank, except maybe the cockpit locker port side. Lots of...
  18. Elton

    Port side stern rail beneteau 32s5

    Looking for port side stern rail assembly for a 1990 32s5