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Bowsprit for Catalina 25

Jan 26, 2017
Catalina 25 Connecticut
Has anyone added a bowsprit to a Catalina 25?
I am going to get a new spinnaker and want to improve the sailing with it. I am not sure what is involved with adding a bowsprit. I would prefer to use a manufactured product. I have found many products available on line.
Which manufacturers do you prefer?
What is to be avoided?
What problems did you run into?
Did you install it yourself?
How did it work out?


Jan 22, 2015
Catalina 25 Harrison lake
My Catalina 22 I just sold a few months ago had a custom teak bowsprit , the boat was a '74 and there was quite a bit of well done custom alterations somewhere along the line . It worked well , just had to stay on top of oiling so it didn't start to split. I tried uploading pic but says file to large.