Repairing boat after Hurricane Zeta

Feb 14, 2014
Hunter 430 Waveland, MS
I got a phone call on Friday from the Yard asking if I had time to come and talk with the Fiberglass guy, Timmy.

I arrived 35 minutes later to find this...

Our new Rudder inserted into the boat side, Rudder Bearing Tube.:yikes::cool:

The Yard followed our suggested install method, with the exception of my being there to video it.:(

Note: The install method was coordinated effort by SBO [Joe Kerr], Foss Foam Rudder maker, a few close friends, and Engineer [me].
The Great News...

The Rudder Bearing Tube is now aligned again and the New Rudder Side Bearing fit!!

New RudderTop.jpg

Top view...
Hole in top.jpg

The next step is what Timmy [FRB expert] needed me to discuss...
1) The Yard needs to lower the hoisted boat back on its blocked up Keel/Jack-Stands. Lowering the Hydraulic Jack at same time.
2) Gently tap the Rudder Bearing Tube [RBT] downward to its OEM position.
3) Clean up the FRP hole and secure RBT in position. Per Timmy, two thin strips of mat.
4) Finish the FRP repair back to OEM conditions. That part was not part of the Hull, but a patch for Cockpit drainage.

This method assures the perfect OEM, Vertical Rudder Shaft alignment.;)

This all sounds complex, but it was Hunter Design for all Wheel type steering.

This is my Road Map to terms and understanding for All Hunter Owners.

Here is a picture from SBO showing the Rudder Tubular Enclosure [RTE]
[the white column= RTE].
holding tank.jpg
That makes the boat Water Tight.

Inside that RTE is the RBT. Clear now?

What was pushed up on my boat was the RBT that was glued to the RTE by the OEM.

Pant pant pant, whew, a lot of Initials...:cowbell:

I do this explanation because of 4 Private Messages from people who have Rudder Issues.

I did confirm the RTE and RBT bearings were all good, prior to the Rudder order from SBO shops.

Inside RBT looking up.
RudderTube Lower.jpeg
Essentially no wear.

Step by Step...

Feb 14, 2014
Hunter 430 Waveland, MS
After a "Gentle" Push on the Yard, we finally started moving forward on the Fiberglass work again.

The entire hull and weather deck is finally water tight again.:clap:

Done on the Anniversary of Hurricane Zeta ... October 29, 2020.

This the where the Rudder Push up cracked the Weather Deck seal. Plus it stabilizes the Rudder Bearing Tube [RBT] in its Vertical position. [Terms and Road Map Post#102 above]

Hole in top-2.jpg

Timmy [FRP Repair] then stabilized the RBT with some horizontal mats and a few screws[ one magnified in below pict]. He told me he "Yellow Taped" the deck holes, since we had done the same with Silver Duct Tape, to prevent rain water flow from entering the Boat.


He did not seal it tight and we had 10 days of steady rain that filled up the bilge and killed our houses Batteries and Engine start battery.:facepalm:

This is on the Boat Yard insurance my guess $1100.
Now we have this first seal of the weather deck, but not finished yet.


The RBT is perfectly Vertical and soon ready to install the new Edson Steering Radial Wheel [aka Quadrant].
A before pictures of our Steering...

Step by SLOW steps...


PS: I am now very knowledgeable on Rudders and their bearings.;)
Feb 14, 2014
Hunter 430 Waveland, MS
The other damaged caused by SeaTow when they lifted to boat back into the water.


Correct lift spot shown by Yard as a greasy spot on the right.
The magnifying spot showing the Broken Rub Rail Keeper

So we needed some "Keeper" for the H430, and thanks the Hunters Parts from SBO Stores they sent me 8 feet of it! :):)

RR Keeper-1.jpg

Now the FRP fix and Deck/Hull re-sealing.


So Timmy told me, no need to pull off Port Side Rub Rail to Fix it.
He Screwed the two pieces together with 3M-5200, in between, just like OEM.

We now believe in Timmy and his repair skills. Of course I helped a bit with Joe Kerr and Dave at the SBO shops.;)


PS: Also should mention @jssailem who is helping me immensely and a great sounding board!:clap:
Feb 14, 2014
Hunter 430 Waveland, MS
I got a phone call from the yard asking if it was ok to start work on the...

Gel Coat Stress Cracks

They said 10 days of perfect weather would allow them to push forward.

My Answer...


The Admiral had big smiles, since in 2019 she told me we needed a new Boat. Why?
Gel Coat Stress Cracks :facepalm:

She called them Spider Cracks [See post # 56 where she pressures Jimmy, the yard owner:laugh:]
A few Pictures of our Gel Coat areas in stress.



The Hair line cracks are only in the Gel Coat.;)

Big smiles here...
Jim and Sue

PS: I was going to fix them per my hero, @Ralph Johnstone and his method on this link
Gel coat

PSS: Others should follow Ralphs expert advice on Gel Coat Crack Repairs.:biggrin:
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Feb 14, 2014
Hunter 430 Waveland, MS
Just to show more progress and introducing TIMMY the Fiberglass repair Professional....

TheFRP Pros.jpg

More work on the bow damage and scraped area.

Side Patch being leveled.
SideDamage Progress.jpg

Area around Rudder Shaft progressing...
RudderArea Progress.jpg

Bottom Rudder area Hull crack , next step.

Progress since perfect weather for next weeks...:cool:

All smiles these days.:biggrin::biggrin:
Feb 14, 2014
Hunter 430 Waveland, MS
While fixing the Gelcoat Stress Cracks this was Discovered under some ropes on the opposite side of where SeaTow made their lift.

This was not seen before by PIC adjuster or me. [suspected cover up by SeaTow helper]
So same thing happened on both sides of the boat on the awkward lift from land to water.

Repairing that underway as base work started...
Crack Repair base.jpg

But more Rub Rail Keeper needed, so I bought more from SBO. :clap:


Still working the Fiberglass and Gel Coats

Feb 14, 2014
Hunter 430 Waveland, MS
Great weather continued and 98% Gel Coat Stress Cracks [GCSC] have been detailed & filled.

After noting the "pet peeves" on a recent post, I decided to make a New Post GCSC soon, so it will be a fresh subject.

I will continue to post progress here also.
Before work...

After picture, noting the Rub Rail Keeper installed.

This is the Port Side damage from SeaTow's Lift back to water.
From the Starboard Side Lift, recently discovered, shown in my Post #110 above, great progress has been made.


Also note the Standing rigging GCSC have been filled too [see closeup pict in my Post #107 ]

And the detailed shop drawing for my H430 and most boats of that era of production.
001 430 chainplate Drawing.jpg

The Yard had to order new Stainless Bolts and cut them shorter for final install.

Please note on that drawing, "Voids packed with adhesive sealer".
Here is my thought on why Hunter did that.

Reducing Gel Coat Stress Cracks:huh:

Lot of smiles as the restoration continues...

PS: Progressive Insurance Company [PIC] just renewed our Boat insurance for 2022 and maintained Boats market Value.;)
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Feb 14, 2014
Hunter 430 Waveland, MS
Update on Fiberglass Gelcoat renovation and Rub Rail finished. [see post above]

Starboard Side

Port Side

All Lift damage finished.

Big Patch ready for GelCoat.

Hopefully soon the Radial Quadrant Drive installed.

Progressing slower, weather too variable.
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