1. T

    Repairing Mast Foot 95 Hunter 26

    Anyone have experience repairing the mast foot on a 1995 Hunter 26? Any advice is welcome. We tried to raise the mast today and forgot the baby stays. The mast then pitched to the side and ripped out the mast foot. I was going to order a new foot from this sites store but I am not sure how to...
  2. mmuldoon

    O'day 22 Mast Location

    I posted this in the general forum and was directed here. Apologies to those who have already seen it. I have owned an O'day 22 for about 5 years now. I have always found it funny that my mast was not located directly above the wood bulkhead. I have been doing some deck repairs and am preparing...
  3. mmuldoon

    O'day 22 Mast Location

    I have owned an O'day 22 for about 5 years now. I have always found it funny that my mast was not located directly above the wood bulkhead. I have been doing some deck repairs and am preparing to reinstall the mast in the same location. I then came across a section of the boat showing the mast...
  4. kiwibyron

    Classic Sailing Dinghy Question

    Hi all, I recently bought a boat (my first mistake i know...). It's a small dinghy, 2.7m long and it came with the sail, boom etc. but no mast. There are no markings or anything giving any indication of the make/model/design but its a fibreglass hull with timber boom. My problem is the boom...
  5. B

    What size gooseneck to boom pin for 23.5?

    What diameter pin is used on the H23.5 to connect the boom to the mast? I’ve tried a couple bolts but a 3/8 rattles and 7/16 wont fit. I’m considering drilling out the hole to accommodate the 7/16.
  6. M

    How to rig the mainsail and topping lift to prevent jamming

    I am looking for some advice on how to rig the topping lift and main halyard at the top of the mast without the rope getting jammed in the mast slot. We are novice sailors and really appreciate any advice we can get. Here is some further information below: We recently acquired a Catalina 27 for...
  7. R

    1988 Hunter 23 mast foot

    Hello, I’m looking for a mast foot for my 1988 Hunter 23. I’ve attached an image of the one I’m looking to replace. I can’t find a new replacement and the rebuild kit doesn’t fit my mast (too narrow and short). Does anybody have one of these in working condition that they’d like to sell...
  8. N

    Chainplate removal w/ Mast up

    Does anyone have experience or knowledge regarding pulling to 2 main chainplates for the top mast shrouds? I have one out for plate and backing plate replacement. The fabricator wants both or about 2 times the money for one at a time. I just started this research and don't have any other...
  9. jcb2

    Line trouble caused by bird nests

    Ever since I bought our ODay 31 five years ago, The halyards, outhaul and reef lines have been difficult to pull. I assumed that someone had carelessly put them in the spars and they were tangled around each other causing friction. So last winter I had the mast pulled and I took the boom home...
  10. BradH23

    Need help, 87 H23 with Francespar mast

    So I recently bought an 87 H23. I've owned 3 other sailboats and I have never encountered the following: my mast has some major rake the likes I have never seen. The uppers won't go taunt at all. They have 4" of play and the turnbuckles are maxed. They register a 12 on a loos gauge. The...
  11. silvercharlio

    weak mast support wires

    I had an accident with my Mac 26M, pull a boat hull( was in a lift ) with my right wires mast support and needed replace the right-spreader tube. it was a gentle blow when I was docking with motor. After this, the mast support wires and the forestay are weak. Please help me to do the...
  12. SUMB44

    Preparing to Launch

    My wife and I are preparing to launch our 'new' O'day 20 this weekend, weather permitting, for her first trials (and ours). This will be a weekend of many 'firsts' hopefully we can figure out stepping the mast on our first O'day. While getting the mast set up is a concern, my bigger worry is...
  13. Z

    Need a Mast Eye for Whisker Pole

    I have a 1994 Catalina 270, and broke the Mast Eye yesterday using the whisker pole to wing the Jib sailing downwind. I am sure is was my stupidity, but I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction as to finding this part. It would appear I can unscrew the base plate and replace it...
  14. DrJudyB

    How to install/snake an internal halyard?

    I want to install a halyard in the mast. There's already a halyard in there, but I think it's twisted around something else in the mast. There's too much friction compare to the other halyards. So I want to pull it out and re-lead it through the mast. Are there any professional methods for...
  15. S

    Mast whatzinfidel?

    Hey folks, thanks for reading- I just purchased a 1994 Seaward 23 and one of things that is going to keep me up at night is replacing the little plastic fittings on the mast where internally run halyards come out as well as the mainsail track entry fitting. All three of these pieces are broken...
  16. D

    Need mast for 1988 Hunter 23

    Need help locating a replacement mast for a 1988 Hunter 23 located at Kerr Lake near Henderson, NC.
  17. C

    Y33 Mast inside makeup

    Hi All, I'm about to replace my original Furuno mast mounted radar dome on my 1983 Yamaha 33 with the Garmin HD model. I am not pulling the mast to hopefully do this. I want to pull the two new wires (power and ethernet cables) with the single Furuno wire bundle. The wires come out of a 3/4"...
  18. DinghySailor

    400 Mk II mainsail

    My search for a "performance-live aboard" (yes, an oxymoron) is now focused on the Catalina 400 Mk II, '00-'08. I've poo-pooed mast furling rigs for years, but reading around, it looks like I may have to like it since most of the Mk IIs in that range are mast-furled. Performance sacrifice aside...
  19. D

    Hunter 33 mast height

    I would like to shorten my mast on my Hunter 33. The mast has the furling mainsail system. Has anyone shortened one of these mast? Where did you get it done? Did it work out ok?
  20. R

    Hunter 240 rigging and mast slant to rear questions

    Hi Guys, Have what I hope to be a couple of quick questions. Has anyone ever used a LOOS gauge (gauge that tells how taught standing rigging is set) to set their rigging by, and can you share the values? Next question, The last few feet of my mast seems to sweep backwards when installed on...