1. R

    Reef line Routing

    On my O’Day 28 while I was reefing the end of the reef line came loose from the boom and I inadvertently pulled the line threw the reef clew grommet point and into the boom and half-way through the boom. Now I am faced the challenge of rethreading the reef line aft through the boom. Since you...
  2. duck21

    Twisted Boom

    Hello, Long time lurker, first time poster. When we went to uncover our 1992 Catalina 30 mkII this past spring we ran across something odd--our boom seemed to have twisted over the winter, to the degree that the the plate/bracket that attaches the boom to the vang had bent. I was able to...
  3. kiwibyron

    Classic Sailing Dinghy Question

    Hi all, I recently bought a boat (my first mistake i know...). It's a small dinghy, 2.7m long and it came with the sail, boom etc. but no mast. There are no markings or anything giving any indication of the make/model/design but its a fibreglass hull with timber boom. My problem is the boom...
  4. B

    What size gooseneck to boom pin for 23.5?

    What diameter pin is used on the H23.5 to connect the boom to the mast? I’ve tried a couple bolts but a 3/8 rattles and 7/16 wont fit. I’m considering drilling out the hole to accommodate the 7/16.
  5. C

    San Juan 21 rigging

    im in the process of restoring a 1975 San Juan. Has some questions about the rigging. I have some type of round stainless thing in the cockpit floor. And a pulley system that seems to be broken. It looks like the pulley went there and broke off. I am not sure how to rig the boom at all. No...
  6. G

    Seidelmann 245 parts, drawings, details needed

    I recently got a 1982 Seidelmann 245. It does not have a boom or tiller or outboard motor or motor mount. If you have any of these things please respond. Or, if you have detail drawings showing the boom dimensions so I can get another brand that fits. Also if you have a tiller that you could...
  7. jcb2

    Line trouble caused by bird nests

    Ever since I bought our ODay 31 five years ago, The halyards, outhaul and reef lines have been difficult to pull. I assumed that someone had carelessly put them in the spars and they were tangled around each other causing friction. So last winter I had the mast pulled and I took the boom home...
  8. S

    Boom angle for in mast furling

    Our 2004 Hunter 41 came equipped with a solid Vang that is as compressed as far as possible so that the boom cannot be lowered any further. I expect this is due to the fact that the boom has to clear the fixed stainless arch. And the mast-end gooseneck has to be in its current position due to...
  9. K

    146 Boom length

    Hi all, I bought a 146 without a boom last year. I am looking for a new one, an alternative, or used one so I can start sailing. I live in northern virginia. Does anyone know the length and/or any other key specifications of the boom? Thanks, Kent
  10. E

    Hunter 240 Boom Internal Lines Question

    I'm replacing the main sail. The boom is a U.S. Spars Z160. There are three internal lines (outhaul, topping lift, reefing). However, the previous owner didn't use original colors, or lengths. It's not in the owner's manual, not on the Z-spars site that I could find, and not previously...
  11. finefurn

    Where can I find one of these ?

    I have a 1984 Hunter 27 I need the Reefing/Outhaul Line jamb on the Starboard side of the boom. I would assume that this part would be common across the Hunter line, but I've been wrong before. The salvage yards I contacted are not willing to part out the boom. Anyone one know of one that...
  12. M

    Hunter 28.5 Mainsail Tack Shackle

    Hello, We recently purchased a 1987 h285 and I believe I may be missing a shackle to connect the tack of the mainsail to the boom. I reached out to the Hunter parts store customer service and they agreed I may be missing something and pointed me to the forum to verify exactly what I need. Can...
  13. P

    Bolt rope size for C30 boom?

    Hi there! I am having a stack pack with lazy jacks made by Mauri Pro Sailing and they need to know the size of the bolt rope. I have the original boom for this 1984 Catalina 30. They offer 8mm, 10mm, or 12mm. Anyone know what size it should be? Thanks!