catalina 27

  1. shank

    Changing Impeller on Universal 5411

    Hello, I have a 1982 Catalina 27 with a Universal 5411 and I would like to change the impeller on it. I'm not having any problems with it but the previous owner is unsure when it was last changed. The water pump looks like it was changed at some point because it has the newer model Sherwood...
  2. S

    When is it time for a new barrier coat?

    Hello all, We hauled our Catalina 27 for its first power wash since we bought it - giving my wife and I our first clear look at the hull of the boat. As expected, it's got some blisters (no surprise there, as it was built in 1985). My question is this: how do you know when a boat NEEDS a new...
  3. S

    Chart-plotter Installation Location

    Hello all! My wife and I are the new owners of a 1985 Catalina 27 (tiller-controlled). We bought the boat knowing that it's got a defective Signet Marine SL172 depth sounder (either that or the transducer, not sure). We recently acquired a Garmin Echomap 74cv plus. It seems that any...
  4. 1978_Cataline_27

    Lister-Petter AC1W Small Diesel Marine Inboard....Seized

    Greetings everyone, I'm a newbie when it comes to forums and chat sites, so please forgive me for my ignorance on proper customs and courtesies with posting new topics. For starters, I've already been down the rabbit hole on seized engines using google and other sites (You Tube) with little...
  5. D

    Catalina 27 scupper drains

    My 1985 Catalina 27 developed a leak from the cockpit drains, and I replaced them with 1 5/8" hose, but I cannot stop it from kinking. The hose has to make a 90 degree turn which always makes it kink. Is there any hose of this diameter that does not kink? Is there some sort of angled hose...
  6. S

    Catalina 27 1975

    I cannot seem to access"classified "section in spite of following the instructions repeatedly.
  7. R

    1974 Catalina 27 with transom cutout for outboard

    Hello, I have a 1974 Catalina 27 with a cutout in the back for an outboard (apprx 15 x 20"). There is currently a Mercury 2-Stroke 9.9 attached, but the engine has become very unreliable. It also lacks the power to get through the strong tides in Washington. I'm looking to replace it with a 9.9...
  8. R

    What to do with used sails?

    My parents have a huge pile of used sails from the family weeknight race boat, a Catalina 27 (normal rig). By huge, I mean they take up a quarter of the garage. Not sure which in particular, but probably a full set of head sails, some kites, and a mainsail. They're stretched and taped up, but...
  9. PSR

    U-bolt "upgrade" from Catalina Direct for lower shrouds or not?

    I am replacing the standing rigging on my C27 Surprise and while the mast is down, I have pulled the chainplates to inspect. My lower shroud "chainplates" are 1/2" eyebolts, similar to those offered now by Catalina Direct. These are 1/2" bolts with large backing plates, and therefore are more...
  10. D

    Catalina 27 tiller play and rudder repair

    My 1984 Catalina 27 has had some lateral play in the tiller for some time - but following a grounding, it has become significantly greater. Sooo, I tried to tighten the bolt which which goes through the rudder shaft ( it was very loose) was very loose and it immediately sheared. I have a few...
  11. Jessica McKercher

    Keel bolts and plywood

    Hi everyone. I have something of a project in my bilge and I'm looking for input. I bought hull 3688 last fall (27, '77). She's in good shape - no evidence of the smile - lots of work done by earlier owners. She does have rusty keel bolts, however, and I'm working on identifying the source...
  12. thewolfeinmaine

    Long Time Boater, Short Time Sailor, Cat 27 question

    Hello Everyone, Been boating for 56 years. I previously owned a Clipper Marine for a few years and just bought a 73 Catalina 27. I'll get a picture later if this doesn't work. On the stern, port side, is a metal plate that folds down and that hooks to a pump that's in the outboard compartment...
  13. D

    Scupper hose diameter for 1985 Catalina 27

    Does anyone know the internal diameter (and even length if possible) of the scupper hoses used on a 1885 Catalina 27. Mine are so rotten, that they will completely disintegrate if I remove them and the boat is in the water - so I am definitely not anxious to take them off, check the internal...
  14. E

    Keel Bolt Repair - Lake Lanier

    Anyone know who would be a good go to on Lake Lanier to have keel bolts replaced? I have a very small leak but I am not sure I am up to the task.
  15. sashaproctor

    Replacing my electric stove

    Hi I purchased a 1976 Catalina 27' last summer that came outfitted with a two burner electric stove. Why on earth anyone would want an electric stove on a boat of this size is beyond me. I've been looking around and from what I've read so far it looks like the easiest and cheapest option would...