1. F

    Coax Cable Feed-Thru

    I am replacing the VHF antenna and cable on my '272LE. I intend to run the coax continuously from the antenna, down through the mast, through the cabin roof, and through the cabin to the radio. There is an existing coax panel connector which needs to be removed so that the cable is continuous...
  2. C

    Construction question on an O’Day 272

    Hi, I recently had to replace the thru-hull connector for the bilge pump in my 1987 O‘Day 272. While the connector was removed I had the opportunity to see both the outer fiberglass hull and the inner cabin liner. I had expected to find some type of insulation material between the two pieces...
  3. F

    Keep My Boat Floating

    Under the heading of crazy ideas, as Hurricane Dorian approaches, I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to improve my chances of recovering my boat should it be inundated. I thought that I might fill the cabin with inflated beach balls. Yeah, I know: silly. But I'll ask anyway. has anyone...
  4. J

    Great Lakes Cruiser

    Hi all, Brand new to posting to the forum, even though I have used it endless resources for the last 3 years. So thank you everyone for your involvement. The premise of this thread is to hear from fellow O'Day owners on what they think is the best model of O'Day for cruising, specifically...
  5. F

    O'Day 272LE Masthead Sheaves

    Has anyone had occasion to replace the sheaves in the masthead of an O'Day 272 or 272LE? How did you go about doing it? Step the mast down or other?
  6. F

    272LE Engine Replacement

    I'm advised by my mechanic that the Universal M12 inboard diesel in my boat has seen way better days and that it's time for a replacement. It is currently inoperable. Can anyone recommend a replacement make & model? Can anyone comment on the value of removing the existing engine and rebuilding it?
  7. F

    Fresh Water Supply To On-Board Head - 272LE

    Has anyone here added a fresh water storage tank under the starboard bench in the salon for the purposes of supplying fresh water to the on-board head? I'd be interested to know what you used for a tank. The water in the lagoon where we sail can be quite unpleasant.
  8. F

    Bow Cleats on O'Day 272

    I own an O'Day 272LE and one of the bow cleats is loose. As far as I can tell, the bow cleats mount directly into the fiberglass and do not have a backing plate (or not that I've found yet). Can someone tell me how they are installed and suggest how I can repair the loose one?
  9. S

    Bilge filling with water

    I have a 1987 O'Day 272 that is suddenly collecting water in the bilge. It fills slowly...takes a couple of days to fill the whole bilge. This has not happened in the 5 years that I have owned the boat, As best I can tell, the only thing that drains into the bilge is the cooler, which I have...
  10. J

    272 furler issue

    Flexible Furler has become extremely difficult to furl and unfurl. Lubricated with white lithuim spray. Ok for a while but getting progressively worse. Suggestions other than a new furler? Jim
  11. agprice22

    272 Midship Cleats

    Has anyone done midship cleats on his 272? I don't think they are standard, and I saw one with them the other day. The teak toe rail was shortened at the midship stanchion, and the cleat was mounted on the toe rail mount. What have others done? Thanks, Andrew
  12. K

    O'Day 272 Rudder Replacement

    Hello all, I have a 1986 272 with a tiller. My rudder is full of water so I'm looking at options and looking for feedback. I don't really have the time to cut open, refoam, and reskin the existing rudder. I wouldn't mind the project... just don't have the time. I know there are less time...