hurricanes 2018

  1. JamesG161

    Invest 96L No Joke!

    200 Miles East of the Leeward Islands.:eek: This has a very good possibility of being named. The islands are on alert! The Caribbean is still Full of Summer heat. Dammit Jim...
  2. JamesG161

    Subtropical Storm Oscar <= Invest 95L

    The Atlantic Tropical area regained some Solar Energy after the early season activity. This time of the season it is the Westerlies versus the Nor'easters. It will most likely be a "Fish Storm" Big HIGHs will protect the East Coast Jim...
  3. JamesG161

    Something brewing again

    This is late season for storms, but it appears the warm westerlies are whipping up some significant weather around October 25- 28th Gulf and East Coast Jim...
  4. JamesG161

    Caribbean Disturbance Underway

    A new tropical disturbance is starting in the same area as Gordon and Michael. It is just East of Nicaragua today. The Caribbean is still full of HEAT to make a storm. More info by Sunday 14th. Jim...
  5. JamesG161

    Hurricane Michael old Invest 91

    We have be seeing this potential for a few days now. Heavy topical moisture in the warm South Caribbean is alive and well. ____ Invest 91 appears to be close tracking to the earlier TS Gordon. In will be fast moving, but should be watched closely. The Gulf of Mexico is still warm. We will...
  6. JamesG161

    Hurricane Walaka North Pacific

    Walaka is a first for me. Formed South of Alaska!:yikes: Models show skimming the land curve of Southern Alaska, but calming down as it enters Colder waters. Jim...
  7. JamesG161

    Hurricane Sergio East Pacific

    Sergio was following Rosa's path but ran into a huge HIGH pressure which impeded it. It basically wobbling in same spot, which is good to lessen intensification. Forecast models are showing a curve back toward North Baja and Southern California Sergio needs to be watched closely!
  8. JamesG161

    PTC 21 East Pacific

    This Potential Tropical Cyclone 21 will become the 21st name, Sergio soon. It and Rosa formed further south than any storm in modern storm history. Near Latitude 10°N A few day ago, the Hurricane Hunters flew out of Nicaragua to check this disturbance and named the flight "Genesis". PTC 21 is...
  9. JamesG161

    Hurricane Rosa East Pacific

    This formed in the 2018 East Pacific active area again. This is area that has threatened Hawaii with storms all season. Hurricane Rosa [Roh zuh Spanish] is modeling a curve back toward Baja California. Rosa will intensify! Dammit Jim...
  10. JamesG161

    Subtropical Storm Leslie

    This a North Central Atlantic Storm. It has been brewing for days. It doesn't look to threaten any land. The models have it hovering. Jim...
  11. JamesG161

    Tropical Depression 11

    This one is different than all the Invest's being tracked now. TD 11 popped up over night, most likely from a Satellite pass. This is much closer to the Antilles than Invest 99L [trailing back East] The upper level steering winds will push both storms on roughly the same path. Both storms are...
  12. JamesG161

    Tropical Storm KIRK--Invest 99L

    A very big tropical wave picks up modeling as soon as it entered the Atlantic. It is located much further South than the normal birthing area. The Southern entry is warmer waters, but this year's West winds are deflecting off South America in a Clockwise motion, which is storm killing or...
  13. JamesG161

    Invest 98L

    The expected split off from Florence reentering the Atlantic is now being modeled, near Bermuda. This LOW pressure has some potential to strengthen. Keep a "weather eye" on this... Dammit Jim... PS: The never ending storm of Big Florence is now regaining circulation but should take a while to...
  14. JamesG161

    Invest 97L

    The models just kicked in. It is a South Atlantic disturbance moving West at 10-15 mph. Its location is East of the Antilles 10.6°N 49.3°W Checking on the Steering winds and South American Clockwise wind interference, now. ____ A few more disturbances are being watched. Dammit Jim...
  15. JamesG161

    Invest 95 in Gulf

    This showing up as a NOAA point of interest. It has Texas on high alert. The tracking models are kicking in now. Too early to tell the trends.
  16. JamesG161

    Hurricane Helene = PTC# 8 old Invest 93L

    The next West African spin off is now on the NOAA tracking. NOAA is braver this year, which is good. Getting awareness sooner, is NOT "crying wolf". Jim...
  17. JamesG161

    TS Isaac = PTC#9 = Invest 92

    The seasonal West African tropical pattern has started and seem to be pulsing a new wave about every 3-4 days. INVESTigation 92 looks to move due West and approach the Caribbean Islands around September 11-12. _________ Two more West African Storms will be on the Atlantic Tracking map at that...
  18. JamesG161

    TS Gordon-PTC# 7

    This is spinning up between Cuba and Bahamas. It has only a slight possibility to be a Named storm. It will be fast moving toward the North West, but will strengthen when it passes into the Gulf of Mexico on Monday the 3rd. This "quickie" will landfall around the Louisiana boot late Tuesday...
  19. JamesG161

    Storm Activity in Atlantic

    We are looking at 2 more West African tropical disturbances in the next 10 days. 1) Starting Tuesday Sept 4 2) Starting Thursday Sept 6 The first... Looks weak but steering toward the Antilles and will be noteworthy by NOAA about the Sept 8th. The second... Strengthening quickly as it enters...
  20. JamesG161

    Hurricane Olivia - Pacific

    The next in Line, which is starting up now, is Olivia and looks like another spinning up right behind her. All are birthing from the same spot as Hurricane Lane. So far they all are trending Northerly to avoid Hawaii or any other Land mass. Jim... PS: Only 9 more names left in East Pacific...