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Sea Pearl 21 Sails

May 6, 2021
Sea Pearl 21 Galveston Bay
Hi folks,

I recently purchased my Sea Pearl 21 with brand new sails. Unfortunately, the sails are on average 6" too short, compared to a third party sail plan I found online (https://sailboatdata.com/sailboat/sea-pearl-21). The mainsail is functionally too short as the vang does not reach its clip on the mast. Having the torque higher on the mainsail could make an already tender boat even more tender. However, compared to the previous mizzensail, the new mizzensail is even longer on the luff, as I had to move the gooseneck down to accommodate this sail. This means that the (after market) aft bimini no longer fits under the mizzensail, and especially won't if I modify this new sail to match the sail plan.

My questions are
1. Anyone who has original sails, what are your dimensions?
2. If anyone has different sails, have you noticed a difference in balance or performance?
3. Is it worth it functionally to modify these new sails to fit the sail plan?

I have tried to contact Marine Concepts but no reply yet...

Current sail dimensions:
Luff- 15.45
Foot - 9.40
Leech- 16.85

Luff - 14.70
Foot - 6.70
Leech - 15.45

May 24, 2004
CC 30 South Florida
It is normal to have to do some adjustments to fit bimini tops under small boat sail plans. Usually toping lifts are adjusted to raise the back of the boom and if that does not do it the goose neck is gradually raised and the sail is finally cut to regain some semblance of adequate sail shape. Anywhere in the Gulf Of Mexico a bimini top takes priority over performance. Sometimes the characteristics of the sailing area and the sailing style of the boat owner promotes changes to the boat's original sail plan. While a cruising sailor may seek some comfort a day sailor may look for performance. See if there are any valid reason for the PO modifications and make any changes that would favor your needs and likes.