1. B

    Sail repair advice?

    Hey all, While out on the harbor the other evening my main developed a tear about six feet in length just above one of the seams. It extends back to the leech but the leech itself is still intact. It's about 25 feet up (40 foot luff). Looks like a pretty clean tear. It appeared out of nowhere...
  2. V

    Sea Pearl 21 Sails

    Hi folks, I recently purchased my Sea Pearl 21 with brand new sails. Unfortunately, the sails are on average 6" too short, compared to a third party sail plan I found online ( The mainsail is functionally too short as the vang does not reach its...
  3. mattbillenstein

    How to tell when one needs new sails

    Hi, I have a 1988 capri 22 and the sails are in working order, no tears or frays or anything, but they are probably fairly old - the sail numbers are cracked and peeling. How do I tell if it's time for replacement? Can I measure the draft of the sail somehow to get an idea? My main seems really...
  4. R

    What to do with used sails?

    My parents have a huge pile of used sails from the family weeknight race boat, a Catalina 27 (normal rig). By huge, I mean they take up a quarter of the garage. Not sure which in particular, but probably a full set of head sails, some kites, and a mainsail. They're stretched and taped up, but...
  5. D

    Peak Sails "Generator" Kite for 23.5

    I came across the "Generator" reaching kite Thinking it looks like an interesting light air option for my 23.5. Does anyone have experience with these on a 23.5? (edited to remove loft name. It's in the link)
  6. H

    Erickson Oyster Catcher 25 specs

    Im looking for help please. I have a 78 erickson, we bought last year. A boat that old is bound to have issues. We had center board issues and need to make a new one. I need the specs. Also I am looking for sail dimensions. Thanks.
  7. L

    New Catalina 25 owner, looking for sails

    Hello! I hope all is well. My name is Liz and I am 22. I just got my hands on a 1992 Catalina 25. The boat is in great condition other than minimal plumbing issues and I am in need of sails since the once I have are in bad condition. Any help of suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!
  8. Vanderlady

    Wanted - gently used main for my Hunter 23 (1986)

    Does anyone have gently used main sail I can use for my 1986 Hunter 23, or know where I can get one? Thanks, Pam V.
  9. S

    Far East Sails Arrived

    I have received my Far East Sails purchased online. I have carefully examined it. It appears to be as advertised and very good quality. It is double stitched and looks great. Looks better than one that came with boat from Catalina. Appears to be great quality. It has two reefing points and came...
  10. P

    Wind ranges for each sail on an Oday 25.

    Relatively new to sailing. I have an Oday 25. Does anyone know the wind speed ranges for the Main, Jib, Genoa and Spinnaker? Or is this something I should be calling a sail maker to ask about?
  11. J

    Whisker Pole for 373

    I'm looking for a used whisker pole for my 373. We have a Genoa 130. Any ideas where to find a used one?