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Transmission problems with my Catalina 310


Jun 28, 2020
Catalina 310 Annapolis
Our 2001 Catalina 310 transmission -- HURTH HBW 50 -- was rebuilt three years ago and a year later blew up and had to replaced. Since HURTH is out of business, we had installed a TWIN DISC TMC 40. The transmission makes a fair amount of noise and the fluid goes brown in a few hours. We replace the fluid every 10 hours. We have had the cable adjusted and had the engine mounts adjusted, but all to no avail.
Does anyone have suggestions on the next round of repairs?
And if we have to again replace the transmission (yuck), is there a better transmission out there for the Catalina 310 since Hurth is out of business?
Thanks, Ken A


Jul 29, 2018
O'Day 35 Buzzards Bay
Check out this thread, the New Age RPM transmission looks promising as a substitue: