bottom paint

  1. withintheruins14

    All New Bottom: Redoing my T-26 Monohull in the Driveway

    I am stripping my sailboat's bottom back down to the gelcoat. I'm new to sailing and have a few questions I've been meaning to ask. First off, I've felt a bit overwhelmed the past few days. While at first, we were able to get a lot of paint off fast - getting that last 5% has been exhausting...
  2. S

    1981 Hunter 30 ft hull cracks

    Hello, I am new to the forum but am looking at a 30 ft hunter for sale. its a very good deal but I have noticed many hairline cracks in the bottom paint that seem to go deeper. Can anyone tell me if these are red flags? There is also a large separation between the hull and keel. I have...
  3. H

    Bottom Paint Technology

    There are a lot of new bottom paints out there. What do you like or dislike. Why? Have you tried anything bizarre? Did it work or not? Are you in Freshwater or Saltwater? Cruise or Race?
  4. daviddp

    Prime fiberglass repairs before VC 17?

    I finished epoxy and glass repairs for a rudder blister and the remove of an old transducer. Thanks for all the great help here with that. I sanded and ground a lot of paint to get the work done. Should I be priming the affected areas before VC 17? If so recommendations of what product to...
  5. RoyS

    Inflatable Bottom Paint

    Thinking of painting the bottom of our inflatable this year. Have been storing it inflated on deck while in the slip to keep it free of grass growth but tired of hauling it up. What kind of paint will work well enough so that I can leave it in the water and survive a seasonal roll up as well?
  6. Bob Pullen HC-33 1981

    Copper Chloride

    Does anyone know if Copper chloride can be used in paint on a dinghy bottom? For reasons too time consuming to explain, I would like to try adding copper chloride to some paint on a fiberglass (sunsail) dinghy, and just wondering if it is a reagent and if it might chew up the gelcoat? thx & cheers
  7. RWSlater

    At a loss with my bottom paint

    In April 2017 I did a bottom paint job. I chipped away peeling paint, sanded, chipped again, more sanding and more sanding, washed it off twice. Three coats of Petit Hydrocoat. Put the boat in the water late April, and had a few things installed, then took it to Delaware for the summer...
  8. S

    Launching boat after only 3 mos since bottom paint. Should I retouch?

    My boat was freshly painted with Micron CSC and I had to pull it out after only 3 months due to hurricanes (2). I power-sprayed it at a car wash, to remove scum and slime, then stored it. 5 months later it is time to put it back in the water. The bottom is 100% free o f slime and scum and the...
  9. utkansal

    Primer for steel keel

    Hi All, I have a Beneteau First 28.7. I am getting ready for bottom paint. The question involves the keel. The paint I will use is Micron CSC. in USA. What is the European equivalent ? Found out the keel is steel. What is the recommended primer for steel when is all stripped to bare metal. what...
  10. Douginmd

    Preparation for bottom paint

    I have finished the sanding of my O'day's bottom and wondered what you all recommend prior to re-painting. Do you just wash it with detergent or is acetate something that you clean it with prior to painting? (I had a boat years ago that I recall rubbing the bottom with acetate prior to...
  11. Seahorse24

    100 Percent Acrylic Bottom Paint Initial Test Results

    We placed our project boat in the slip on September 5. Although the boat is on a boat lift, I left about two inches of the rudder in the water for an initial test of the acrylic bottom paint. After being in the fresh water lake for 55 days the acrylic paint shows no signs of softening. Algae...
  12. JamesG161

    Copper in Water

    I found this is a better place to talk about stuff that was part of this post... This is the most informative and factual spot to read about it...
  13. DianaOfBurlington

    Water-based bottom paint

    This is a newish matter so I didn't look if it's been addressed somewhere else in the boards. Currently the Aqua Guard bottom paint, made in Lakewood NJ by Barnegat Bay boaters, is being championed as an 'eco-friendly' sort of bottom paint. It releases no toxins into the water, doesn't poison...
  14. C

    Supporting O'Day 23 for painting

    Hi all, I have a 23 O'Day and I want to paint the bottom. I plan on parking it in the driveway and would like to support it under the shoal keel and use 4x4s and plywood as side supports. I would prefer not to jackstands. Any advice on support point, number of 4x4s etc?