1. Hardware


    Hello everyone, I have a 2001 420, it came with an Adler Barbour refrigeration. The compressor went out last summer and I am just getting around to replacing it with an Isotherm 2013 evaporator and compressor. I am running into a problem getting the old evaporator out as the tubing runs out the...
  2. JoeRickard

    Refridgerator Failure (Vitrifrigo C130L)

    So the refrigerator on my Oceanis 45 (Vitrifrigo C130L) stopped cooling. My initial hope was that it was just a fuse or breaker. No such luck. With multi-meter I confirmed that 12v was getting to the control unit (Danfoss 101N0210). The contacts on the unit appeared corroded and a friend...
  3. JamesG161

    Xmas in March..Kinda/Grunert Refrigerator

    I thought I had done a "dumb" thing during the Winter Freeze, which I assumed caused the loss of my Refrigeration Condensing Unit. [18 yrs of service, Grunert]. After much troubleshooting and testing [even have a Capacitance Meter;)]. I found the compressor pulling too much Amps.:( So it is...
  4. R

    Replacing R-12 Cold Machine with a R-134A cold machine

    I have a 1991 43 Hunter Legend that came with the original refrigeration installed. Both the refrigerator, and freezer have R-12 leaks at the compressor. I want to replace the old machines with more modern ones. Can I replace just the compressor units without changing the plates/thermostats...
  5. T

    Refrigeration Issue Hunter 380

    Ran into some issues with my refrigeration. Had a guy look at it. The compressor goes on and then goes off after a period of time. Evaporator doesn't get cold. Checked the R 134 and initially it was over pressurized. Refrigeration guys let some pressure out and then put it in slowly. Held...
  6. A


    I have a 1999 Hunter 340. Moisture has been accumulating around the lower part of the teak that frames the under-counter cabinetry adjacent to the refrigerator. I can only assume that condensation is occurring on the outside plastic of the fridge liner behind the wood. On a previous Hunter I...
  7. S

    Refrigeration Updating

    After looking at a bunch of different options I decided to go with Seafrost. I spent a lot of time on the phone and email getting the design right. They were great and I can't recommend them enough. I started today pulling out the old A/B system and am impressed with the quality of the...
  8. Mainehunter426

    Upgrading My Freezer on my Hunter

    We have a stock 12 volt refrigerator and a stock 12 volt freezer on our 2003 - 42' Hunter. The refrigeration works well for all these years and uses relatively little power but the freezer is a different story because it eats battery power so I hate to use it. It has become a snack storage...
  9. K

    Adding refrigeration to Hunter 310

    Hello, In the process of a mild refit to a new-to-us Hunter 310. The admiral has insisted on adding refrigeration, so I've purchased the conversion kit and intend to install the compressor in the factory location under the starboard settee. I'm wondering about running the refrigerant lines. In...
  10. Randall Schmidt

    Preparing for an ICW Journey

    I have an ODay 28 and am planning a retirement trip down the ICW from Annapolis to Mobile Bay Alabama departing September 2017. I went to a seminar on the trip (to Florida) and got ideas but it sparked many questions I want to put forth to this site for inputs/recommendations: 1. Get a heater...
  11. Stu Jackson

    Adler Barbour Replacement Electronic Modules

    In preparation for a month plus long trip up the coast from San Francisco to our new home in Cowichan Bay, BC on Vancouver Island, we got to the boat last Thursday night, July 28th, 2016, at 2100. What a week. We left the boat and The Bay Area in late June. Except for a little dirt up top...
  12. DannyS

    Adding refrigeration on an O'day 35

    I'm starting to think about adding refrigeration to one of the ice boxes on our boat. Currently, we have a Dometic chest style refrigerator/freezer that lives under the nav station and I love that setup. It's an easy solution for weekend trips or cruises less than a week. On longer trips, we...
  13. gleason99

    Refrig Cooling Fan

    On my Beneteau 37 the Compressor and Fan Cooling Fins have lots of dust on them since it is close to the floor, has anyone come up with an easy way to clean all the dust out of cooling Fins with some magic spray. I am concerned when it gets hot the compressor will have to work overtime !