1. C

    Nissan 8hp

    Just wondering if anyone knew how to hook up the start and stop buttons on this motor. It currently is set up for remote controls. Like at a console. I want to take it back to the stet and stop on the motor itself. Where could I find these parts also. West marine ?
  2. C

    Want to Buy: Volvo Penta MD7A exhaust Manifold

    Hi Folks, I'm looking for a VolvoPenta MD7A (motor #14234) exhaust manifold (part #840288). The stretch goal would be to get a whole motor for spare parts. My Dad was an avid sailor back in the day and his boat has been sitting at the docks for years. He lost the passion over time and when the...
  3. A

    6HP outboard engine sputtering

    I have a Suzuki 6HP 4 stroke outboard that I am having issues with. It starts fine but will sputter and die when I increase the throttle. It doesn't matter if its in neutral, forward, or reverse. The engine will run when the throttle is kept at or below the starting ignition position. It will...
  4. Bfranchini

    Motor drag or lee helm?

    Has anyone ever experienced motor drag (26S) that keeps wanting to turn the boat to port whenever running close hauled or on a close reach. Originally I assumed it was too much lee helm because somehow whenever it happened we were on a starboard tack, I furled the jib but things didn't change...
  5. T

    H216 motor recommendation

    About to get my first sailboat since I was a kid a h216 do I'm curious what's a reliable motor to get for the boat. I'll be using it in Tampa bay so the wind can pick up unexpectedly, storms as well. Need something really reliable if I have to motor in from middle of the bay due to weather
  6. A

    Shaft length for a Hunter 25 (2006)

    Hi, I just bought a 2006 Hunter 25 without motor, which is the best Shaftt length for Them 20" or 25"? I read that they come from the factory with a 9.9 but I do not know the Shaft Length 9.9 HP is a correct option? Please could you share with me your motor configuration, info like, Electric...
  7. E

    Oday Javelin Motor Mount

    I have a 1979 Oday Javelin that I would like to install a motor mount for a Minnkota trolling motor. I am having a hard time finding a motor mount that I think would work due to the location of the seating in the boat. Has anyone out there installed a motor mount on a Javelin? I'd like to know...