1. T

    Hunter 376 cracks around chain plates?

    Hello forum! I'm new with Hunter and was looking to buy a used 376 from 1997. As I was inspecting the boat, I found some thin cracks on the deck, forward from the chain plates. To my knowledge the boat hasn't been abused. Is this something to be worried about or just superficial and "easy fix"...
  2. R

    Reef line Routing

    On my O’Day 28 while I was reefing the end of the reef line came loose from the boom and I inadvertently pulled the line threw the reef clew grommet point and into the boom and half-way through the boom. Now I am faced the challenge of rethreading the reef line aft through the boom. Since you...
  3. R

    Hunter 280 - Not enough sheaves & clutches to run all lines aft - which ones do you prioritize?

    Hello everyone - this is my first post, but I've spent hours consuming a lot of helpful info on these forums. About two months ago I moved up from a 1986 Catalina 25 to a 1996 Hunter 280 and I've been working through a long to-do list while trying to sail her as much as time will allow. My C25...
  4. R

    Hunter 260 Forestay Tension with Furler

    I have a 2002 Hunter 260, and I have sailed it for one season. Since it sits on a single lake all season, I have really only rigged it myself once. The previous owner did take the time, however, to show me how to rig it and that was very helpful. It has a roller furling jib, which I quite...
  5. philiefay

    H260 Centerboard Lift Line/ Rigging

    I recently replaced the lift line to the centerboard. I found the most difficult part of the whole process was getting the knot hidden into the recess within the centerboard. (A mallet and large punch sorted that out) On deck I am not 100% sure how the rigging is completed. In fact, I am yet to...
  6. M

    Rigging life?

    I have an '84 H34 and heard on Sail Life that rigging lasts about 15 or 20 years. My rigging is almost 40 years old. My rigger said I had some rubbing at the top that should be addressed, but do I need to replace all the rigging?
  7. S

    New to sailing. lots of questions

    So a few years ago I bought a sailboat... And I found out why its called a mid-life crisis, because when I first took her out, I ended up in crisis. I took my Catalina 22 out alone for the first sail, just incase anything bad happened it would be just me in trouble. So, I put her in the water...
  8. marke14

    Looking for a rigging service in or near San Pedro CA

    Greetings SBO friends, If anyone has any recommendations for a rigging company to re-rig my wire rope standing rigging on my 25' fiberglass sloop, please let me know either here or in a direct message privately. Our boat is slipped year-round in San Pedro, California (Cabrillo Marina)...
  9. M

    How to rig the mainsail and topping lift to prevent jamming

    I am looking for some advice on how to rig the topping lift and main halyard at the top of the mast without the rope getting jammed in the mast slot. We are novice sailors and really appreciate any advice we can get. Here is some further information below: We recently acquired a Catalina 27 for...
  10. ScubaGuy2

    Spreader tightness

    While getting the boat cleaned up for launch next week I noticed a slight amount of "wobble" in each spreader. Not much, but more than none. They seem to be bolted or riveted in and then wrapped in heavy black tape. The mounts on the mast seem to be in very good shape and solid. Should...
  11. S

    New boat, help setting up mainsheet

    These are guarantied to be stupid questions, but I'm a 1st time sailboat owner with no IRL people to ask.. I believe I figured it out, but wanted to see if I'm making some mistakes in how I set up the mainsheet on my recently acquired boat. I got it on the water, but not been able to raise the...
  12. Stargazer23

    Rigging question on a 75 S2 23

    First post! I am finishing up a restoration on a 23. I believe I have all the rigging figured out except one part. On the stern end of the beam there is a small loop/broke of course. The aft stay splits into two directions about ten feet from the stern and attaches to two separate anchors. Where...
  13. S

    Re-routing the lines to the cockpit

    Just bought a P-23 and really enjoying it (first sailboat). I'd like to re-route the lines to the cockpit. 1) has this been done? 2) how difficult is it? 3) cost? 4) pictures of how its worked on other boats? Thanks.
  14. C

    O'day Widgeon Rigging and Centerboard video

    Here is a Video I made where I go over the rigging and a few other things including how the centerboard works with my 1974 Widgeon. I hope it will be helpful.
  15. C

    San Juan 21 rigging

    im in the process of restoring a 1975 San Juan. Has some questions about the rigging. I have some type of round stainless thing in the cockpit floor. And a pulley system that seems to be broken. It looks like the pulley went there and broke off. I am not sure how to rig the boom at all. No...
  16. ShawneH

    Rigging company's in Canada

    Good day, I have an '84 Hunter 31'. I believe the standing rigging is original and I would like to replace it. Does anyone know of any good companies in Canada I can contact to get some quotes? My boat has the Seldin rig. Also of note is that this boat has been exclusively sailed in the...
  17. J

    Use an eyesplice to attach headsail clue?

    The bowline knot in my headsail clue gets caught on my mast every other tack. Likely, the issue is that the headsail on my roller furling is too large, but I haven't pulled off all the sails to investigate it (I have a tall rig and the PO got these sails were from a standard rig.) I've tried...
  18. BradH23

    Need help, 87 H23 with Francespar mast

    So I recently bought an 87 H23. I've owned 3 other sailboats and I have never encountered the following: my mast has some major rake the likes I have never seen. The uppers won't go taunt at all. They have 4" of play and the turnbuckles are maxed. They register a 12 on a loos gauge. The...
  19. J

    Catalina Capri 16.5 owner's manual

    Just bought a 1995 capri 16.5. It needs some rigging replacements, and we are looking for details on rigging and maintenance. We've found a 3-ring-binder version of the manual online from Catalina direct, but we are looking for the original smaller size manual to keep in a dry-bag on the boat...
  20. SUMB44

    Preparing to Launch

    My wife and I are preparing to launch our 'new' O'day 20 this weekend, weather permitting, for her first trials (and ours). This will be a weekend of many 'firsts' hopefully we can figure out stepping the mast on our first O'day. While getting the mast set up is a concern, my bigger worry is...