1. SVPardonMyFrench

    a little wind, a little hail, a lot of wind, a lot of hail

    Raced Pardon My French, my H40.5 this weekend in a Seattle classic benefit race called the Blakely Rocks. It was interesting weather.. a LOT of everything made this one memorable. I couldn't make a full video - hands were too full, but here a few pics and very short clip to share what it was...
  2. SVPardonMyFrench

    head faucet change on the 40.5

    Hey fellow sailors... Time to replace the faucets in both heads on my 40.5. I know what hardware to get but wondering if anyone has a good tip for accessing the faucets, seems to be very tight space behind the bowls.... Thanks much Frederick
  3. SVPardonMyFrench

    Whisker Pole

    Hey fellow 40.5ers... Do you have a whisker pole? If so can you share model, dimensions and set-up? thanks Frederick
  4. SVPardonMyFrench

    interior wood treatment

    Hey All I love the look and feel of the wood inside the 40.5. It was become quite weathered unfortunately and I'd like to restore it to its former glory. I've tried to apply teak oil in the past, but with mixed results. Would any have recommendations? I would also like to restore the...
  5. F

    40.5 Questions

    Hi, After loosing our Bav 41 to Irma last year we are in the process of looking for the replacement. We live aboard for 6 winter months in Caribbean and store her there on hard for rest of the year. The H40.5 looks as good probale candidate, visted couple and have some questions. Of course read...
  6. SVPardonMyFrench

    Stove replacement 40.5

    Hi All - Two big projects in the next few weeks on my 1993 40.5. 1. replace the holding tank (plenty of great info on this forum) 2. replace the stove. Need to upgrade from CNG to propane. I think I may have used the bottle of CNG in Seattle... I hear that one could change the burners...
  7. SVPardonMyFrench

    40.5 having fun....

    I hope this is a mid-week distraction for the office for many. We raced our 1993 40.5 in the Swiftsure and made a video to show her in action. Those of you in the Pacific Northwest are likely familiar with the Swiftsure, for others around the globe, the Swiftsure is an iconic Canadian/US race...
  8. glennmul

    Hunter 40.5 keel to stub joint

    Hi All, My keel on my 1997 40.5 has a moisture line where the stub meets the bulb on the bottom. I ground it out and it looks like the fairing has cracked most likely from flexing. I want to get thoughts from other 40.5 owners as I think it's a common issue that just needs to be recaulked or...
  9. glennmul

    Hunter 40.5 curling mast outhaul size

    Hi all, I have 1997 hunter 40.5 and have what I think is an oversized outhaul on my z-spar furling rig. The size is 7/8 or so. I think it's too heavy and has too much friction over the boom sheaves. It's also worn out badly so I need to replace. I contacted US spars and the said my boom is a...
  10. glennmul

    Hunter 40.5 keel sump question

    Hi all, I am a new Hunter 40.5 owner (1997) and I am curious as to the design of the keel. I was surprised to find the the bulb lead ballast was bolted below a 4 foot keel sump. It seems to me an interesting design. Has anyone had issues with this from a structural perspective? It looks like...
  11. SVPardonMyFrench

    Rebedding Side Windows 40.5

    It's rained a lot in Seattle in the last couple of weeks, and i found a source to collect fresh water on the boat... The port side windows is leaking profusluy, so time to rebed. I bet that's it's happened before to many of you, any tips on best way to proceed? Many thanks as always...
  12. pmcrosta

    Holding tank monitoring on 40.5

    Has anyone installed/retrofitted a tank monitoring system on their 40.5 or similar holding tank? The legacy pneumatic system on my 1994 40.5 no longer works, and thus I have no tank monitoring. I don't worry so much about water, but I have no idea how full the waste tank is, and that bothers me...