1. M

    Interfacing B&G MFD with Raymarine X5 autopilot?

    Looking for advice as I upgrade the old electronics on my Ericson 30+. Currently have a Raymarine X5 autopilot that is working fine. Remainder of instruments (wind, depth, speed) are basically not working. Have an Openplotter Raspberry Pi system providing GPS to VHF as well as picking up AIS on...
  2. A

    Upgrade Wind Instraments

    Hello All, I bought a 1980 Oday 30. The wind reader has never worked. The current electronics are via Signet which is 40 years old. If I were to upgrade to a new Raymarine wind reader, would I also need to climb the mast and replace the transmitter with the same brand? Thanks for looking, Jim
  3. A

    Trying to Upgrade to Raymarine C80

    Hey Gang, I bought a 1980 ODay 30 and its time to upgrade the electronics. The boat came with a Garmin GPS 120 (probably 25 years old), which works with the power on, very difficult to read and is obviously outdated. No radar on the boat. I was given a Raymarine C80 Chart Plotter which also...
  4. J


    I have a 2006 Hunter 45cc with the Raymarine C80 Chartplotter. I had the C80 replaced with a salvaged unit recently, but it seems to have failed again. I had replaced the unit when it kept loosing communication with the autopilot. But yesterday, the newer screen went to black while I was...
  5. E

    Garmin GPSMAP 3205 to Raymarine Autohel ST7000

    Hunter 42 purchased with Garmin GPSMAP 3205 chartplotter that that did not work. Found a 3205 on Ebay. Works well. Trying to connect to ST 7000 autohelm. Guy working on it wants to know if the 3205 ever worked with the ST7000. Anybody know?
  6. dkerphunter

    Raymarine Autohelm ST4000+ Motor Wire Connector

    While troubleshooting error messages on our ST4000+, it turns out the wires connected to the wheel drive motor were hanging on by a few strands, and probably shorting out. I want to fix it but I don’t know how to attach wires to the two-pin connector that makes the link to the motor. Photos are...
  7. Mohawk Jack

    Yanmar Engine Control Panel Upgrade

    I am the new owner of a 1980 Hunter Cherubini 30 ft with a fairly new Yanmar engine. Unfortunately the engine control panel is not as new and being and engineer, I'd like to know a little bit more about my engine while it is running. Has anyone here had experience with swapping out an old panel...
  8. T

    Raymarine course computer s2 service manual

    Hi, A lightning strike near our boat (Hunter36 2008) made a big electrical damage for us, including the autopilot computer (Raymarine s2). For that reason i'm searching for the detailed service manual (not user manual) of t Raymarine S2. (Unfortunatly on the web are only available for the s1/s1g...
  9. P

    SeaTalk1 Wiring?

    Hello! I am all but convinced based on inferences from very sparse other online sources that the Seatalk 1 protocol allows for devices to be wired in parallel. Is this correct? I am trying to wire up my Raymarine ST4000 (original black one, not the gray ST4000+), a Raymarine ST60+ TriData, and...
  10. Genesis V

    MFD to X-5 wheel pilot missing data on seatalkng

    Having just installed a new e75 MFD and seatalkng backbone along with an X-5 autopilot seatalk kit (T12189) on my existing 2011 Autopilot as shown. The MFD shows the AP status as online (Green) and available, however when I am following a route the GPS data from the MFD is not coming through...
  11. P

    Raymarine ST4000 autopilot in wind vane mode?

    I have a ST4000 (the black one, not the grey ST4000+) and am getting used to its awful limitations, even on a Catalina 30. Granted, I am sailing in and near San Francisco Bay where the wind and currents are quite strong. I have basically given up tuning the thing to be anything better than an...
  12. DannyS

    Raymarine parts

    I'm re-mounting a Raymarine C70 chartplotter and when I removed it last fall, the gasket between the plotter and navpod got pretty beat up. Does anyone know who may still have such a thing. Raymarine's site is no help. In a pinch, I know I can make one but before I do, I thought I'd ask.
  13. J

    Need a ST4000 Autopilot control

    Hi Does anyone have a ST 4000 head. I think its from the 90's. Its black. Thanks
  14. R

    Photos of Autohelm ram/linear drive on Oceanis 37

    Hi I am about to fit a Raymarine Type1 linear drive to my Oceanis 37. Has anyone got a photographs of a similar installation please? I am especially interested in the mounting of the ram/linear drive both on the boat and on the quadrant. Regards Rob
  15. E

    Replacing an old AutoHelm BIDATA depth and speed electronic

    I bought my 1993 Hunter 23.5 used two years ago. It came with an AutoHelm BIDATA device for measuring depth and speed. It's connected to a in-hull transducer (no hole in the boat). The depth measurement works fine, but the display is worn out and very hard to read which is driving my desire...
  16. RickSegal

    Raymarine DST800 Adventure

    Greetings fellow Beneteau owners; This is not specific to our boats but I thought I would write up what I call the great Tri-ducer Adventure. I wanted to document this whole (now successful) saga for other newbies. Additionally, many people are like me, are in an area where popping down to the...
  17. njlarry

    Raymarine Auto Helm problem

    The locking lever on our Auto helm ST 4000 keeps unlocking right after being engaged. It started last year but now is constant in its third season. After 45 minutes of obnoxious on hold music with their help line, I went to their FAQ where the only advice was to send it in for repair. Has...
  18. tmatzzie

    Upgrading Raymarine e80--do I have STng or ST? Tips?

    Hello, I have a 2008 Beneteau 40 with Raymarine 80 chartplotter and instruments. I am planning an upgrade of the chartplotter and looking for advice. I am trying to figure out if I have SeaTalk or SeaTalk ng? Is SeaTalk ng comparable with NMEA 2000? Can I keep my current transducers if I...
  19. catawbahunter

    Raymarine GPS "No Fix"

    I have a C Series Raymarine chartplotter, all Raymarine instruments, and (I believe) a Raystar 125 GPS on my new-to-me 2006 Hunter 36. Everything worked on our inaugural trip, and now we have the bimini and dodger installed and most of the other bugs worked out except..... now the chartplotter...
  20. white2236

    ST 4000 Autopilot No display Constant Alarm

    Just bought a new (to me) 1994 Hunter Legend 35.5 That has an Autohelm ST 4000. When I turn on the breaker I get no Display and the Alarm comes on. Previous owner thinks there is a reset switch but I cannot find it. I looked at the schematic and see no reset input and it must have 12Vdc because...