holding tank

  1. C

    Raritan Compact (older model) Fresh Head Conversion

    Hi All, I have an older Raritan Compact toilet on my boat, which is a manual pump toilet that is currently not operational (there's a crack in the pump). This existing Raritan has been fitted to the original toilet intake and sink drain thruhulls (dangerous and not allowed for direct discharge...
  2. O

    Siren 17 Head and Holding Tank Removal

    Hi, I just purchased a Siren 17 and was wondering if any other Siren owners have removed the Head and Holding Tank. How much of a job is this going to be? Is there a separate holding tank I can remove or is it built in and going to require cutting the v-berth base? Any help would be much...
  3. N

    Hunter 28.5 Where do the sinks drain to?

    Hello everyone. I'm a new owner and new to the forum. I've got a 1987 Hunter 28.5 which I purchased a few months ago. I'm just learning the systems. I found the water fill cap. That was well hidden under the anchor, thank you designers. But the current issue is my sinks in the bath and in the...
  4. S

    420 passage forward head odour

    420 passage front head odor, advice! 2004 Hunter 420 passage, has anyone replaced the venting system for the front head. Research says the odor we are experiencing could be from an undersized hose system. We have replace hoses, macerator, changed to an electric head. No evidence of a leak in...
  5. J

    H376 Holding tank

    Has anyone here replaced the holding tank of their 376? I'm just in discovery mode now and thought i would ask before going too far. It looks tight and tricky. Any tips or advice would be much appreciated. TIA
  6. A

    How to remove holding tank from HL 37.5 - 1987

    Has anyone tried to remove the holding tank from the head compartment - sub side - of a H L 37.5. I have not quite figured out how to get full access to the tank as it is behind a cabinet and internal fiberglass head insert.
  7. mark porter

    H31 Composting Head

    I'm thinking about upgrading my holding tank system on my 1986 Hunter 31 to a composting head system. Has anyone else done this?
  8. aescobar100

    Holding tank replacement for a Hunter 280

    We just bought a 1996 Hunter 280 and the Holding Tank is leaking. We need to replace it, preferably with a plastic unit instead of the aluminum originally installed. Any suggestions?
  9. J

    First 36.7 holding tank upgrade - Where to get a bigger tank?

    I have the stock 10 gallon tank and have read that a 20 gallon would fit in the same space. Is there a standard tank available that can be swapped in, or will I have to have one custom made? Thanks...
  10. T

    Holding Tank replacement in 1990 Vision 32

    Recently discovered my holding tank is leaking in my 1990 Hunter Vision 32. I believe it is a 12 gallon tank placed under the shower seat and inaccessible. I am looking for advice about replacement. How do I get to it? What to replace it with? Etc...
  11. charris

    Oxygen Bleach in Holding Tank

    Is anyone out there using oxygen bleach in their holding tanks? My wife bought a product named "Stain Solver" which is a granulated white powder, and she likes it for laundry and other cleaning. I looked up its uses and it is recommended for septic tanks, as it provides oxygen into the tank and...
  12. Mity

    Hunter 320, 2001 holding tank replacement

    HI everyone, after many trial to get rid of bad odor I finally got to the last source, the holding tank! The tank is smelling very bad and I would like to replace it. I read Peggie Hall's book. Did anyone replaced his tank? where did you get a new one? did the tank removal went well and did it...
  13. pmcrosta

    Holding tank monitoring on 40.5

    Has anyone installed/retrofitted a tank monitoring system on their 40.5 or similar holding tank? The legacy pneumatic system on my 1994 40.5 no longer works, and thus I have no tank monitoring. I don't worry so much about water, but I have no idea how full the waste tank is, and that bothers me...
  14. M

    water in but waste not out?

    Hi, I can pump in fresh water into the bowl but then I cannot send it to the tank after I switch to dry operation. First there was a back-pressure but I could pump. I emptied the tank. So now there is no longer a back pressure. However, I cannot displace the waste into the holding tank anymore...
  15. Syrenka

    Oceanis 352 Holding Tank

    Hi! First post! I have a 1997 Oceanis 352, and the previous owner fitted it with a 10 gal holding tank under the aft bunk (starboard side). For a family of 5, that size of tank is just not enough. I'm not sure where else to put a larger tank, except maybe the cockpit locker port side. Lots of...