catalina 30

  1. Bay Tripper

    Catalina 30 shoal draft for racing??

    Hello, I am looking at buying a 1985 Catalina 30 tall rig. I have had my heart set on a full fin keel as I like to do some racing, but I recently found and made an offer on a shoal draft model. It is in much better condition than most fin keels I've looked at. With the boat market what it...
  2. C

    Trailer for rent? MN or WI?

    Hi! I’m buying a Catalina 30 in Michigan, and I need to transport it back to Bayfield. I own a truck that is up to the task, so thought I’d check if anyone here has a trailer they’d rent to me... or suggestions about where I could find one to rent. Thanks in advance for any tips.
  3. R

    Catalina 30 Brown Liquid Coming in Cabin Window. Could it be from the Mast?

    The port side window of my 1989 Catalina 30 TR BS, the one aft of the head window, has a dark, brown liquid leaking out of it when it rains. The previous owner said it started about three weeks ago. When I opened the window, the leading edge is wet and covered in brown liquid. I’ve been told the...
  4. kjdoyle1

    Hunter 29.5 or Catalina 30?

    Ok, I know this is a loaded question but looking to get into a 30' boat (up from a Catalina 25) and looking at a '94 Hunter 29.5 vs. several early 80's Catalina 30s. Both are similarly priced. Mostly day sailing on Long Island Sound with occasional 2-3 day overnights. Boat shared by two...
  5. S

    M-25XP Running Too Cold?

    First post, long time reader. Learned a ton from you all! I bought an '88 Catalina 30 MKII 2 months ago, put about 80 hours on her. It came with a 3" heat exchanger that looked to be on its last leg. Always ran around 165 on the gauge, just replaced it with a Mr. Cool model. First time firing...
  6. N

    Is this keel fixable??? Catalina 30, Need help before purchase!

    Hello! I am looking to purchase a 1983 Catalina 30 and I have some concerns about the keel and whether it is worth fixing. I appreciate any and all responses! This is a lead keel and is showing signs of blistering and damage. My experience level is basic but my research would tell me that I...
  7. duck21

    M25XP Quieting

    Hello all, I thought I'd share a project I recently completed on Bella Donna, our Catalina 30 mkII. One of our ongoing annoyances with the boat has been how loud the Universal M25XP sounds, especially down in the cabin. It was to the point that carrying on a conversation in the cockpit while...
  8. Klaussic

    1989 Catalina 30 Recommended Points for Pre-Inspection

    Hello Catalina 30 owners! I am in the market of purchasing a Catalina 30 from the late 80ies and was hoping to find some fellow Catalina owners that could give me hints and suggestions what and where to look for when doing a first visual inspection (not a survey) of the boat. I have still very...
  9. T

    Rudder post / sleeve leaking near hull

    I've got a 1982 Catalina 30 that I've been slowly working on over the past year. When underway recently, I noticed that there was a salt water leak coming from aft near the rudder. I looked closer and attached some pictures, which I labeled. It looks like there was a previous repair at the hull...
  10. J

    Preparing Catalina 30 for shipping

    I am considering buying a Catalina 30 that will need to be shipped about 200 miles. I see that I can get quotes online for shipping cost but I want to know what else is involved for preparing a boat this size for shipping. I understand that the mast will have to be lowered and access to a crane...
  11. weekendrken

    New International Catalina 30 Association Forum

    Hey C-30 sailors. C'mon over and join the discussions at the brand new C-30 Association forum at There's lotsa good information over there also, and a wealth of useful resource files. And join the IC30A and help support the brotherhood (and sisterhood) of C-30...
  12. R

    Boat died while motoring in the channel. Gas smells in cabin. Won't start again.

    My sail was going fine from Long Beach to Marina Del Rey. Only motored briefly when the wind died down. Sailed into the marina and then turned on the motor to navigate towards my slip. The engine did not like the slow speed and eventually just died on me. I tried to restart with no luck. So, I...
  13. E

    Forum Newcomer! 1991 Catalina 30 mkii - need upgrade/repair advice

    Hello friends! I've been sailing my whole life but just purchased my first cruising sailboat, a 1991 Cat30 mkii tall rig! I will be using this for freshwater lake cruising with my family of 4. Having just transported it from out of state to my local lake in GA, I wanted to take care of some...
  14. D

    With environmental laws, should I just remove the macerator or bypass it?

    Purchased a Catalina 30 and I am slowly replacing the water and black water systems. A new macerator seems senseless if I can't use. Should remove it and bypass it?
  15. higgins

    Engine Panel, what's this buzzer doing ?

    I had the suspicion that my Catalina 30 (87) engine panel was wired by a maniac, and the repairs for the lightning strike gives me a change to really get my head into that. I have new buzzers and warning lights, new bulbs etc and made sense of most of the wiring. But this thing still puzzles me...
  16. Bfb1115

    Transmission issues

    Hi all, I have a 1984 Catalina 30 with a um-25 and hurth hbw-50 transmission. Yesterday I was sailing under power. I noticed eventually that my speed had dropped severely and there was smoke from the transmission. I let it sit for awhile, removed a cable that burned up because it was laying...
  17. J

    Newbie potential purchaser seeking help on year/hull number and modifications

    Hi, I'm looking to buy my first "big" boat after owning and racing dingys and catamarans and crew on cruising and racing keelboats. So I have some sailing experience but a lot to learn about keelboats, but have spent many hours reading online learning as much as I can. I have seen a Catalina 30...