1. K

    Transmission problems with my Catalina 310

    Our 2001 Catalina 310 transmission -- HURTH HBW 50 -- was rebuilt three years ago and a year later blew up and had to replaced. Since HURTH is out of business, we had installed a TWIN DISC TMC 40. The transmission makes a fair amount of noise and the fluid goes brown in a few hours. We replace...
  2. R

    Yanmar SB 12 Gearbox

    Yanmar SB 12 1978 Hunter 30 Need diagram of inside gearbox. Shifter arm engages forward gear just past neutral but disengages when shifter arm is all the way forward. When arm is all the way forward very slow rotation of propeller shaft. When arm is held in position just past netural very fast...
  3. uralite

    Hurth HBW50 replacement

    I have recently began to cost share a 1982 Catalina 30 tall rig with original owner. It has been a good deal so far, but as I began to bring engine out of winter hibernation a few issues began to arise. After changing fluids, I became concerned about the lack of engagement of forward thrust with...
  4. H

    Lock the prop or let it spin? 386

    Hello folks, We have a new-to-us 2002 386. Under sail, we lose a full knot when the prop is locked. When left to spin, we are far faster. So, what I want to ask is: Does anyone else record this outcome? My owner's manual does not tell me if it should be locked or free, or am I missing...
  5. Frank Ireton

    Transmission shifting stutter

    When I shift our 35.6 in gear or out of gear, forward or reverse there is a terrible stuttering vibration that shakes the entire boat and loud rattle. Eventually if I jiggle the shift lever enough I can get it to stop. It is progressively getting worse. In the past if I dropped the RPMs to idle...
  6. J

    Pulling hurth transmission

    There isn't enough room to pull the transmission away from the engine. After about a half inch I hit the fiberglass lip to the engine bilge ( see photo ). Should I saw off the fiberglass lip or do something like disconnect the motor mounts and pull it forward. Anyone else removed the transmission?
  7. S

    Flywheel to Transmission Coupling Failure

    I have a 1992 Beneteau F310 with a Volvo-Penta 2000 series two cylinder direct drive diesel and MS 2B transmission with a 2.37 reduction gear. In early July 2016 with approximately 1700 hours on the engine and transmission, the flywheel drive plate splines and transmission input shaft splines...
  8. O

    Overhaul Transmission time.

    It's time to overhaul my 1986 Hunter 40's transmission on the Yanmar 44hp engine. Last time I went to a place in NJ, near where I live called Borger Warner on Rt 22 I think, but it doesn't seem to be there any more. Anyone have any idea where to get the Transmission repaired ? Thanks. Tom
  9. Bfb1115

    Transmission issues

    Hi all, I have a 1984 Catalina 30 with a um-25 and hurth hbw-50 transmission. Yesterday I was sailing under power. I noticed eventually that my speed had dropped severely and there was smoke from the transmission. I let it sit for awhile, removed a cable that burned up because it was laying...
  10. Sailor_Jeff

    Transmission ratio

    How can I tell what the transmission gear ratio is in my Hunter 28.5? Is it stamped on it somewhere? It has the standard Yanmar 2GMF engine.