1. G

    Kick-up Rudder Rope

    I recently bought an O'Day 26 with one of the rudders on this site (part #805657). The rope doesn't appear to be run properly. The only way I can raise this thing is by getting beside it on the swim ladder and pulling up very hard. There are two small pulleys. Does anyone know how the rope...
  2. Deja Vu II

    Deja Vu II

    1985 O'Day 31
  3. Deja Vu II

    Deja Vu II

    1985 O'Day 31
  4. Deja Vu II

    Deja Vu II

    1985 O'Day 31
  5. Deja Vu II

    Deja Vu II

    1985 O'Day 31
  6. F

    Keep My Boat Floating

    Under the heading of crazy ideas, as Hurricane Dorian approaches, I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to improve my chances of recovering my boat should it be inundated. I thought that I might fill the cabin with inflated beach balls. Yeah, I know: silly. But I'll ask anyway. has anyone...
  7. F

    Universal M-12 Wiring

    I'm reinstalling my Universal M-12 two-cylinder diesel in my O'Day 272LE and coming up with extra wires. (Yes, I know, I should have taken more/better pictures BEFORE disassembly.) It's going together okay except for two things: 1) There is a yellow wire with a red stripe and a crimp-on...
  8. D

    Re-powering '86 O'Day 28 with a Yanmar 2YM15?

    Joyfully purchased an ODay28, but it has been in dry dock for three years. According to boatyard legend, the Westerbeke 13 (hp) had been running but not well (clank, clank, clank), which prompts thoughts about a top-end rebuild. I've pulled the engine from the boat and await a start-up test in...
  9. K

    Need retainer for Barient 10P winch

    I am doing winch maintenance on Barient 10P winches on my O'day -25 and the retainers that hold the ratcheting mechanism in place are rusted. Please see the photo. I looked online and did not find a replacement. Anyone have any helpful suggestions?
  10. E

    Rare O'Day Swift

    Recently saw an O'Day Swift on CList which I have never heard of before. After researching there wasn't much online about it so I thought It was rare and I snatched it up. Put on top my car and immediately took to the beach (on possibly the windiest day of the season!) Here's some details on it...
  11. F

    Fresh Water Supply To On-Board Head - 272LE

    Has anyone here added a fresh water storage tank under the starboard bench in the salon for the purposes of supplying fresh water to the on-board head? I'd be interested to know what you used for a tank. The water in the lagoon where we sail can be quite unpleasant.
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    Dingy Davits on O'Day 272LE?

    I'm sure someone here will call me crazy, but... When I bought my '272LE, it came with a dingy and outboard motor. The dingy is a hard shell model (don't know the brand) and is stored on the deck, strapped-down, upside down. The motor is in the lazarette. My question: has anyone installed a...
  13. S

    1980, O'Day 25 Bilge Pump?

    Does anyone have any experience installing/using an automatic bilge pump in an O'Day 25? I was thinking this low profile, Whale SuperSub Smart IC 650 Bilge Pump. Where do people run the discharge hose? Can I run it to the head sink drain? Electrical hookup? Any suggestions would be helpful...
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    O'day 28 traveller car

    I purchased a 1983 28 and the main sheet traveler car is broken. I am 900 miles away from the boat and wonder if anyone knows the original spec for the traveler so I can order a car and be ready to replace it when I get to the boat next week. Any help would be greatly appreciated... TC