1. Mike16211

    Hunter 33 rudder split

    I found a split in my rudder today while doing a winter bottom inspection. I need advise on repairing the damage. Do I drop the rudder or can I grind and fill this crack with epoxy? This is a 2005 Henderson model Hunter 33.
  2. G

    Kick-up Rudder Rope

    I recently bought an O'Day 26 with one of the rudders on this site (part #805657). The rope doesn't appear to be run properly. The only way I can raise this thing is by getting beside it on the swim ladder and pulling up very hard. There are two small pulleys. Does anyone know how the rope...
  3. Cole07

    Rudder Filling With Water

    I've had my 1971 O'day Daysailer II for about 2 1/2 years now and finally got some good usage out of it this summer. The sailing season is pretty much over for me and the boat is back in my driveway and I wanted to see what information I can get about my rudder now that I have time to address...
  4. secondwind410

    Sailboat rudder pulling to port

    Ok so I took my hunter 410 out for the first time since rebuilding my rudder. 4.7 knots under power and it starts to pull to port. Sailing at 5.4 and no pull, didn’t get her faster than that on that given day. Boat pulls and turns to port, wheel turns counter clockwise, rudder is oriented with...
  5. Flying.Wasp

    I need a photo of a swing up rudder please.

    I am going to build my own rudder. I just need a dead-on side photo of the rudder assembly with at least one dimension or something in the photo to show scale. A dollar bill or a 12-inch ruler, etc. Thanks. I will post a Sketchup 3D model of the rudder after I complete it. I have a 1976...
  6. T

    Rudder post / sleeve leaking near hull

    I've got a 1982 Catalina 30 that I've been slowly working on over the past year. When underway recently, I noticed that there was a salt water leak coming from aft near the rudder. I looked closer and attached some pictures, which I labeled. It looks like there was a previous repair at the hull...
  7. catawbahunter

    Rudder Post Failure?

    I've been trying to find the source of a water leak on our 2006 Hunter 36 for some time and recently removed the cockpit floor panel that provides access for the emergency tiller. These pictures show what I found which is a crack approximately half way around the top of the rudder post where...
  8. B

    Rudder repair

    Hello all. My sister and I were recently offered a free 83 Bruce Roberts 34. We have some experience sailing but never owned a sailboat before. Of course it has needs and I really need help with one of them. What is going on with the rudder here? I know the crack is more than just paint but I'm...
  9. D

    Stuff in Rudder ( Mac 25)

    I disassembled my rudder and when I flipped it upside down it sounded like one of those rain sticks. Tons of little particles bouncing off stuff inside. It looks like its in decent shape from the outside but I'm guessing its just going to fill up with water when I go to use it. Is it foam filled...
  10. O

    O'dDay 25 rudder and tiller repair

    Hello all, I have a 1975 O'Day 25. I am currently in the process of sanding down my rudder then applying a penetrating epoxy then paint as it is in rough shape. When reattaching the pintles and tiller to the rudder should I epoxy the through holes and apply a sealant? I also purchased a new...
  11. 1mcarlson

    Hunter 42 Passage Rudder removal

    Has anyone had to remove or drop their rudder on a Hunter 42 passage? I just had my bottom blasted and was sanding and noticed water dripping from mine and have delamination on one side :( Hoping to get thru this year on Lake Michigan before deciding whether to either replace for the $4500 on...
  12. JamesG161

    Rudder Stop vs. Autopilot

    I was doing my annual inspection and maintenance of my Edson steering. Noticed the Rudder Stop had a bit of corrosion. This is attached to the Steering Sheave and bumps against a "barrier" on 25° angles to restrict the rudder angle. Normally, the only force is the Helmsman arm strength on the...
  13. S

    Please help !!! Mac 21 1981

    I need a rudder for my Macgregor v21 1981 sailboat. I recently purchased a a Macgregor 21. But, someone stole the rudder before I got to it. Now I need to make one, but I don’t know the dimensions, can someone help?
  14. J

    Hunter 310 Rudder

    I have lost the Rudder for my Hunter 310 1998 Fin Keel. I want to have a new one fabricated but I am unable to find a diagram with the measurements and specs does anyone have one or know where to get one or can measure there own Hunter 310 rudder for me. thanks in advance James
  15. R

    Properly tying off tiller at mooring

    First time putting my Catalina 22 in the water last night. I'm trying to recall the proper way to tie the tiller securely when the boat is moored. It was essential practice at our sailing club to tie the tiller down to keep the rudder from getting damaged or creating havoc against the boat from...
  16. S

    Rudder Assembly

    Hello! I own a hunter 27 moored in Charleston. I’ve finally acquired my missing rudder and am curious of all other hardware involved in reinstalling the rudder. Example: the disc with a center pin that holds the rudder in the cock pit, I’m sure there are sorts of bearings and seals involved too...
  17. ScubaGuy2

    Questions about the rudder

    I have a few questions about the rudder... 1. Where do you store it when you are traveling? On our first trip I lugged it inside and layed it on the v-berth. Seems like there has to be a better solution. Leaving it in the cockpit seems the easiest, but it could do some real damage in an...
  18. J

    Adjust the down Tiller Height upwards - tiller stop bushing

    So I am a new owner of a Hunter 26 that has the aluminum tiller handle. It may be a replacement as the handle angle is slightly off / twisted and the replacement aluminum handles require drilling. Anyways, if I have 4+ people in the cockpit I cannot freely steer without hitting people in the...
  19. E

    Hunter 23.5 Rudder Downhaul Auto Release System

    Just finished a good season of sailing and now starting off-season projects. My rudder is heavy and sinks below the surface when set free, but doesn't go all the way down. My uphaul/downhaul lines were not routed correctly so I couldn't get the rudder all the way down (replacing line and...
  20. TommmD

    Hunter Legend Rudder Stops..

    95 Legend 355.. this will probly more of a rant then a question, since I really hope noone else has seen this. Had my 2nd mooring line in hand 2 secs from tossing it in to join the first, walking the deck, got as far as the stays Wife@ the helm, in gear, when she calls out "I've got no...