1. N

    Is this keel fixable??? Catalina 30, Need help before purchase!

    Hello! I am looking to purchase a 1983 Catalina 30 and I have some concerns about the keel and whether it is worth fixing. I appreciate any and all responses! This is a lead keel and is showing signs of blistering and damage. My experience level is basic but my research would tell me that I...
  2. S

    Hunter 260 Centerboard

    I am looking for a boat repair shop in the Lantana Florida area that will replace my Hunter 260 centerboard. The steel Centerboard pivot pin failed and the centerboard was lost, which caused the vessel to loose stability and capsize while at its mooring.
  3. H

    2006 Hunter 146 Centerboard Repair

    I just bought a 2006 Hunter 146 that is in very good condition. To my dismay, the cleat holding the centerboard up was not as robust as I expected, and the centerboard came down sometime during an 80 mile trailering, mostly asphalt. The result is that it appears that someone took a belt sander...
  4. M

    San Juan Hull on Trailer

    Hello All- Came across this San Juan which seemed to be a pretty sweet deal until I saw the hull. Since it's been put on rollers on a trailer so much it had left pretty substantial indentations. I know fiberglass has some "memory" to it, but these seem pretty severe to me. Will these bounce...
  5. K

    Replacing Keel Window

    I recently replaced the keel cable and winch on a 21 San Juan. When I purchased it the window was open and left exposed. Does anyone have experience in repairing this? Hoping to get recommendations of how to properly seal it and what thickness of plexiglass, ect to use. This first time sailboat...
  6. S

    Rudder chip repair?

    Any input on the best way to repair this loose piece damage on the rudder (seaward 23)? By the waterline where 1 of the 3 bolts attach. The piece on the left is loose enough to wiggle slightly. PO tried...something? Looks like gluing it on was the intent. I assume best is cut it off and redo...
  7. R

    Boat Upholstery in Dallas

    Howdy howdy, Looking for a recommendation on a shop in the Dallas area that reupholsters boat cushions. I live on the east side of the metroplex (Rockwall area) so looking for something out this way or Dallas area (not Fort Worth). Thanks!
  8. SN0WD0G

    Daysailer III Cuddy door help

    Does anyone have blueprints of the Oday Daysailer III cuddy door so that I can repair/ make my own replacement cuddy door? (Also I have read that the Daysailer II also has the same size cuddy door). It would be greatly appreciated.
  9. john6206

    Paint or gel coat?

    Hi All - I have a feeling this topic has been covered, but I couldn't find anything by doing a search. Please forgive if you've answered this before. My first crack at fiberglass repair (pun intended) went pretty well so far. I used a West System fiberglass boat repair kit - instructions...
  10. O

    How to fix Rotted Out Bow Eye - 1988 26D

    Hi all, I have a new to me 88 Mac 26D with a rotten bow eye. What I mean by that is wood that was glassed inside to help hold the eye is all dry rotted and wet, it's barely there anymore, just shards and mostly disintegrated. Being that we will trailer our boat in and out every weekend all...
  11. S

    Wooden Spreaders- Cat 30

    Ahoy everybody! My wife and myself just purchased a beautiful cat 30. Before we restep the mast next week, we are replacing the old wooden spreaders with new oak spreaders . No we don't want aluminum. If the old wood ones lasted that many years being an 82 model, I'm okay with that. My...
  12. S

    2000 26X Steering linkage broke

    I have a 2000 Macgregor 26X with an Evinrude 50 HP engine. A nut on the steering linkage has corroded and broken off rendering the steering system useless. The nut is located on the outside of the boat, in front of the engine and connects the steering wheel linkage to the engine and rudder...
  13. OldCat

    Jammed Lewmar Winch

    I have a 2005 C22 Sport. The port side sheet winch has jammed. It is a Lewmar CST14 - self-taling Genoa winch. The cap came loose while I was sailing and the self tailer spun on the winch. I tried to reset it by hand, hand tightening the cap. But, then the self-tailer spun again under the...
  14. DiSpencer_May

    1984 Hunter 35.5 Legend Floating in Florida

    Recently received word from a non-sailor that his late grandfather left him a 1984 Hunter 35.5 Legend in Miami, Florida.He has lived on the boat for the better part of a year. I live down here and have been sailing since I was 5. That being said, I am a racer and this boat has far more work to...
  15. M

    Swimming platform Beneteau First 41S5 repair

    Hi all, I would like to repair the swimming platform. It's attached with hinges at the back of the ship and I'm not sure how to remove it. Please, all the help is welcome!!
  16. G

    Replacing maststep core rot. Step shape

    I am planning on replacing my rotten mast step and the core in the deck around it on a 78 Hunter 30'. Does anyone know if the rounded "T" shape of the raised step has structural importance? Could the deck be smooth here? It would loose about .5 of height, adding slack to my stays. I am also...
  17. SVBOB

    C50 chainplates - Anyone tackled these?

    Hi all. Mine is a 1992 Catalina Morgan 50. Two of the six chainplates are in need of replacement. Before I get to ripping out cabinets and sinks, is there anyone out there that tackled theirs? Looking for some photos, diagrams or other info to help guide the work. They are embedded in...
  18. L

    keel repair ------ (severe damage to pin hole and how to repair lead)

    I have a swing keel off of a Cat 22 (1972, I think). A chunk broke off during retrieval from the sea floor (due to using the already enlarged hole as chain attach point - apparently a bad idea). The missing chunk now opens the hole all the way to the keel edge. A welding shop thought they...
  19. Maurice Doran

    Info on fixing H33 - 2005 Side Cabin Window Leak

    I am looking at buying a H33 that had a leaky window. The issue was "fixed" by the previous owner who just ran a bead of silicone along the top edge of the window (on top of the grey moulding). Needless to say it's not the best looking fix so I will need to repair this properly if I purchase...
  20. O

    Overhaul Transmission time.

    It's time to overhaul my 1986 Hunter 40's transmission on the Yanmar 44hp engine. Last time I went to a place in NJ, near where I live called Borger Warner on Rt 22 I think, but it doesn't seem to be there any more. Anyone have any idea where to get the Transmission repaired ? Thanks. Tom