hunter 27

  1. D

    Replace Jib Traveler Blocks

    I have a 95 Hunter 27. The jib travler blocks are cracked and beyond useable now. They are Shafer brand. Anyone know a good place to order new ones? The block is integraded with the slide so it can't just be switched out. Please see pic. Thanks
  2. C

    Need h27 trailer/cradle dimensions

    Recently aquired 1979 Hunter cherubini 27, need to remove it from the water and transport to my house. I need dimensions for the supports and keel tray from either existing cradleor trailer. Any information or links to other threads that may contain pertinent information is appreciated. T.i.a.
  3. P

    1980 H27 Cherubini Rudder Removal

    I recently acquired a 1980 H27 Cherubini. The rudder was snapped of during the last hurricane. I was wondering if anyone has removed one and would you have any pointers before I start to remove whats left of the rudder post. I am also insearch of one. Any information would be greatly...
  4. pvtpotter

    Refit -Running gear

    Lots of good work done. New prop shaft, shaft log, cutlass bearing and engine mounts. Reconditioned prop and strut. Refastened. I have more before pics and a vid if how bad the shaft and log were. May post later. Thanks for looking.
  5. VT Fitz

    Engine Hours Meter?

    Getting to know our new-to-us '07 Hunter 27-3, Skaði, and when I purchased her, I thought there was a broken engine hour meter, so the PO couldn’t indicate that info on the listing. I put it on the list of tasks. I looked two weekends ago (had a wedding last weekend – drat!) and – doh! – there...
  6. Sailing Blind

    Hunter 27-2 lazarette access

    Good afternoon all! New member of the forum and new owner of a 1991 Hunter 27. I was wondering if anyone had any insight on accessing the lazarette on this series H27? The aft hatches are relatively small accessing this space. Is there an easier way of geting to the fuel tank and batteries...
  7. finefurn

    Rebedding Toe rail

    I just purchased a Cherubini H27, I'm planning on re-bedding all on the deck hardware. Does the deck wood core extend under the aluminum toe rail?
  8. M

    Sailboat tri-axle trailer with 27' Hunter sailboat

    Dear, Ladies and Gents I have a 2013 Tri-axle sailboat trailer that includes a Hunter 27 that needs minor work but was on the water 8 months ago. for more info 9018250807 5800
  9. W

    New boater Hunter 27

    Hello all, My name is William and I am new to this site but have found it helpful thus far. Wondering if any one may have input on certain areas I need to check and work on with a Hunter 27 I may own soon. I recently came into negotiations for a Hunter 27 which was made in 77, I think. It...
  10. J

    Considering purchasing a 2005 Hunter 27

    Hi all, I'm considering purchasing a 2005 Hunter 27 with the deluxe package? Can anyone who owns the boat tell of their general experience with it? Also, are the any particular things I should ask the surveyor to be on the lookout for when the boat is inspected? Thanks!
  11. D

    1990 hunter 27 with tiller

    We owned a hunter 23 for years and sold it 5 years ago. We are excited to get back to sailing and we are going to go look at a hunter 27 with tiller and outboard tomorrow. Can any of you give me some key things to look at with these boats. I completely overhauled the 23 so I am handy. Thanks
  12. Practical Sailor

    Practical Sailor magazine seeks Hunter owner input/photos

    Hi Hunter owners Practical Sailor magazine is working to update its archived reviews of the Hunter 27 (1975-1984 models) and Hunter 30 (1974-1983 models), and we're looking for boat owners who would like to assist by submitting high-resolution photos (1 MB, 300 dpi or larger) and comments on the...