1. M

    What are these bolts and wire for?

    Anyone know what this is in my O’Day 26? The bolts are coming straight up through the hull under the starboard forward settee. The yellow wire is heavy gauge and is disconnected at the other end, but looks like it was connected to the negative bus. I bought the boat two years ago, and just...
  2. swshogren

    Hunter 34 - Weeping Hull

    So it's trading real hard today on the Columbia River and! I heard to the boat to do some more repairs to get ready for sailing on Father's Day. A section of interior section of the hull starboard side galley was repainted few days ago when the weather was nice. Stepping aboard this afternoon...
  3. 2021.0425 Diana, hull paint

    2021.0425 Diana, hull paint

    starboard-bow view of Diana in final coat of Brightside white
  4. 2021.0527 Diana, stbd quarter

    2021.0527 Diana, stbd quarter

    showing custom hull logo, designed by JC2 and produced by Night Owl Graphics of Croydon PA
  5. unfeast

    Capri 22 Construction: Polyester or Vinylester

    Does anyone know if these boats are laid up using polyester or vinylester? And if they're using vinylester, what date did they start using it? Is anyone putting epoxy barrier coats on their boats? Any issues with blisters?
  6. S

    When is it time for a new barrier coat?

    Hello all, We hauled our Catalina 27 for its first power wash since we bought it - giving my wife and I our first clear look at the hull of the boat. As expected, it's got some blisters (no surprise there, as it was built in 1985). My question is this: how do you know when a boat NEEDS a new...
  7. MattPerkins

    Hull cracks forward of the swing keel

    I recently bought a 1981 Catalina 25. Overall, it's in fantastic shape. However, even though we inspected the hull, I didn't notice until yesterday two cracks in the hull immediately forward of the swing keel. It's in dry dock now. When I put my fingernail in the crack, I was able to draw a...
  8. S

    1981 Hunter 30 ft hull cracks

    Hello, I am new to the forum but am looking at a 30 ft hunter for sale. its a very good deal but I have noticed many hairline cracks in the bottom paint that seem to go deeper. Can anyone tell me if these are red flags? There is also a large separation between the hull and keel. I have...
  9. N

    Inner Hull Moisture O'day Day Sailor

    I recently purchased my first sailboat, an old O'day Day Sailer II that needs some work. My biggest concern at the moment is the inner hull containing moisture. The boat had been trailered for almost 20 years by the previous owner, and I have yet to sail it. On inspection of the inside of the...
  10. M

    San Juan Hull on Trailer

    Hello All- Came across this San Juan which seemed to be a pretty sweet deal until I saw the hull. Since it's been put on rollers on a trailer so much it had left pretty substantial indentations. I know fiberglass has some "memory" to it, but these seem pretty severe to me. Will these bounce...
  11. M

    Mystery protrusion on starboard side of hull 1976 Hunter 25

    I recently acquired a sailboat and noticed a small protrusion about 5x5in, under the starboard side of the hull in front of the keel. I have heard a few things, the one closest is that it is the plug to seal the toilet that is located above in the cabin The original toilet was removed some time...
  12. M

    Hull Oil Canning

    I own and sail a 1984 Catalina 30 in a large freshwater lake in MS. Because there are no facilities other than hiring a large and very expensive crane to pull boats, larger boats tend to stay in the water a long time between hauls. My boat has been in the water for 7 years. In preparation for...
  13. Mohawk River Man

    1984 Mac 25 construction

    I am finishing my first cruising season with my beloved Mac 25, 'Holly'. We have quite a bit of water on board, and are a bit concerned. The guys at my marina have told me that the hull is shot, and the stringers are rotten. Does anyone know if this model even has wooden stringers? I found out...
  14. S

    Blue Hull Paint for Hunter 40 2014

    Does anyone know if you can get a stock number for paint that will match the deep blue paint on my hull?
  15. J

    Hull Cleaner Polish

    Thinking of using a electric floor buffing unit, one of the new generation lite weight with 300 RPM motor. Any thoughts, ideas?
  16. C

    Oday slow leak

    I'm excited - this is my first post to this forum! A few years ago my parents gave me the boat I grew up sailing on - an Oday Widgeon. We took good care of her and never had too much trouble with riggings or repairs. Now, when I take her out for a few hours, inevitably I end up with a few...
  17. jssailem

    Ideas on boat color for new paint

    Since last fall I began working on restoring my 1974 Cal35C. We removed the mast in January and are just about through with the refit. (pics below). Now looking at the aged heavily oxidized white gel-coat. I see paint in my future. Question is what are your opinions - experiences with hull...
  18. E

    1987 H31 : water trapped between hull and liner

    I have been battling some foul odors on my 1987 H31. First I thought it was the head, but I have checked everything and no issues there. After some google searches, I now believe I have rotten water trapped between the hull and the liner. Any recommendations on how to flush this out? Once it...