catalina 25

  1. N

    Catalina 25 trailer help.

    Hello everyone. I purchased a Catalina 25, the boat is near flawless but the trailer is complete garbage. The metal brackets holding the rollers have rotted beyond repair. Having a bit of experience welding I am planning on rebuilding it. I am thinking of instead of trying to rebuild the rollers...
  2. Jonny547

    Battery charger!

    Hello! It's looks like i have two batteries witn parallel circuit. Can i take out and charge just one battery with this charger? Thanks! P.S. How much capasity of this batteries any guesses?
  3. M

    Will a Catalina 25 fit on a Columbia 26 mk 2 trailer?

    I have a Catalina 25 I need to transport across states. It is currently on its cradle. I acquired a trailer that use to have a Columbia 26 mk 2 trailer. The guy used it to tow his boat from California to Kentucky, and trailer launch. It is very solid trailer with tandem 5000 pound axles and...
  4. J

    Replacing the windows in my 1983 Catalina 25 (and fixing small leaks)

    I'm creating this post to document the window replacement on my Catalina 25 in case it's helpful to other people. I ordered the replacement seal kit from and yesterday I pulled out the two windows that were actively leaking. In the starboard aft window, 3 of the screw heads...
  5. J

    Ideas to refinish salon table top and underside

    I'm working on freshening up the teak in my 1983 Catalina 25 and am planning to update the galley counter using the epoxy idea found in the below SailboatOwners thread linked below. But I'm at a loss for what to do about the dated salon table top and bottom. Since the table folds in half and it...
  6. J

    Use an eyesplice to attach headsail clue?

    The bowline knot in my headsail clue gets caught on my mast every other tack. Likely, the issue is that the headsail on my roller furling is too large, but I haven't pulled off all the sails to investigate it (I have a tall rig and the PO got these sails were from a standard rig.) I've tried...
  7. W

    Catalina 25 Bow/hull Damage - Advice Appreciated :)

    Our '82 catalina 25 was unfortunately damaged in a storm. Repair quotes are significantly more than the value of the boat, so we are looking into any last-ditch home-made type repair we could do to try salvage the boat. We're new to sailing and were excited to really get into it with this boat...
  8. K

    '78 C25 Swing Keel

    Hi all, Was hoping for some help/info... I've got a '78 25 Swing Keel. I'm pretty sure each of the six shrouds is loose, and was hoping someone could tell me what tension they should be at? Thanks!
  9. L

    New Catalina 25 owner, looking for sails

    Hello! I hope all is well. My name is Liz and I am 22. I just got my hands on a 1992 Catalina 25. The boat is in great condition other than minimal plumbing issues and I am in need of sails since the once I have are in bad condition. Any help of suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!
  10. B

    Wanting to get a roller furling for my Catalina 25... which one do ya'll recommend?

    I've already got the sail FOR the roller furling that was on the boat and not working. Looking to get a new one, and there seem to be a lot of options that are cheaper, and more expensive. Not looking to break the bank, but also not wanting to buy the cheapest piece o crud around. Thanks for...
  11. H

    Completely restoring those old cabin lights with switch, socket, and bulb

    So I've had my 1987 Catalina 25 for about 8 months now and have done a few small clean up projects and tried buying replacement LED cabin lights from a certain online dealer for our boats but found the mounting holes didn't line up and I was nearly blinded with the super bright white LED's that...
  12. R

    Bowsprit for Catalina 25

    Has anyone added a bowsprit to a Catalina 25? I am going to get a new spinnaker and want to improve the sailing with it. I am not sure what is involved with adding a bowsprit. I would prefer to use a manufactured product. I have found many products available on line. Which manufacturers do...
  13. vdotmatrix

    Catalina 25 Rudder replacement

    Hi, I just received my NEW rudder for a 1980 Catalina 25 from Catalina ( Thanks Len) and I had a few questions. IS THERE A TEMPLATE FOR THE PINTLES/ GUDGEONS OR DO I JUST USE OLD RUDDER AS A TEMPLATE? close enough good enough? Also , is there any nuance thing I should consider before drilling...
  14. Dbnichols

    Im boat shopping

    Ill start by saying that I am new to sailing. I have spent my life in/on/around the water but in power boats. So, Im not new to boating but know very little about sailing other than that I had had soem oppertunities to sail with some people and have really enjoyed it.. I guess Im getting...
  15. Dbnichols

    Shopping for boats and could use some advice.

    So, I have been shopping for a trailer boat that will be my first boat. I have taken a few lessons and done some "crewing" for local races. I want a boat that I could leave at the docks on my local lake but could also trailor it to a larger lake for a week or 2 at a time. I have 3 boats...
  16. T

    We are in desperate need of help with the swing keel on our 25 foot Catalina

    We are trying to rebuild the swing keel on our boat and the cast iron is so deteriorated that we can not get accurate measurements for the thickness of the keel at the pin. Does anyone have a 25 Catalina (1980) and happens to know the original dimension at the pin or how thick is the keel at...