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Seidelmann 245 parts, drawings, details needed


Jan 7, 2019
Seidelmann 245 Chicago
I recently got a 1982 Seidelmann 245. It does not have a boom or tiller or outboard motor or motor mount. If you have any of these things please respond. Or, if you have detail drawings showing the boom dimensions so I can get another brand that fits. Also if you have a tiller that you could send a drawing of, I could make one. What Hp motor is good for this boat? How long of a shaft should it have and what kind of motor mount is the best? I also have to redo the liner. The existing liner is hanging down and the insulation under it is brittle and crumbling. Any advice there would be appreciated. I found a general drawing of the boat on the web but any more detailed drawings would be helpful. I'm open to any other advice for a new Se
Apr 3, 2007
Seidelmann S25 Greenville SC
Welcome to my world. :)
I purchased a Seidelmann 25 a few years ago. 1979 model. Someone had replaced the mast and boom and I have been searching for replacements for a while. But... it sails.
Continental Marine Services buys old boats, strips them, and sells parts. https://www.yelp.com/biz/continental-marine-services-quincy. They actually had a mast/boom combo some years ago but the shipping to get them from Maine to SC was just nuts.
Here is a link to some basic info on the 245. https://sailboatdata.com/sailboat/seidelmann-245
A little more info: http://l-36.com/boat_dimensions_boa...27&e=9.8&dspl=3000&wl=20.5&draft=1.9&cbdr=4.4
Now lets talk fun stuff. Mine had the original headliner when I purchased it and lawd knows it was a mess. Rotting and hanging down all over the place. There are only two choices and both of them involve stripping that crap out... then either replacing or just painting the raw fiberglass surface. Now, mind you, I have mine in a slip and kept it fully rigged while working on the interior. My sailing bud and I would sail when the weather was right or work on the interior otherwise. We ripped as much out by hand as we could and then buffed off the old contact cement. At the time, there was no shore power so we would drain his five batteries and quit for the day. I would take a swim and watch the cloud of dust leave me in the water (air filtering for breathing an absolute must, goggles too). The exposed fiberglass was not bad looking... kind of industrial... so we painted it. All of the interior teak was also removed, cleaned up, and coated with a good spar poly. No UV inside so the coating is lasting... three years in now and still pretty bright work. I also removed and recovered the angled trim where the hull meets the deck inside, rewired and put in new lights (led), installed a stereo, and made new bulkheads for around the main hatch. A truly leisurely project that was fueled by beverages at the end of the work period. Recovered the original cushions and added some throws.
The sole had seen some bad leakage so that was torn out from bench front to bench front. I kept the ring around the bilge access. New 3/4 marine ply was cut for the floor but was mounted on top of the original which was left around the edges. The benches are fiberglassed into the original floor so could not be removed. Some 3/4 across the ribs and we had a stable place to put the new flooring. Cap that with all weather rug cut to size. Not bad in there now.
Enjoy your project and if I can provide other info... let me know.