1. L

    Replace 222 centerboard line in water without being able to access other line from inside cockpit

    Through a series of unfortunate events and copious amounts of stupid, the knot on the end of my centerboard line went through a period of non-existence. Today I let the line out, not thinking about the absent knot and it ran all out through the centerboard line hole. It was running free under...
  2. T

    Javelin motor advice

    Hey, I just got my hands on an older (year yet TBD) Javelin. I am planning on getting a motor to mount to the transom for getting in and out of the marina often use which is in the mouth of a river. I'm currently leaning towards a small 2.5 hp of some sort. I was wondering if there's a...
  3. shannylamb

    Surface of bilge cracking/crumbling

    Hi everyone! I have a 1978 25 foot Oday. I’ve had her for two years and it’s been great and I’ve been learning so much! I’ve noticed that the surface/substrate of my bilge is cracking/crumbling. I’m planning to pull her out next month and will have someone come and take a look at it, but I was...
  4. A

    O’day 222 Mast Base Plate

    Hello everyone, Just managed to damage the loop at the mast foot hinge. The base plate at the boat is fine. However, the section at the bottom of the mast snapped both hinges loops. I found the part number apparently is Z-145SF-10/245 but I cannot find that part anywhere does anyone have any...
  5. J

    Looking for Boat Trailer

    Looking a used boat trailer for a 25’ O’Day. Fin keel. I’m located in Michigan. Willing to drive to a certain extent
  6. Paleolithic

    Stuffing box help

    Hello, Hoping to get some help regarding repacking the stuffing box on my new-to-me '85 O'Day 28'. I'm trying to repack and no matter what I do I cannot seem to get the lock nut loosened. I'm attempting from the port lazarette if that's helpful. Things I've tried: Loosening with 14" heavy...
  7. N

    Inner Hull Moisture O'day Day Sailor

    I recently purchased my first sailboat, an old O'day Day Sailer II that needs some work. My biggest concern at the moment is the inner hull containing moisture. The boat had been trailered for almost 20 years by the previous owner, and I have yet to sail it. On inspection of the inside of the...
  8. A

    Upgrade Wind Instraments

    Hello All, I bought a 1980 Oday 30. The wind reader has never worked. The current electronics are via Signet which is 40 years old. If I were to upgrade to a new Raymarine wind reader, would I also need to climb the mast and replace the transmitter with the same brand? Thanks for looking, Jim
  9. A

    Trying to Upgrade to Raymarine C80

    Hey Gang, I bought a 1980 ODay 30 and its time to upgrade the electronics. The boat came with a Garmin GPS 120 (probably 25 years old), which works with the power on, very difficult to read and is obviously outdated. No radar on the boat. I was given a Raymarine C80 Chart Plotter which also...
  10. J

    Great Lakes Cruiser

    Hi all, Brand new to posting to the forum, even though I have used it endless resources for the last 3 years. So thank you everyone for your involvement. The premise of this thread is to hear from fellow O'Day owners on what they think is the best model of O'Day for cruising, specifically...
  11. O

    O'dDay 25 rudder and tiller repair

    Hello all, I have a 1975 O'Day 25. I am currently in the process of sanding down my rudder then applying a penetrating epoxy then paint as it is in rough shape. When reattaching the pintles and tiller to the rudder should I epoxy the through holes and apply a sealant? I also purchased a new...
  12. A

    First Boat- O'Day 192?

    Hello everyone, I'm working on buying my first boat this week. I have a bit of sailing experience but I am certainly rusty, but looking forward to sailing and learning a lot this summer. I'm seriously considering this O'day 192 to sail on Lake Champlain. I'm looking for something in this size...
  13. F

    272LE Engine Replacement

    I'm advised by my mechanic that the Universal M12 inboard diesel in my boat has seen way better days and that it's time for a replacement. It is currently inoperable. Can anyone recommend a replacement make & model? Can anyone comment on the value of removing the existing engine and rebuilding it?
  14. mmuldoon

    EXPANDING deck repair

    I have researched this topic multiple times, so I felt comfortable enough to cut into the deck of my O'day 22 to begin replacing a wet core beneath the mast. I first cut out about a 12" x 12" area immediately surrounding the mast. I expected the core to be wet and weak, but this core was POWDER...
  15. Cole07

    Winterization Methods

    Hi my name is Cole and I recently bought a 1971 Oday Daysailer II. Living in the north east the winters can get pretty cold and snowy, so after my first season I just had some questions about my first winter with the boat. I was planning wrap up the whole boat (with the mast down) with a large...
  16. K

    Need retainer for Barient 10P winch

    I am doing winch maintenance on Barient 10P winches on my O'day -25 and the retainers that hold the ratcheting mechanism in place are rusted. Please see the photo. I looked online and did not find a replacement. Anyone have any helpful suggestions?
  17. Dbnichols

    Spreader cover on O’day 240

    I caught my genoa on my spreader and did some damage to the sail. This got me to looking a bit closer at my spreader and it looks as if there was at one time, a hard plastic cap on it that looks as if it is cracked and broken. I am trying to determine what size spreader boot/cover is the...
  18. L

    Boat VIN & Title

    Hi, Can anyone tell me how to find the date of manufacture of an Oday Javelin based on the VIN number? In this case it is: XDYB4396M79C. I see that the 10th and 11th digits are "79", so is it from 1979? Also is there a quick way to find out if the boat was ever titled? It was sailed in New York...
  19. J

    Moving from Oday 20 to ODay 222

    Hi, all, new forum member here. I am moving from my '74 Oday 20 to an '85 Oday 222, and was wondering if there's anything I need to know about the differences in these two boats. I belong to a boat club and keep my O'Day 20 on a trailer at the club for the winter, I don't trailer it back and...
  20. G

    Cracks inside my cuddy cabin- Advice needed

    Hello, I recently came into an '81 Oday Day Sailer II. I paid next to nothing for it and intend to learn on it here on Lake Erie. While I'm all for making any vital repairs, I really just want to get sailing. I'm asking if these cracks are major bad news, more cosmetic, or somewhere in...